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My Game Concepts

Ive decided to put the design docs i have for my games into a blog for all to see in order for everyone to improve on what i envision.

Author: exestenz69

General description of my fantasy rpg world

Posted by exestenz69 Saturday November 20 2010 at 9:04PM
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OK this is my blog giving the general description of my Game world. This blog will hopefully give you a basic idea of the layout of my globe. It will be explained in detail with each race that is described in later blogs. OK lets begin.


First i want you to imagine a rubber ball that has been cut in half. Now i want you to imagine what would happen if that same ball were squeezed back together via gravity.


This is the basis of my world




very large




aprox 1.9 earth years




None, my world is tidal locked.


My world is a complete globe in every sense of the word. Think of it this way. If you stand in NY and you start walking west in a strait line, you will eventually end up right back where you started. This is how my world works exactly. Not you go to the end of the map and you just show up on the other side of the map. My world works this way no matter what direction you go. The temperature zones collide the way there supposed to etc. NOW


My globe has every global condition you can think of starting with a extremely HOT desert on the light side , to an extremely cold tundra on the dark side. The terrain and vegetation adapt to the conditions.


My world has floating landmasses that move in a random direction at a constant rate all over the entire globe. Sometimes they are on the dark side , sometimes the light. All of these landmasses have yet to be discovered by the air race or the rest.


Now at the northern and southern poles of my world there are vast oceans. The oceans cover the entire polar regions of my world. The light side is liquid water. The dark side is frozen up to 50 feet below the surface , and even at that depth the water is near freezing to slush until you reach large depth.


In the center of the world on the light side it is desert, the climate changes as you move out from the center from the desert. Almost in a perfect circle. As you move out from the desert you go to grassland, then to a forest that grows taller and more massive the closer you get to the temperate zone. This is where you hit the swamps . Then finally you hit the Mountain Range that is so massive that it is almost impassible except in certain areas.Once you pass the mountain range you again recede into the foot hills of the dark side.


Now the farther you get into the dark side the colder it gets. Think of the dark side of my world as an almost exact opposite of the light. The closer you get to the center the colder it gets. Example the desert on the light sides opposite on the dark is a frozen tundra completely devoid of light.


This is my description of my world. In my next Blog i will explain every area along with the race that calls that area home. We will start the next blog with the air race. And as always


                                                                    WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!!