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Author: dknight784

Who cares if its going to xbox360!

Posted by dknight784 Wednesday October 15 2008 at 7:27PM
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OK I have been hearing alot of crying from ps3 fanboys about how their exclusive games ff13, tekken 6, MGS4 ( rumor) are on or are going to be on the xbox360.


Four words....WHO GIVES A &@#^

Seriously, it does not matter if this and that game does end up on the 360 and if you are going to sell your ps3 just because of that then your retarded. Heres a few reasons why...


Games look better on the ps3 if done correctly its all up to the developers.


For those whinning about ff13 on 360 DON'T because you get the second game as an exclusive aka FF13 Versus, you know the one with the really cool guy making all the swords fly..yeah that one.

For those whinning about  IF MGS 4 will be ported DON'T. Why? because it won't look as nice they may have to cut some things out and there really is no reason for them to do it because there probly have to remake most aspects of the game to fit it on the 360.

Tekken 6...sorry nothing really I can say about that.



Look, all I am trying to say is that just because another console(s) is getting your exclusive game for any console for that matter don't bitch about it. Look at us PC gamers when one of our games goes to a console we all just laugh at it because the graphics got toned way down and the controls are simple yet complex. So just because a game(s) gets ported to something else it shouldn't matter to you if already have that game for whatever console, its like sharing a toy, just because your little brother gets it the same thing months later with maybe a new feature or two doesn't make it that great.


Overall its the same thing.