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Hedron Online

Hedron Online is a dynamic MORPG that returns to the role playing roots of online, story-based gaming. It will offer more than repetitious grinding & farming. It immerses you in a fantasy world that allows for character actions to offer real rewards

Author: dragonfly3

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Posted by dragonfly3 Saturday July 3 2010 at 2:34PM
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We didn't forget to post our update, we've just fallen a bit behind on it. We've been having several meetings to try to organize all of the notes, info, and changes in ideas that we have. We've also been trying to figure out just how much info we wish to release to the public as we don't want some of our major features to be stolen and used by other game developers.

So here is some more info we've waded through (we have hundreds of pages of notes, outlines, info, etc. lol) that we've decided to post:

We have a very detailed back story that is approximately 120 pages long, typed. However, this story is not going to be known to players in full. We will be releasing a portion of it-just enough for players to understand their character's place in the game. Players will participate in the storyline and learn the back story in real time as the game unfolds. Most MMORPGs have a back story that they fill you in on before you play, they have some form of evil that you must overcome, and that's about it. It's also usually fairly predictable. With Hedron there will be in game events which will allow players to learn where their characters came from as they play the game out.

There will be 4 kingdoms which will each consist of 4 races (for a total of 16 races). These kingdoms will be the core of the PvP system as they will be set up to either be at war with each other or at peace with each other. Kingdoms will control resources that are necessary for crafting, spells, and skills (such as a mine which contains an ore). The PvP system will allow other kingdoms to conquor and take control of these resources for themselves. More kingdom information will be coming soon.

There will be 16 races. Each kingdom will have 4 races. The races will vary from the usual races that gamers are familiar with as well as some new and interesting races. Among the races will be Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, Orcs, and Gnomes. More race info, including which kingdoms the races will belong to, will be coming soon.

The crafting system will be an involved system of several different choices and levels. All of the resources required for crafting will be used among all lines so that there is no imbalance in demand and value of the resources. The crafting system will allow for the creation of potions, armor, weapons, enchantments, and more. More crafting info coming soon.

There will be no specific class system. However, Hedron's class system will not operate like the typical "classless" system. Players will earn several different types of "XP" and will be able to spend it to train in whatever they wish to train in such as skills, weapons, spells, crafting, etc. Hedron will also offer the ability to train in bundles of these for those players who wish to play a "cookie-cutter" or pre-designed type of class. This type of system will give players the freedom to create their characters however they want. Players can have a typical healer type class build or they can be more creative and have a character which heals, fights with a bow, and cast spells. It is left up to the player's imagination and allows for full player creativity which will allow for endless challenge and possibilities in both PvP and PvE.

Most MMORPGs offer the same monsters throughout the entire world but they merely change the colors and sizes of them. Hedron will offer a wide array of monsters that are area and zone specific. Rather than just tossing a group of monsters out in a field where they have no apparant reason to be there, Hedron will incorporate their monsters into the storyline and will have a wide variety of monsters so that as the player progresses through the game it will be a constant new experience. We will also offer true elite bosses that are unique and visually cool as opposed to just a larger version of a smaller MOB.

Game Experience:
Repition is something we are steering far away from. Hedron will deliver a constant new and changing gaming experience to keep players on their toes. Each new character players create will allow for a new and different gaming experience so it should never get boring or monotonous. Each system within the game (skill, crafting, quests, etc) will allow for a different experience. The storyline will be a real-time storyline instead of a pre-designed in-game storyline, therefore, it will essentially evolve and can even change depending on player actions.

Hedron will have guild specific quests, race specific quests, kingdom specific quests, and deity specific quests (each kingdom and race will follow different deities). This adds to our goal of having a different gaming experience each time you play. We will also offer quests that will allow for different choices, responses, and actions. The player will be able to choose which one he/she wishes to follow and that choice will change the outcome of the quest. It will end differently depending on the player's choice. This, too, allows for a new gaming experience each time the player creates a new character as well as adding to the roleplay aspect-players can make their quest choices based on how they wish to roleplay their character.

Hedron will naturally have familiar scenery such as forests and deserts, but it will also have elaborate underground areas, dungeons, buildings, landmarks, and unusual zones that defy the norm. Our goal is to create a fascinating world that is both familiar and unusual, and will not become boring.

More information is comimg soon giving some details about the things discussed here within the next 1-2 weeks as we sift through our many pages of notes, write-ups, and info.