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Author: Enigma

Why I wont be playing darkfall

Posted by Enigma Wednesday December 10 2008 at 3:04PM
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Before I even start blogging Ill tell everyone right now that I am in the position of "I cannot stand Darkfall." There. Why do I hate darkfall?  Well, considering it has taken 8 years to even produce it, is one big point.  And we will start there.

Eight years. The year the Trade Towers fell. The year BEFORE my son was born (who is now in first grade), one year after the inauguration of President George Bush. In computer age, eight years minus well be eighty years. True, the developers in this small little developmental area in Greece probably revamp things over and over, they failed the most important rule of developing a game. Develop it FAST and develop it effectively. 

Shadowbane did the same thing Aventurine is currently doing. Shadowbane spent years and years and failed deadlines to refine their game but in the long run it was an utterable failure.  It hardly grab anyone's attention and their servers since the third month after release has been pretty much empty and dead. Why? because everything looked OUTDATED and other companies had put out better next generation models. 

Second reason why I cannot stand Darkfall is SOME of the fanbase.  Well, the MAJORITY of it. The majority of all fans in Darkfall are kinda nutty in my opinion. When I read a fanboys thread in this site I cannot help but to think two things: How old are these guys and Have they escaped from the Jim Jones camp? These guys are so indoctornated into Aventurine's teachings that if anyone says anything out of line they are instantly branded an outsider and not worthy of anything.  Now, on the other hand, these same fanboys have no problem whatsoever slamming every other game out there and effectively breaking rule of conduct by creating alts and screwing with the game's hype meter (which is silly in its own way as many people could care less of the hype meter).  These guys are crazy. I mean crazy. Stay away from them. Very rarely you will meet a decent fan but for the most part many of them are like the comic book store owner from the Simpsons....but more childish.

Third reason why I cannot stand Darkfall is their PvP system. Hardly anything worth typing here. If you are not familiar with their pvp check it out. It's a griefer's paradise wet dream come true.

Since Ive been playing MMOs, Ive pretty much played a majority of all MMOs out there but I think I'm keeping my distance from this one.