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Author: doinkermit

The Waiting Game

Posted by doinkermit Sunday July 1 2007 at 7:12PM
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    As I have been browsing the forums and reading through my share of reviews of games,I have found myself only reading posts of reviews about how horrible current games are and about how "Great, and Unbelievable super awesome to the max" the new games will be.


    It seems as though almost every single person on either hates there current game and or,plays or hates WoW, And is angry with the community for producing these MMOs and not making them perfect.


    So the game everyone is currently playing or has on their wishlist is "The Waiting Game" basically everyone here is waiting on the "Next Gen MMOs" that will "Revolutionize the Genre"


    To pass the time in the next few months to come you may be playing free monthly games such as PlayNC's Guild Wars, or Jagex's Runescape though i really doubt that last one since it seems almost every one on this site hates that game with passion.


    But I have news for you MMO fans playing "The Waiting Game" all the new games coming will not revolutionize the genre or get any better, they will not take down the evil tyrant which we know as WoW and they wont be any better than the current MMO's we have.


    Now for the individual games

Pirates Of The Burning Sea- This game is way overly Hyped, for one thing is being produced by SOE which basically ruins it right there but, who wants to play a game about a bunch of pirates? maybe pirates of the carribean fanboy, if that is how you spell that either way you know what I'm talking about, and if you arent a potc fanboy you will most likely be deamed one for playing a game about pirates, have fun loving Johny Depp and Orlando Bloom.


WAR- I have nothing to say other than WoW 2.


Tabula Rasa- Seems like a Halo+ Auto assault =MMORPG type of equation to me.


Darkfall- there is some good hype for this one but i mean wtf man its been in developement for like 30 years they have been giving us new release dates for years who knows when this is coming out =/


Fury- this game looks like it will not last long, I actually look forward to playing this game but i doubt it will stay alive long because without a big community there is nothing to this game since its pure PVP


Age Of Conan- This was the only game that really looked like it would be good to me, but its being made for the Xbox 360 and will definately be dumbed down, to the max of any MMO Ever. And if AoC pc players play along with Xbox players the xbox folks will have litteraly no chance to create chains and win PvP matches against users with a computer


Overall I say don't put too much hype into the future and look for a fun game now all these games might look great now but if you look forward to them to much they can only be a disappointment, 


Your Great Friend,

Doinkermit/Deven Ware

p.s.-be sure to stay tuned for the next installment of MMOPP&B