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MMORPG Thoughts and Other things that I can't get out of My Head

As a disciple of the MMORPG system, I offer my humble thoughts in this blog.

Author: fansede

STO New ideas (Continued)

Posted by fansede Thursday August 7 2008 at 11:03AM
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I thought I was reading about STO not having any real progression system of sorts. While this is not a "new" idea per se, Here is how I would argue for the idea of a progression system in STO.

Star Trek has a Rank system for chain of command. Here is a site how the chain of command is listed in the Star Trek world. 

Ok these ranks are hallmark points of advancement in a players career.  How do you measure ones progression through these ranks? My suggestion would have a few twists.

First would be a players special interest - these are skills sets which could be used like any other sci fi MMO. It also helps a player customize his/her avatar. Think of the Star Trek shows. Captain Piccard loved archeology, ( Maybe as a game mechanic players who take the skill archeology receive benefits from exploration, more special unlocks from ancient cultures and perhaps able to receive unique missions that challenge an archeologist. What caused this civilization to die? Why is my ship debuffed when I visited here and my engineer has no clue?). Maybe you want to be Captain Waorf type and focus on fighting tactics. You might get bonuses for melee / weapon combat important for away missions and/ or if your ship has been boarded by the enemy... 

So I would set an experience bar for these skills and level them up to unlock new skills for the player. Adding benefits to performace and perhaps unlocking new game experiences such as quests, items, and / or enhancing ship performance.

Set that aside now, lets focus on moving our avatar from a mere Cadet to a Starfleet Captain. What would be a measuring unit of progression. I say give them Achievements and Commendations. When a player performs activities to complete a goal, it is an Achievement. Perform X amount of Achievements and you are up for a Commendation from your Captain.  Earn enough Commendations and you are eligible for a Promotion of Rank. So to lay things out:

Johnny is an Ensign on a Ship.  The game requires Johnny to perform 50 Achievements to qualify for a Commendation.  Five Commandations qualify him for a Promotion. Finish an epic type of Promotion mission and DING!  You have been promoted to Lieutennant.

What could be an interesting twist on the advancement system is that Players reward other Players. That means as a Captain you can award your officers of your group Achievement Experience towards a Commendation. Obviously safegards have to be in place to prevent abuse. Things like AFK timers, Limiting the total amount of experience given, keeping the rewards private for Captain eyes only, etc.

Here is an example:

Suppose a mission for the Captain and his team of officer players are assigned a mission. The Mission Pool has 1,000 experience points assigned to it upon completion. The Captain decides at the end who gets what Up to a maximum of 250 exp per person (say it is a 4 man team). The game also has a minimum of 50 exp as a minimum so the Captain can't deny anyone exp at all.  So, this system promotes roleplaying and gives a sense of respect to the Captain. When the experience numbers are dealt to the players, the system message may read .. You gain 250 experience! or You gain 100 experience! or You gain 50 experience!

This would not affect a players specialized skills.

Captains still get experience as well, to become an Admiral. The Captain cannot assign his own experience, but in case of a raid situation where the Captain is part of an Armada, the Admiral can assign Captains experience. In regular missions, experience goes to the Captain upon completion of the mission. Mission restarts diminish the Captain rewards.

DaX.9 writes:

that would be mega cool and it would really be like star trek should be but I am afraid it will not be scenario.

Thu Aug 07 2008 3:16PM Report
caemsg writes:

well its been done in a similar way with starquest online so we know it works we just have to see wether cryptic is lazy or not if they are lazy like so many MMo publishers seam to be these days the game will shit its self if not it could be a pretty good game but im not convinced cryptic has it in them

Fri Aug 08 2008 3:38AM Report
fansede writes:

Starquest Online and Bridge Commander are good games to draw ideas and concepts from for STO.  Let's hope they intergrate some of that in the game.

Fri Aug 08 2008 7:01AM Report
Ozmodan writes:

Letting other players have any control over other players experience is a big no no.  The chances are that it will be abused are extremely high.  The game engine is the only impartial entity here and it must do all of the experience decisions period.

Fri Aug 08 2008 7:57AM Report
fansede writes:

Yes, Ozmodan, it is a scary place to venture when it comes to the idea of a player having some control of another players advancement.  Trying to go where no one has gone before. Systems would have to be in place to prevent abuse.  Things like AFK timers. So if someone wanted to run a bunch of bots the game would detect lack of activity and kick them out of the mission.  Make the interface to deter macros, or at least use an interface which requires a human player to play the game.  Hard to do? you betcha.  But we didn't go to the Moon because it was easy. We did it because it was hard.

Fri Aug 08 2008 6:51PM Report writes:
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