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I'm a long-time player of mmorpg. Various games and long years with paying for them. For the name of my huge family born from mmorpg friendship. Like a hundred brains with the same opinion for a mmorpg should be...

Author: elessarsst

Contributor: Turcia

Main Classes of MMORPG

Posted by Turcia Wednesday November 11 2009 at 3:22PM
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100 things that Every MMORPG Must Have

Our previous entry, we talked about  the number of opposite races in perfect MMORPG. In this mini article we will focused on classes, and try to find perfect combination.

#99 on the List

Most of the MMORPGs have focused on standart classes and really only small part of them introduces unique classes to MMORP universe.

Depending on the game's universe, classes change, you can hardly see a priest in space related game, nor a Jedi in fantasy based MMORPG (except, SW: Universe). But, there's always another class that do the same job as a priest, or a Jedi.

Here's the main classes of the MMORPGs;


Fighters are the main class of almost every MMORPG. Depending on the game they're called as Warrior, Barbarian, Samurai, or Berseker etc.

Fighters' main advantages are their physical strenght, and relativly high melee attack powers. Most of the games fighters are the best option to perform close range attacks because of their high healt points.

Weakness or disadvantage of fighters is almost non-existing magical powers.

(Modern Game Terminology: Infantry, Commando)


Rogues are tricky class of the games. Spy, thief, rogue, assasian or whatever they named, their most important ability is stealth. Rogues perform socialization based actions which are offer powerful counter attacks.

Since rogues are capable of doing massive amount of damage, it is also possible to take similar damage from enemy.

(Modern Game Terminology: Spy, Sniper)


Mages. Sorcerers. Or Scholars. They are the master of magic and may be the most important class of every MMORPG.

Magicians basically have wide vairety of magic spells. Magician's defensive and offensive spells act as his/her weapon and shield.

Unlike fighters and rogues, they can't do any physical damage, but they're very weak in close range combats.

(Modern Game Terminology: Scientist, Engineer)


Supporters are the most important part of every MMORP party. With their support other classes improve their offensive and defensive skills, increase their healt points, etc.

Priests, healers, debuffers. It's not important how they're called, in any game at least one supporter must be around of you.

(Modern Game Terminology: Medic)

A typical MMORPG has at least  four classes. Increasing the number of classes will confuse the players, make the game more complex. Less than three classes game will be shallow, and tactically boring.


Not only one, or more than two.. Game should have exactly 2 opposite races

Posted by elessarsst Friday November 6 2009 at 7:39AM
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It's always ignoring that the potential of being killed when you only want to farm to level up. Like you are a begginer to a new game, you wouldn't feel that you are alone. Even if you don't meet them there should be a half of population of the server that levels up with you and fights with you.. but never kills you.