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Hedron Online

Hedron Online is a dynamic MORPG that returns to the role playing roots of online, story-based gaming. It will offer more than repetitious grinding & farming. It immerses you in a fantasy world that allows for character actions to offer real rewards

Author: dragonfly3

Game Engine

Posted by dragonfly3 Saturday June 12 2010 at 8:18PM
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Hedron Online is listed on Kickstarter so that we can finally obtain our game engine and get Hedron finished by 2011!

What is Hedron? Hedron Online is a dynamic MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that returns to the role playing roots of online, story-based gaming. The goal of Hedron is to offer much more than repetitious grinding and farming for character levels. Hedron focuses more on immersing you and your character into a fantasy world that allows for your in-character actions to offer real rewards and consequences.

What is our goal? Over the years online gaming has lost its “fun factor” as it has shifted to a corporate-oriented business that is more interested in gobbling up as many sales and subscriptions as humanly possible while delivering the bare minimum of storyline involvement which usually only consists of reading bits and pieces in cut scenes, instruction books, and quests. Other important aspects that have been lost are roleplay, dynamic PvP action, and the whole concept of online gaming in the first place-positive interaction with other gamers. The motivation to interact with the game and other gamers is scarce in today’s MMORPGs. Skill systems, game economy, Guild systems, and PvP have become broken. Corporate MMORPGs are delivering so little and dazzling their customers with fancy graphics and character creation abilities to make up for it. Hedron’s goals are to bring these “fun factors” back and plans to deliver a gaming experience that you won’t forget.

Who are we? We are a small team of four with several outside resources. We are creating this game on an entirely volunteer basis. We are not seeking to be paid for our work. We just want to produce a fun game that delivers what we feel thousands of other gamers are looking for. We are not trying to be the next World of Warcraft but we DO want to create a professional gaming experience that is enjoyable and not an endless grind session. We plan to offer Hedron for download but will remain open to the possibility of publishing the game in a boxed version if its success allows for it. Between the four of us we have many years of gaming, programming, graphics, computer, and networking experience beyond simply playing online games. Two of us have done volunteer work as staff in online games. All of us are tired of hopping from game to game, wasting our time and money, only to be disappointed and forced to move on to the next attempt at regaining the fun that gaming has lost. Instead of continuing on this never-ending, redundant journey we are creating an MMORPG that incorporates the positive aspects of gaming of the past and present and does away with the negative ones. This is our first MMORPG but don’t let that inexperience fool you. We are highly capable, have excellent resources, and are very dedicated to creating a superb online gaming experience that won’t just beckon you to play, but we hope will keep you playing for years to come.

What makes Hedron Online so Great?

--Hedron will offer full PvE and PvP systems. The PvP system is made up of four kingdoms that battle each other over material, skill, and spell resources! You as a player will belong to one of these kingdoms. Forget the mindless “steal an artifact to get a petty stat boost” concept. In Hedron your spells, skills, crafting abilities, and economy is impacted through PvP! For example, the kingdom that controls a mana crystal will be able to unlock an extra level of spells both individually and in a group. This allows for players to plan small tactical attacks as well as large scale invasions and something actually worth battling for. Hedron will also offer PvE alternatives to receive the same rewards for players who prefer PvE over PvP.

--One of our top goals is to deliver a game that incorporates actual role play. Hedron will have in-game staff to monitor public channels and ensure that the “in character” channels stay in character in order to preserve the role play experience. There will also be an “out of character” channel available for out of character chat. These channels can be turned on and off to easily adjust to the player’s preferred gaming experience. Hedron will have regular in-game events to help keep the player involved in the storyline allowing them to stay immersed in the game world. The world will change over time as events take place just as a real world would. Players will have a truly unique experience as their characters become an integral part of the game rather than just a game piece running around killing and questing to reach an end level before they get bored and leave. Hedron seeks to deliver new gaming experiences regularly, including one of a kind quests and events as well as moving quests that become a permanent part of Hedron’s history.

--A dynamic deity and race system. Hedron will offer various races which follow various deities. The back story involves these deities. The role play aspects and events involve these deities. rather than just writing blurbs about such-and-such is the god of this-and-that, Hedron has worked it all into an interwoven world in which the player is an active participant instead of just reading about it.

--Elaborate skill and spell chains that allow for special skill and spell unlocks that are unlike the standard in the MMORPGs of today.

--The ability to have your own unique class built by you and your skill-hungry brain as well as the ability to have a standard class template.

--A unique guild system! Hedron will have built in guilds that you may join which are geared towards grouping and building a team dynamic that allows even the part-time gamer the chance to join the biggest raids and events. Each guild will be lead by players who earn their leadership positions in various ways so that every player has an opportunity to become an integral part of their guild’s hierarchy. Each guild will also have its own guild house, guild trade broker, guild storage, and guild only perks!

--However, we also understand that there are many guilds out there who have moved from game to game and have a wonderful camaraderie and team already built. We will offer a system and a world that allows your guild to become a permanent part of Hedron! Guilds will be able to apply to become an official Hedron guild. When approved, your guild will receive its own guild house built right into the game world and will include its own guild only perks! Hedron is going to offer a world in which guilds will thrive and involve more than just a fancy cape design.

--A dynamic quest system that offers moving quests, race specific quests, guild specific quests, deity specific quests, and more so that each time you play a new character the game will be a new and different experience for you! Our goal is to move away from repetition and create a real fantasy experience.

--Those are just a few of the biggies. Hedron will be a heavily group encouraged game but will also have plenty to offer for the solo gamer. Also planned to be included will be instances, public quests, character enchantments, crafting, barter system, custom character creation, and so much more.

Why are we here on Kickstarter? Hedron has been in the planning stages for years and our team is finally ready to move forward with turning it into a reality. We are funding this project ourselves but need a small kickstart so that we can purchase the game engine that will allow us to actually code, program, and generate the game. This is the most expensive part of our project and we need a little help with it. We are going to use the Abyssal game engine which is capable of producing an absolutely amazing game environment and experience equal to and even better than some of the top MMORPG titles on the mass market right now. You can view a video of a sample zone created with the Abyssal engine here:

(This is not Hedron, it is simply a sample to show you what the engine is capable
of producing.)

You can also view some screenshot samples of the engine
capabilities here:

(These are not Hedron but they will give you an idea of the engine capabilities.)

Sounds Great! What cool stuff do I get if I pledge? We are offering some generous rewards to all backers to our project. Our rewards allow you to become an actual part of the game world permanently. By helping us to reach our funding goal you will essentially help us create Hedron so we are more than happy to add you to the game itself in some way, shape, or form. Our dream is to deliver a fun, dynamic gaming experience for you! If by chance our funding goes above and beyond our goal then that extra money will go towards the game as well, such as fees for artists, programmers, servers, etc.