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MMO stuff

This blog will be about everything MMO

Author: eq2js

Possible Bioware/LA MMO

Posted by eq2js Sunday June 8 2008 at 1:20PM
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I was going to talk about Warhammer Online today, but I decided to talk about the possible Bioware/Lucas Arts MMO because of all the recent rumors. First off, none of this is for certain. All I know is that Bioware is making an MMO, and Lucas Arts has confirmed that they are working with Bioware for a Star Wars game. This could be the same game, or two different games. If a new Star Wars MMO is developed, it will probably be set in the Clone Wars because of the new movie coming out this August or a KotOR MMO. I really doubt it will be anything like Pre-CU SWG because all the other Star Wars games made by Bioware were a class/level system. So it will probably look something like NGE SWG, but hopefully much better. I really dont think there is any chance of the PvP turning in to "buff wars", in fact it could be quite good if it was made to be like warhammer online but with vehicles and more of a shooter play style. Of course, there is always the chance that Lucas Arts is absolutely ticked about what SOE did to SWG, and have hired Bioware to make a game like a new and improved Pre-CU SWG. Lets hope so.

Lets go on to what things will be like if there ISNT a new Star Wars MMO coming. Obviosly, the new Star Wars Bioware game will either be KotOR 3 or The Clone Wars game that is on the star wars website, but there is no info about it whatsoever. The Bioware MMO will probably be something along the lines of DDO2, but probably much better. I would not be suprised if the game is based HEAVILY off of D&D 4.0. That might not be that bad because Bioware is making it instead of Turbine, whose newer games haven't been very successful.

Why EvE Online Sucks...

Posted by eq2js Saturday June 7 2008 at 10:36AM
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I have decided I am going to try to put up a new blog entry daily, and I thought this would be a good topic. I love skill based MMOs. They're great. The only somewhat new one out there is EVE online, but I hate EVE. The tutorial is glitchy and extremely boring, not to mention the fact that it takes 2-3 hours to complete if you are lucky and dont run in to any bugs. The PvP is extremely unbalanced because of all the ganking, and you lose EVERYTHING when you die. Another thing I have a problem with is the fact that your skills advance when you are not logged on. You can't even get your skills up by using them. So it's technically a "skill based MMO" but it has nothing in it like any other skill based MMO, and it is supposed to have good PvP, but what if you get very far into the game, with a massive ship and tons of awesome weapons, and then a vet corp with about 200 guys as good as you ganks you. You just lost everything, and you probably couldn't do much about it. There goes 6 months of invested time. Nobody wants that to happen, and a good MMO needs to have death penalties tha aren't so extreme, but they have to be there or else there would be no reason not to die. I really hope that this convinces some people not to play EVE, and explains some things to people who were thinking of buying it. My next blog entry will be about Warhammer Online, what will probably end up being my favorite MMO for quite a while because of its amazing PvP.

What kind of a new MMO needs to be made...

Posted by eq2js Friday June 6 2008 at 4:56PM
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Almost every MMO out there is either class based, or skill based and extemely old/crappy. We need a new skill based MMO that isn't a pain to learn to play like EvE, that has a typical WoWish movement, and fun combat, not a runescape click and wait combat. It needs a combonation of Open World FFA  PvP as well as guild/faction large scale and small scale PvP in both Open World as well as in areas designated for that kind of PvP. You should almost NEVER get XP in any skill from completing quests, it should be what you DO on the quest that gives the XP. Rewards for quests should be money and/or items. Although yo can "grind" skills, it won't be effective to grind a single skill because higher level gathering/crafting skills will be in the same area as more powerful monsters, so advancing the skills you decide you want your character to use together would be the most effective. As for PvE, it too would have to be a big part in the game. The best gear and items should be obtained through high-end PvP raids, which will take large groups of players to complete. And with that gear also comes bragging rights :). Dungeons should almost NEVER be instanced, and neither should almost any other part o the game. If someone makes an MMO like this, it should atract UO and SWG vets, Hardcore PvP and PvE players, as well as more casual gamers. If someone does this, I would definately buy it, and most likely play it for a very long time.