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Sandbox/Themepark hybrids, the Only way to go...

My take on sandbox/themepark MMORPGS and how they affect what I play.

Author: elocke

Sandbox/Themepark, the war wages on.

Posted by elocke Wednesday February 3 2010 at 6:16PM
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 So, I tried Darkfall. After a week, I decided it isn't for me. However. I LOVE the skillup aspect. What I didn't like is the PVP full loot. I spent 4 hours chasing deer around for meat, which was a ton of fun.  The physics involved in the game were very realistic and gave me quite the rush to finally chase down one of those buggers and skin him for his meat.

After getting ganked by a roaming dwarf with an axe, I decided I would log off and contemplate whether to continue my foray into Darkfall.  

I don't regret buying the game, as I can now see what it is I was missing from games like LOTRO and WoW and EQ2.  BUT, Darkfall could use a heavy dosage of what makes those game so good as well. Mainly the quest content and lore and storylines.

So I decided to also see what upcoming games might fit my bill.  Not much, sadly, from what I can see.  Some titles look promising and yet others, like Earthrise, turn me off the moment they state "Full Loot PVP".  

Craft of  Gods looks interesting and I will hopefully find out more on that note come Open Beta on the 18 of February. 

I digress.  I decided to play SWG for a bit as that game still has some sandbox elements and I find it a good filler for now until the next new game or open beta or new patch hits LOTRO(lifetime sub there).

I'll end this with the idea and HOPE that of the new games to be announced this year, by at least 2 well known and from what I can tell, GOOD developers(Turbine and Blizzard), I hope they possibly make a hybrid sandbox/themepark MMORPG to crush all that have come before.  Guess we will see. writes:
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