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"Atlantica Online"

Get Ready to be blown away!

Author: enzox666

"Atlantica Online, game with spice and everything nice."

Posted by enzox666 Friday October 3 2008 at 5:48PM
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Online games are plentiful, so if you are going to choose one to spend all of your time playing, it should be one that you actually enjoy playing with a mountain of people.

Atlantica Online just may be that game. Grinding and Crafting are the games main focus, because you will be doing a lot of that! However once you get to around level 20 the game really opens up. It should not take you more than a day or  two to achieve this task.


From the start of the game you are given an easy tutorial. This tutorial shows off all of the games access commands and fighting types. The simple interface makes the game easier than most online games of this nature, so you will be immediately gratified by the simple controls and easy-to-use commands.

It is those fast and easy commands that allow you to adjust to the game rather quickly, and get you into the game right away. You will find that any player class are fairly self-sufficient. You won't find yourself running around asking players for anything and getting frustrated when they ignore you!

The game is turn-based. Many people don't like it when you say it's turn based, but i can tell you that this is the greatest turn based game you will ever play. Every turn you get gets maximized and must be used strategically. You will find yourself making a formation of a team of tankers to nukers and assasins.

The Location. It is the Earth itself. Yes, i have played MMORPG's and this was the first game that i played that used the world map, maybe there's some game out there but i only play Great and worthy games. Anyway, you will find yourself on a journey all over the world in search of the lost land of atlantis!

The music is wonderful for the most part, however I find myself turning it off because it is so serene at times it puts a person to sleep. Of course there are also moments where the fully orchestrated music is powerful and boasting even though you are just selling rocks to a vendor. The sound effects are actually well sampled and are pretty darn cool.

Graphically the game has many flaws as well. You will come across pretty bad pop once in a while and the character models are pretty generic. I must say though that the actual character design is amazing specially if your mercenaries get at their full ranked up potential, they really look menacing!


The Best part of the game is the Free-League where you can test your skills and battle formations with other players. It makes the game more exciting gets players more hooked up with it.

I hope you enjoyed my blog/review because i just started this game myself and i am really enjoying it.

Reviewer Score 8/10

+8GMT Saturday, Oct 4, 2008