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Author: elvenprince9

Top 5 Free MMORPGs With the Best Music (With Videos/Music!)

Posted by elvenprince9 Sunday April 5 2009 at 1:59PM
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One thing that I feel a lot of MMORPGs and MMO neglect is music. Now, I’ve never really experienced ‘epic’ music from a game until I played Final Fantasy X for the Playstation 2, but the fact that so many MMOs have such uninspiring graphics is a bit sad. I don’t expect epic music from any MMO I play, but having good music certainly enhances the enjoyment of an MMO. Without further adu here is the official MMO Hut ‘Top 5 MMORPGs / MMOs with The Best Music”:

5. Project Powder

This one was a tough call. The fact is since there are so many free MMORPGs and MMOs, there are more than five titles with good music. The music itself in Project Powder is good, but not great. The reason though that Project Powder made it onto this list is that the game’s music fits the fast paced snowboarding MMO really well. The music really helps the player get into the ‘zone’ while racing down the game’s slopes.

4. Perfect World

This one was a tough pick. Perfect World certainly has good music, but unfortunately it only has a few ‘great’ tracks, as most of them aren’t anything special. Actually, if you’re looking for music in a game, Perfect World is a great choice, because it has a built in radio where players can stream music their favorite bands.

3. RF Online (Rising Force Online)

Even though the ‘in game’ tracks aren’t nearly as impressive as the music in the game’s intro cutscene, RF Online still deserves a spot on this list. Even though the game didn’t really perform well in the United States, the game has an incredibly high production value. Just about everything in this game from its music to animations feel ‘top notch’, so it shouldn’t be surprising that RF Online made its way to the #3 spot.

2. S4 League

If you’ve ever played this fast paced Sci-fi Shooter you’d certainly agree with me that it has some of the best music out there. I would actually venture to say that S4 League has the best music of any MMOFPS, as the game’s beats match the theme of the game incredibly well. The game actually has its own sound track with all of the beats being nothing short of impressive.

1. Sword of the New World (Granada Espada)

Sword of the New World, also known as Granada Espada in some places, has without a doubt the best music of any free MMORPG / MMO that I’ve ever played. I’d actually venture to say that it has the best music of any pay to play game as well. Unlike some of the other games on the list, Sword of the New World has great music all around, rather than just in one cutscene or part of the game. Whenever I play this game, I actually take off my headphones so the folks around me could also listen in on the game’s tunes. The only adjective that can accurately describe the music in this game is ‘Epic’, and if you’d listen to the youtube video above, you’d certainly agree with me. The game actually got quite ‘poor’ reviews from the mainstream gaming magazines, but from my experience, it’s an under rated title that’s well worth checking out. No one video / track will do the game justice, as the game has an incredible amount of expertly composed tracks.

I would hate to end this article without mentioning other MMOs with great music, so here is a small list of games that were really close to making the list: Ragnarok Online, Lunia, Fantasy Tennis.