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My Game Concepts

Ive decided to put the design docs i have for my games into a blog for all to see in order for everyone to improve on what i envision.

Author: exestenz69

Lets break from the norm what do ya say.

Posted by exestenz69 Wednesday December 8 2010 at 10:44PM
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My past couple of blogs were of the other MMO idea i have written down. I then read a few posts that lead me to change up what i would post in my blog as the epic fantasy genre has been done to death. I completely agree with this sentiment. So as this blog continues i will change from my fantasy to my Survival Horror. 


The world is pretty simple to get the ideal. The game world would be a complete scale replica of our planet. Start in what ever city you wish. The ideal is to start with one are of our planet say NYC for example. Then as the game progresses add different areas for players to travel to. Eventually the entire planet earth would be to scale in the game world. This would lead to several years of expansion potential.  The setting of the game would would be direct starting after a "zombie" event.



The main combat would be FPS style without cross hair style aiming system. You would actually have to aim down the weapon sites. ( think Killing Floor). This adds a more realistic style of game play i think. There is no magic in my zombie apocalypse.  Projectile weapons along with some basic melee weapons will be included. Knives , axes along with anything else in the modern world you can think of that would be in common use.



Loot will be reasonable and accurate. For example if you see a police zombie wearing a bullet proof vest and a m4 ( ar 15 for the civis ) then when you kill that police you can loot exactly what he is wearing.



The only race available will be Human for obvious reasons.



Crafting will be quite different than most games. Most of the survivors will not be very knowledgeable in different aspects of creating all the items necessary to survive in the new world. So players will have to study books in order to learn different things needed to help others survive the new reality.



questing is not handled in the way most modern gamers are accustomed to. There will be no bit !! above the heads of different NPCs to tell you you need to go get 10 pieces of sheet metal NO. Everything will be handled on a community basis. There will be message boards for players to post what ever they want. There will be some few NPC quests but they will have to be sought out and found via exploration.


Skills/ Leveling

There will be a skill / level system. You will get better at things as  you do them.  You will raise skills such as rifle marksmanship as you use a rifle. The higher the skill the different perks you get such as a steadier shot.  Now you will also level. levels are handled a little differently. you will only level once you have rested in a tavern/ inn, and once you have gained 5 level points. 


This is the basis for my survival horror game. I will go over each section and more in detail in later blogs. Together we will design the perfect FPSSHMMORPG ( First Person Shooter Survival Horror Massive Multi player Online Role Playing Game) writes:
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