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Why we fear, and why we hope...part 1 : Promises and why we Hope

A tale of remembering and learning...from the old rpg to the "new" mmorpg..including a newcomers view

Author: etlar

Just a short afterthought..and why you cant keep a promise.(DF)

Posted by etlar Friday January 2 2009 at 8:08PM
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I mentioned in my last blog, besides the nostalgia, that I would write about darkfall and current generation mmo´ the time i wrote that, I assumed more info would be available by now, I was wrong, as was alot of people...

when i initially started my first "blog" (shit i still laugh at the name "blog" perhaps someone can tell me what that word exactly means) i was abit afraid, to speak my thoughts...especially in these forums where people

can be quite harsh, but, its better to face it, then live in fear of it, as I once here are some afterthoughts on the darkfall subject:

most "trolls" ( i actually hate that word, but damn i have to admit, trolls do indeed exist, especially

regarding to darkfall) that give criticism have not checked out anything really, they just assume its vaporvare, or for the laugh of it, if they are proven right, so does "fanboys" btw...not sure which i am ;)

so instead of writing tons of opinonated stuff we all heard, ill take the liberty to post hitherto known facts:




the dream of ultimate fantasy freedom



That it cant be realised,yet.

I could talk of my own thoughts and what i have gathered ppl think so far, but as it would be another story or..most importantly...your thoughts that decide this...some say HEY, if it fails we wait for mortal Online..

but honestly...How many times can the game designers promise: we give you your game dream, and fail...before the gamers stop, and think, just a second, before saying, this is enough...

I hope both DF & MO will succeed. if nothing else, just to change the scenery a bit.

just my afterthought though. Enjoy the new year all, and PS: if you feel you need more links, just say so, and ill post them.

Best regards Etlar




Fears & Hope....why we chose, A Darkfall start....(humble)

Posted by etlar Wednesday December 17 2008 at 11:30PM
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I remember, some years ago, wandering past a games shop with a friend,at that time, my friend had no knowledge about rpg games as they were then, and i stumbled upon this strange looking game package, "Baldurs Gate", i immediately stopped and said "Hey, wait, please".

My friend commented by saying: " %&/¤  that game..." but i waited a bit, i let him leave, then i looked...

Never had i played a game with this kind of immersion, and yes, this is a singleplayer rpg.

and my mind started running...what if...just what if..

then came Ultima Online....shit...i bought it, yeah i didnt have an internet connection then, but i just had to have it! i only played it a few days, from my schools pc.

Still i we skip EQ to AC and  SWG and all those....Then came..Laugh or not, WoW=

World of Warcraft: I was Hooked..for 2 years, then i missed the feeling of not having a class..

Now,  I have tried most online games, and i NEVER felt the way i did when i installed "Baldurs Gate" or even older EYE of The Beholder"... Because i HOPE and DREAM of the game, now, that will change my way  of living,   this "game" why

why do we fear? because we are afraid to be dissapointed....i think,,so far :))

Edit:: I keep mentioning the old part is current online  games, and single player rpg´s

which leads me to a current generation....Darkfall..

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