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One man's quest through the world of MMORPGs...

Author: elvenprince9

Too Many Free MMORPGs

Posted by elvenprince9 Sunday July 19 2009 at 1:26AM
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Honestly, I think the free to play MMORPG game market is growing way too fast. It seems like every month a n ambitious new game publisher opens its doors for the first time in hopes of making it big in a market overflowing with MMORPGs. Companies like Aeria Games that have multiple successful titles like Last Chaos, Twelve Sky and Shaiya are making money hand over fist in the lucrative micro-transaction based business, but other smaller companies like Uforia who only publish smaller less known games like Red War, Three Kingdoms and Nostale are in risk of going bankrupt. The fact is, there are far more online games out there than the amount of players needed to make them all profitable. What this means is that some of these free MMORPG publishers are doomed to failure.


Now, I bet a lot of readers are thinking, “where are the facts? The numbers?”, Well I don’t have any numbers in front of me, but I can say from firsthand experience that a LOT of MMORPG games are deserted. Stone Age 2 for example, only has a handful of players online at any given time. A HANDFUL of players. There’s no way the game’s publisher can recoup their expenses for the game with only a dozen or so players online at any given time. I’ve personally played dozens of games where the total number of players online were less than 100. Personally, I’d love to see every game bustling with activity, but with so many Free MMO games on the market, this isn’t possible. Surprisingly, there are very few major browser games with this problem, as almost every browsed based MMORPG I played had a healthy playerbase.

haratu writes:

Most Free MMOs are located in the Eastern Time zones (Asia) as you are located in the US you would have a time of playing that is during Asian off-peak times.

Personally I am in Australia, which is in the same time zone as Asia and I never notice low levels of players in free MMOs.

Sun Jul 19 2009 2:18AM Report
Annwyn writes:

It's not exactly that F2P is growing at fast pace. The thing is that every company tries to steal players from competitors with new titles. For exemple Ijji got Huxley, Aeria got Wolf Team. Games like Wolf Team have been released 3 or 4 years ago in Korea so it is not new at all, like many other games which reaches the American Market.

The only company that makes nice move, despite having a bad reputation for the wrong reasons, is Nexon. Instead of getting several similar games like most company do, thus splitting the players and reducing the income, Nexon prefers to slowly get new games. In 2003-2004 we had MapleStory, 2007 Mabinogi, 2008 Combat Arms, 2009 Dungeon Fighter. None of these games plays the same way, the goal is different too.

So basically, if it wasn't from companies such as Ijji and Aeria who just keeps competiting as to know wether or not their new title will steal enough player, the increase in F2P title wouldn't seem so high.

Sun Jul 19 2009 10:25AM Report writes:
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