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Author: dknight784

Are Free MMOs Going from bad to worse?

Posted by dknight784 Sunday November 30 2008 at 4:09AM
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Is it just me or does it seem like all the new Free to Play MMORPGS are just getting worse everytime they come out with some new mmo?


Graphics- Free MMOs that are coming out nowadays are either having REALLY outdated graphics engine or its another cartoony anime look type graphics. Yeah, I understand they probly don't have any money to afford to use a really nice graphics engine , but still they shouldn't even bother if they got a low budget.


Grind- It's like they can't think of anything else. As if free mmos out there don't have enough of it. It's literally hours and hours of your time wasted killing things over and over again it obviously makes the game worthless and not worth playing. They should lessen the amount of EXP points it takes from one level to another or come up with a better system.


Community- Within months of a game's release maybe even weeks you'll start noticing annoying bots in major towns already. Just spammin up the chat box with spam spam and you guessed it more spam! A very few people who are willing to help out a noob such as yourself when you start a new mmo that you haven't played before.


Leveling System- It's all the same, you level up and get X amount of STAT points to spend in STR(strenght) DEX(dexterity) INT(intelligence) MP(Mana) HP(Hit points) (LUC) Luck Etc..and then you get skill points that you spend on skill to make it stronger or get a new spell. Yeah I know some other MMORPGs are different ,but there all pretty much the same.


Story- Yeah I know this ain't really a BIG or major reason why you play an MMO ,but whats the point of making a story for an MMO if they don't even put it in the game flawlessly. For example World of Warcraft puts the story of whats going on in the " World " through quests,events,dungeons etc. Or like in Shaiya you get a buff from whichever god you choose to worship in that game hey it aint much ,but at least it something.


I just want to see a new free MMORPG that has its own unique style it doesn't have to copy WoW or Warhammer AoC or whatever MMORPG thats famous out there. Of course it can't all be free I wouldn't mind like an item mall or something as long has it doesn't have like "Haxorz Spear + 99999 to all stats" something gay like that. It should be an original MMO. Thats what makes it good.



Rezguise writes:

The sad thing is I practically forgot you were only talking about the FREE mmo's. But this definitely is the case.

Sun Nov 30 2008 4:36AM Report
LithStud writes:

well i do like Atlantica online free mmo :P :) but in most cases your right :)

Sun Nov 30 2008 5:01AM Report
ElendilasX writes:

Graphics - yeah, i agree.

Community - it really depends on game. Even though WoW  is p2p but i still their comunity is idiots (most of them). Atlantica and Tibia is f2p but their community is really better then wow.

Leveling system - i guess 90% of mmorpg is same. You get exp, you get higher lvl, you get higher stats. It doesnt matter, p2p or f2p.

Story - only few games have worth reading it, like WoW (because it continues from W3) and Eq2. Maybe there is few more but i dont remember now.


In my opinion MMORPG is always but in different clothes: You go to talk a bit to NPC, they say go kill XXXX numbers of enemy, you kill get lvls and equipment. Then repeat it 100 times and then you have max lvl so you go PvP.

Sun Nov 30 2008 5:14AM Report
kingtofu writes:

Flyff is still a great free mmorpg with item mall and 120+ lvls , great classes and flying mounts from lvl 20 onwards

sign up free, download n play


Sun Nov 30 2008 5:35AM Report
UncertaintyP writes:

Did you even read what he said? Flyff is exactly the same as the rest.

Sun Nov 30 2008 6:19AM Report
vAjRAZ writes:

kingtofu = asian

Sun Nov 30 2008 6:53AM Report
Kram59 writes:

Why in the world would anyone play a free one? The ones you have to pay for ar'nt that great. Ghesssh

Sun Nov 30 2008 8:02AM Report
dcostello writes:

 I've played plenty of free mmorpgs like Last Chaos and Shaiya, and I know where you're coming from.  The game's tediousness makes me want to shoot myself.  You spend all you're time leveling up, then you have to spend another 10 hours to get to the next level.  Eventually you come the to realization point of "Why do I strive to level, only to reach another level..."   Well as along as people try free mmorpgs like this, and as long as people make due and play mmorpgs like this, then the quality of mmorpgs will remain terrible.  It's human nature to wait 'til the last second to change.  So, free mmorpg developers will wait until this reptitive genre no longer sells, then they will upgrade.

Sun Nov 30 2008 8:11AM Report
Clodzen writes:

It has always happened with pc games and consoles. When a game type gets big you will always have companys flooding the market with bad ones. The fact that there are alot of bad ones out there dosen't take from the fact that there are quite a few jems hidden in the ruffle that really tried to due somthing that changed the pace or the way you play the game. As for graphics I don't care about them to much I like nice graphics cause I have a pc that can push games to the limit, but when it comes down to it I still play starcraft and fallout 2. What it breaks down to is there is alot more trash fighting over our money then high marketed games. Even the free ones want you to pay for something.

Sun Nov 30 2008 8:46AM Report
talismen351 writes:

I was thinkin the same as Rezguise. Are you sure you are talkin about JUST F2P? And being you will find many P2P games are simply copying each other, I doubt you will find any F2P comming up with anything too original either.

Sun Nov 30 2008 9:01AM Report
ElendilasX writes:

From what i read about Flyff  it is supreme grinding game. You reach lvl 120 then go down to lvl60 just for few additional points. So you rise again to 120 but twice slower and then you go down to 60 again for few more points...

Sun Nov 30 2008 9:05AM Report
Uruktos writes:

Well, F2P MMO's are... free?

You shouldn't expect much from F2P mmo's, especially when all P2P MMO's are failing.

Hellgate, Tabula Rasa, Age of Conan, Warhammer etc..

Only few older MMO's stay where they are, almost no growth whatsoever (besides obvious wow)

Sun Nov 30 2008 9:09AM Report
dcostello writes:

Hellgate's a cheap shot because it royally sucked,  But, Guild Wars?

Sun Nov 30 2008 10:43AM Report
qotsa writes:

I agree with LithStud. Alantica is pretty ok.

Sun Nov 30 2008 10:54AM Report
Larriant writes:

 You lot should Try Guild Wars.

Graphics- The Graphics in Guild Wars are pretty good. 

Grind- There is very little grind at all unless you are farming for titles.

Community- Very Nice community and you are with people from your own country.

Leveling System- Levelling is from 1-20 which you can do very quick I mean a couple of hours. Rest is getting skills and completing the story and getting titles

Story- Story is awesome center of the game, so much better than just grinding all the time.

Sun Nov 30 2008 11:34AM Report
airado writes:

it is hard

because wow has already too many features...

anyway runesepce go from ok to bad to...

Mon Dec 01 2008 3:41PM Report
icyred writes:

Yes i hate Free MMORPG's. more and more of them are comming out and more and more of them ppl just abuse the game and find ways too just make the game worse by not working in groups or killing others too piss them off or not helping ppl in need ect... i find theres alot of KIDS and IDIOTS in free games. which is y i avoid them now. Yes the pay MMORPG have some too but its cause there MOMMIES paid for it cause there spoiled little brats lol but there not as bad as the free ones cause there infested with them. So good some of the games are fun too play as long as you like SOLO lol.

Wed Dec 03 2008 7:24PM Report writes:
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