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One man's quest through the world of MMORPGs...

Author: elvenprince9

MMOGs = Massively Multiplayer Online Grind?

Posted by elvenprince9 Friday April 17 2009 at 8:23PM
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One thing that I noticed that most MMORPG Games have a lot of is ‘Grinding’. For those that aren’t familiar with the term ‘grinding’, it refers to the process of mindlessly killing hundreds of monsters just to gain enough experience to level up. I mean, the concept of killing monsters in order to get stronger makes sense, but whoever thought it would be fun to mindlessly kill monsters for 10 hours in order to gain just one level is just plain insane. Unfortunately though, if you play MMOs regularly the concept of having to grind for hours on end to gain a single level shouldn’t be too foreign to you.

I remember when I first started playing Maplestory I didn’t mind ‘grinding’ because it didn’t take too long to gain a level. After I reached level 40 or so, gaining each additional level took 6 hours of nonstop grinding to achieve, which I felt was ridiculous. The earlier levels in the game were actually quite enjoyable because experience gain was moderately paced and the game has a huge community. Maplestory isn’t the only game that’s notorious for slow experience gain, as even newer 3D games like Perfect World, Florensia, 4story and Silkroad Online have incredibly slow experience gain.

Developers need to completely revamp the ‘progression’ system in both pay to play MMORPGs and free to play MMORPGs. ‘Leveling up’ just isn’t cutting it anymore, as the current system rewards whoever mindlessly grinds the longest and that’s just plain stupid. Simply progressing in the game shouldn’t be the ultimate goal of the game. The entire ‘kill monsters to progress’ system is so simple and basic that I’m surprised it’s still so heavily used today. Why gamers aren’t demanding change is beyond me. I guess most people don’t mind grinding for hours on end.

Kiskara writes:

What you're forgetting is that, at its core, an MMO is an unfinished game. We're paying for a Work In Progress.


If the game allowed players to achieve the capped level as easily as they could hit 20, people would lose interest in the game relatively fast. Because what is the usualy complaint once a good portion of people hit a game's max level? End game. And the very nature of MMOs will never allow for an end game. So instead, they patch up and either add more things to distract, or extend the cap. But in either case, those "updates" only serve to be a quick fix.

Even in cases were games rid themselves of the loathed level system and incorporate "Pick your own skill tree" type of gameplay - you're still grinding to achieve the next skill. Be it through hoarding skill points, or by constant use of a skill to become more adept at it.

Sat Apr 18 2009 3:20AM Report
Coldrain_13 writes:

true, but there should be a common cap on progression through mmos. Or something besides grinding monsters.

Sat Apr 18 2009 3:44AM Report
sazabi writes:

guild wars PvE was doing just fine with lvl 20 cap.

you looked for new challenges, missions, maybe new skills, not the next level :)

i wish i could find another game like that...

Sat Apr 18 2009 6:33AM Report
elderotter writes:

There are skill based games - like EVE, and people are complaining.  Your's is hardly a new idea.

Sat Apr 18 2009 12:54PM Report writes:
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