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My Game Concepts

Ive decided to put the design docs i have for my games into a blog for all to see in order for everyone to improve on what i envision.

Author: exestenz69

Here we go lets get into the meat of my zombie paradise!!

Posted by exestenz69 Thursday December 9 2010 at 9:50PM
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Today we will go over my world dynamics for my survival Horror MMO. Other than being to scale a replica of planet earth, there are several things that come up in MMOS that have nothing to do with real life. The main thing being dungeons. Really when was the last time you got a few buds and went spelunking with weapons eh?

Now As far as dungeons go. The base MOB in this game are zombies/ disease ridden people. Take 28 days later and the old school zombie movie Night of the living dead. Allow me to explain. There are no genetically modified crazy weird mobs in my world no. There are 2 mob states , alive and dead. While the mob is alive it is fast moving ravenous murdering machine ( ie 28 days later ) . After you kill this mob by any means it then transitions into a zombie ( ie night of the living dead) . Slow moving still ravenous not really that dangerous except in large numbers. the only way to kill the dead version is to destroy the brain.

Now you will be able to bypass this hole zombie process by just shooting it in the head to begin with but hey wheres the fun in that.  Now dungeons in my world are the actual buildings of our daily lives. A skyscraper. A house. Each scaled accordingly. The larger will be instanced. the smaller such as houses wont. Other areas of our world will also be considered dungeons. Sewers. Sewers wont be a exact replica of actual city sewers. They will be made more interesting by say adding a different access to different buildings from beneath.

Maybe a secure supply line if the players manage to keep out the stricken.

Almost everything in my world will be salvageable. You will be able to gather different means of transport. Anything from a horse to a dump truck. Be aware though that your character will have to gain skill in driving. A base skill in driving will allow every player to drive say a regular car but if he / she tries to jump into a rig and take off .... Just as in the real world these things have to be learned and practiced, but that is a different topic for skills/leveling.

Objects in the game world will be able to be improved upon such as you can weld metal plates to cover windows on cars etc to keep them from being easily broken. If you wish to take this vehicle down main street via GTA style you will be able to do this.

Mob loot will consist of what ever the mob happens to be wearing when you kill it. If its a cop and hes wearing a bullet proof vest you can loot it. Items will have durability. Items will be able to be repaired by those qualified to do so. Items such as weapons will be able to be modified by those able to do so. All of this has to do with crafting though which is another section.  To give you a teaser though if you have the knowledge of a gunsmith you can turn that 9mm into full auto  ( mmmmm gunz) .

Now this leads to the fact that the best lewts will be had on say military posts, or maybe that random nutters survivalists hut out in the middle of nowhere that just happened to stock the most STATE of the ART weapons and armor avail vs the end of the world. Now Easter eggs like this will be a 1 time deal. Once they've been looted that's it. The building will still exist but what ever is taken is gone.

Housing will be instanced as well. There will be areas that are survivor safe zones. Areas that have been fortified against the infected. These areas are pretty much a small town. Example would be an area in central park in NY that has been walled with different things. Inside are basic resources that you would expect to see in such a place. A place to get food etc.  NOW this is where it gets interesting.

These small towns where everyone will start will have a basic needs that every player will need. They will supply you with MINIMUL requirements to survive. A basic melee weapon for you to bash in a few skulls. No ammo or guns however. Some basic food to keep you healthy. No medical supplies. Some basic training for different skills that's it.

Now there will also be player build and ran versions of these towns. The difference being is that they are controlled by groups of people you can call them guilds if you like. Everything in these towns must be supplied by the players themselves from stuff they salvage from different areas. This goes from reading material to teach someone how to rebuild an engine that isn't working , to supplying food that's a change from the 50th can of beans you just ate. After all morale is an important factor of survival. 

These towns will have different aspects that can be added. Farms, medical bays, a supplier, workbenches , a garage. Everything you will need to survive in this post zombie world. Farms will have different things such as pigs, cattle,  and vegetables. Now the success of these things will depend on who is tending them. If you have a fresh noob without any farming knowledge what so ever most of your livestock will die and your crops will wilt leaving only a bare minimum of usable stock. You counter this by raising different skills. in this case farming in order to get the most bang for the buck.

Now the cash system in my world is a little different. I mean after all in a zombie apocalypse how valuable is a piece of paper eh? Though you will be able to set your merchants to accept dollars , yen, etc depending on what ever country you are in. You will also be able to set up barter points. for instance If  your town is in dire need of ammo you can set up a barter on your supplier that says you will get 5 barter credits for 1 piece of ammo ( example) or 2 barter credits what ever you wish. Now these barter credits will be good for items just like cash. The catch however they are only good for those towns owned by THAT guild.

Now barter credits are just like dollars. They are an item. the only difference is that they have that guilds name on them. So on inspection instead of saying say 50$ it will say barter token for guild "BUBBA" or what ever. You can then use these credits in any town owned by guild "BUBBA". This makes the competition for resources more .... exciting as different guilds will want to have better deals as to get more trade and thus be more successful.

There will be 2 servers. 1 will be PVP the other completely PVE. Now on the PVP server it will be FFA except for those in the same group or in the same guild. The PVE server there is no PVP , however guilds will be able to restrict guilds, players from there towns if they choose. on the PVE if a player/ guild is restricted nothing in the town will work for them ( ie they cant shop at the merchant use the workbench). On the PVP server its the same thing except if you don't like it you can kill whoever you see there from that guild and take there shit.

Now these towns will have to be guarded and i don't think your going to have ready volunteers from the player base to stand there on a wall for hours on end waiting on the dead to show up SO each guild town will be able to hire NPC guards. These guards come with a base function. They use what ever you supply them with. If you supply them with a butcher knife they will use it ... till they die quickly. They will also use armor and machine guns if you give them to them. Now you will also have to supply them with ammo for what ever weapon you gave them and keep supplying them as they use it. This will be handled via a guild control system that the leaders of the guild will control. Think city control like in DF.

As there are BILLIONS of people on this planet you will never run short of targets, and a little hint. If you draw attention to yourself within range of the dead guys they will come towards you. The live 1s coming fast the dead bit slower but they tend to group together to make numbers a bitch if your caught unprepared.  This is the same for player towns AND the beginner towns as well. The beginner not so much as the player BUT still a bit of a crowd will start to gather if they aren't wiped out, and they will keep coming.

For player towns this is simple. If your guards aren't supplied they will start to gather at your walls. If enough of them gather at your walls they will eventually climb over each other and start killing everything within the walls, and that's a really bad day for you and your guild if your little town gets wiped out by ded guys.

Now as subject is HUGE this is a pretty good overlay of my game world and how it will work as we continue this series i will go into detail of each area.

Catch ya next time!!