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One man's quest through the world of MMORPGs...

Author: elvenprince9

Where are all the MMORPG Tutorials?

Posted by elvenprince9 Thursday June 25 2009 at 2:36PM
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I’m not sure why, but it seems like the growing trend in free MMORPG games it to launch the game without a tutorial. I had the opportunity to play the Dragon Sky open beta just the other day and I found myself a bit confused, as the game didn’t have a tutorial. Now, I’m no newbie to genre, so I know the jist of how most MMORPG games work, but I just couldn’t figure out Dragon Sky. For a good two hours I played the game without learning a single skill, as the game never explained to me where to train skills. Heck, the game didn’t even present me with starting quest. It basically told me, ‘ready… set…. GO GRIND!’. I eventually figured things out on my own, but it would have been a lot more convenient if the game provided me some instructions. Enough Dragon Sky bashing though, as it’s not the only game without a tutorial. Even newer games like HolyBeast Online, Twelve Sky 2 and Titan Online don’t have tutorials.

One reason why games like Atlantica Online, Runes of Magic and Maple Story are as popular as they are is because they’re fairly straight forward games and have EXCELLENT tutorials / tooltips so newbies and veterans alike can quickly learn the ins and outs of the game. When I install and new MMORPG, I think it’s fair for me to expect some sort of guide / tutorial. As a hardcore MMORPG gamer, I can usually figure things out on my own, so the people really getting ’screwed’ are those that are new to the genre, as they’ll end up wandering around for a few minutes, dying and quitting the game. I really can’t understand why MMORPG developers spend so much time, money and effort creating a game, and decide to cut a corner and release their game without a tutorial. It really doesn’t make sense. Like I said earlier, MMORPG veterans usually don’t need a tutorial when trying out a new game, but those unfamiliar with the genre certainly do.

The fact is, there really is no reason to launch a free MMO without a tutorial. Without one, newbies will flock to the more popular games that DO have them and this will hurt the entire game’s community. This really wouldn’t be an issue if only a handful of games didn’t have tutorials, but from my experience MOST Free Online MMORPGs don’t have tutorials. It’s simply ridiculous how many games don’t have tutorials.

Claudel writes:

dragonsky has just been killed by aeria (like any other game they buy) , let me tell what you should do WHILE you are downloading+installing a mmorpg,

1) check the website (every single game has atleast 1 basic tutorial)

2) check the forums ( every single mmorpg has the best tutorials made by the players in the community)

3) check the fansites ( best guides and sometimes even drop calculators or skill/ char building calcs )

ps; no game company will ever waste the time on guides other the required basic ones on how to install a game or get used to the in-game interface, unless its P2P even those no longer create guides other then those they add along with the game when you buy it, because they all know the players from the community will create those eventually so they dont need to pay someone for it.

and i believe you have plenty of time to check all those 3 while downloading and installing a mmorpg unless it's a browser based, then you are shlt outta luck.

Thu Jun 25 2009 6:02PM Report
haratu writes:

I agree totally, several free MMOs have totally turned me off because they either lack a tutorial or the tutorial does not help me much at all.

I think developers presume that experienced players know how to play an MMO... the reality is experienced players want to know how to play it well, and to play a game well you really need to get a few hints to start with.

Sat Jul 18 2009 8:43AM Report writes:
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