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MMORPG Thoughts and Other things that I can't get out of My Head

As a disciple of the MMORPG system, I offer my humble thoughts in this blog.

Author: fansede

The Star Trek Holodeck: An opportunity for Publishers?

Posted by fansede Wednesday February 11 2009 at 7:17AM
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 Many games today offer in game advertising to supplement revenue. While the debate to have in game advertising in a MMO is not the focus of my thoughts. It is more of a springboard of what could be an interesting angle..

Since the Star Trek : The Next Generation series came out holodeck technology was introduced.  Many times it was the sole focus of the entire hour of the show. The Holodeck gave the writers of Star Trek an opportunity to "time travel" and go into novels of contemporary times.  The exploration of the Holodeck was just as interesting as visiting an alien world.

Now imagine you decide to visit the holodeck. And you are presented with several program missions available. What if one of the options was:

Paragon City

For those that are not familiar with City of Heroes/ Villians it is a place of interest.

The Star Trek Online game offers a demo of the game of its own instance for players to experience. How viable is this?

We already know the game engines of STO and COH are the same.  You can put the backround data and such from COH on the DVD that comes with the gamebox.  We already know that there are free trials available. All Cryptic has to do is plug the game at the end and if the player likes the experience they can be sent to the account management screen.

It is perfectly acceptable in Star Trek "lore" . Remember the Holodeck can take you anywhere, allow you to be anyone and do anything. It is all an illusion.

It is easy for the player. No downloads, no account creations, no credit card. Not mandatory.

Another way to introduce players to your other games.

I admit I believe NC Soft bought COH from Cryptic so I am not sure what business hurdles have to be jumped, but what publisher wouldn't want a demo of their game going on the next big MMO for players to try? Cryptic may ask for some ad revenue. That means less subscription fee hikes for us!

The Holodeck may even offer demos like Champions Online, or if there are games with similar engines offer up single player demos. All at the players option. 

What id there was enough revenue for this service to offer a free to play Star Trek Online?

Now that would be boldy going where no one has gone before..