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Author: dknight784

Is PC gaming really dying? If so, Blame microsoft.

Posted by dknight784 Thursday October 9 2008 at 11:54PM
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Sometimes I hear it around the internet sometimes about how PC gaming is dying etc.Every time I hear this I always say, "Oh yeah? What about the 10 million people playing WoW" or any mmo for that matter. Games like counter strike , team fortress 2 , etc.

The pros of being a pc gamer is how much stronger your powerhouse computer is compared to a ps3 or xbox360 ( for some of you anyway). The amount of content your computer can hold, faster loading, and complicated at first ,but turns into easiest controls ever. So basically a computer can be the best gaming machine if you got the cash...which leads me to the downsides.

Why pay so much money for a nice computer when for the very LOW price of $199.99 + tax of course, you can buy a xbox360. The graphics on it look decent it has exclusive games on it even though it is supposed to be like a computer minus everything but gaming. Same goes for ps3, why pay almost 5k for a dream machine when you can get a ps3 and tons of games.

You don't have to worry about the whole " omg can my computer handle it?!" with a console game you don't have to worry about that sort of thing. And since consoles don't need to be upgraded over time like PCs it saves even more money and for the really casual people installing new hardware in a computer can be pretty weird.

Exclusive content as mentioned earlier is another reason why PC gaming might be slowly dying. Have you seen those sales numbers for Halo 3 , Gears of War, GTA IV, and MGS4? Millions upon millions of sales. Yeah I do know that GoW and GTA 4 are coming to PC, but I think mostly everyone who plays it online is playing it on a console. Well that would be because no one wants to buy it a second time for the PC so it probly won't sell as much which as why game developers make games mostly for consoles.

Lastly, If PC gaming does die well yeah you could blame all the consoles but I would blame Microsoft's Xbox360 console the most . This little moneyhouse of Microsofts is probly WHY pc gaming dies. Halo 3 would be on PC as I write this now and the new expansion pack for it also. I don't even see why MS(microsoft) needed to do this. PC would be on top in the gaming industry if it weren't for the xbox360. All those big games that make it so great would be on the computer also.


UnSub writes:

Given that Nintendo really built the home console market itself with the NES / SNES and that Sony's PS2 is the most successful console to date, I really don't think MS is alone in what is happening to PC sales.

Also: higher rates of software piracy on PCs vs consoles.

Fri Oct 10 2008 12:19AM Report
Qinshien writes:

 lol... pc will never die... pc will live on forever... because most of us have a life... we play games... and we do our work, homework... and live life... consoles will live on too because sometimes we find time to play those too... so nothing is dying... technology wilil live on... don't worry your little noggin... :D just smile and laugh and enjoy everything... :D

Fri Oct 10 2008 12:46AM Report
commi3 writes:

Wow I remember when they first started talking this bullshit. First off just to let you know, this was a question created by magazine journalists to get people to pick up their magazine over the other guy. This question was created back when sensationalism (oh wait its apparently still viable in this market) was the best way to get gamers to read your story. No one else in this industry (besides 'journalists') has ever asked this question publicly, because they all know the answer.


To think so would nothing more then fear mongering. There has never been any reasonable argument of the otherwise. Not only that but some journalists even declared it dead about 8 years ago and then suddenly they said it was back by the end of the year. What is my PC a Mutated Zombie?

This is the problem with journalism in this industry, its main catching point is sensationalism. Look at it every one, just take a moment and look at a gaming magazine and then compare it to a tabloid. Look at the completely idiotic questions that Jeff asks the analysts on Look at how 'journalists' scramble to put out the first review.

I applaud those who wait before they spurt nonsense and I hope you and the rest of us can bring professionalism into the journalistic side of this industry, because for now half of the so called "journalists" are just fanboys who have no sense of what journalism is besides being a good writer.

Fri Oct 10 2008 2:47AM Report
slask777 writes:

This reminds me of sensationalism in journalism. All the doomsaying but little to no facts. This been said alot over the years. Some blame piracy, some blame the consoles. Fact is, pc gaming ain't dying, the ps2/xbox will eventually find their competitor, and piracy, while not as rampant as on the pc, exist for all the consoles out on the market at the moment.

Oh, and Halo, while being a good shooter for the console, it's medicore at best on the pc, same with Gears of War, the other big console shooter hit. What both games do have been done on the pc before, and better.

A last point is that there is just so much more you can do on a pc, than on a console. I check my mail, read news, write letters, browse websites, troll forums, watch online videos, listen to online radio, make home videos, edit my photographs, keep in touch with my family and friends via instant chat programs, play games with a level of graphical detail no console out on the market today can match (they're not even close), play mmorpgs on it, play games that take a month or more to complete(not even the FF series is that long),and last but not least, keyboard and a mouse. You can get those two last items for a console aswell, but then it will become more like a pc, than like a console. Also, to my knowledge, not many console games out there make use of them.

Show me a console that can do all that, then maybe, and that's a big maybe, pc's and pc gaming will die.

Fri Oct 10 2008 2:56AM Report
Loke666 writes:

Well, the OP do have a point, since it is so easy to convert a game between X-box and PC most games comes out for both and people with low budget ar low tech skills often buy the X-box since it is cheap and you don't need to upgrade it so often.

On the other hand, MMO players seems to prefer PC while many FPS players moved over to consoles. This could be because the only MMO I know to a console is FF XI but it could change.

On the other hand, no console is close to my computer with a GTX 280 GFX card, I do have a PS3 instead of a regular blue ray player but I mainly play a bit of Soul calibur on it sometimes with friends and a couple of beers, once a month or so. So in my case I stay with the PC.

It would be sweet if some MMOs had a linux version however, Windows is slowing things down.

Fri Oct 10 2008 5:07AM Report
nexian writes:

PC gaming is dying, it's true and wahtever you say the facts speak for themselves, Console gaming is developing faster than PC gaming could ever dream of.The only resolve the PC have are the MMOs, but that will only be until a few years.So enjoy your massive communities for as long as you can, because they won't last long...

Fri Oct 10 2008 7:54AM Report
Daelus writes:

Enjoy them while they last... and yet, you're saying this while logged onto an internet game forum from your pc?

Doomsaying has persisted for a while now about the death of PC gaming, and yet Valve, Blizzard, and EA still post great sales for PC games. Hope you're having fun playing Spore, Crysis, and WAR on your 360... oh wait!

Fri Oct 10 2008 8:14AM Report
AdyS13 writes:

It's not,first off all many "smart guys" are saying this because the piracy on the PC is bigger than on consoles,witch is right for the moment,but if you can pirate pc games it's as easy to pirate the consoles ones too,just that the players doesn't know that very well,but if everyone would go on consoles be sure that the piracy will be as big as it is now on pc.Second,you don't need 5k,not at all,with 700-1000 I can make a pc that can run every game currently realeased perfect.You need 5k if you wanna buy a gold case for you pc.Third,Blizzard is the money making company,it's on PC and I'm not talking only about wow,wait till starcraft 2 will released or diablo 3,on PC.

Now the consoles,why you think that there is ps,ps2 and now ps3,xbox 360,etc...It's the same thing,you need to buy a new one after some time,the difference is that they are made for the moment of realease very good so you won't need to buy a new one in 2-3 years.The problem for the pc users are that they don't buy a good pc,and after 1-2 years they realise that they need a new pc.If you know,you can build a pc that can last around 5 years like a console.

Anyway,everyone knows that having an keyboard and mouse is much better than having that gampad,and PC is the best gaming machine,and not only,you can work,watch movies,listen songs and many more.The company's are trying to change this because of the piracy,they are making it look like the consoles really are better and many belives,but not all,look at blizzard,they're making so much money on the pc games than every console games together.

What can happen,is an close future that will get the majority of the games exclusive for consoles,making players buy them,and after the majority gamers will be on consoles,the old piracy thing will be back and they'll realise that it wasn't the good solution,than the PC will rise again,but it won't be dead in the meantime.

Fri Oct 10 2008 8:20AM Report
Raston writes:

I think it is coming closer to a point where developers are going to begin looking at the consoles rather than PCs for the development of games.  Yes, I'm logged into this from a PC, but you know what, I could log into this from a PC from 4-5 years ago, as simply actions require so little power from a modern PC isnt' isn't funny.

Yes, there will always be things you can do on a PC than you can't do on Consoles.  That is just a fact of the way a PC works, it is more flexible, which in the end will be what causes the mass development of games on consoles to happen.  Many bugs in games occur due to the large variety of hardware that can and does exist with gamers, everything from someone running an old P4 Single core 3ghz computer upto the Powerhouse Quadcore rigs with vists, 16gb of ram and nVidia 280s (in tripple SLI no less if we want to dream of a power rig).  So this leaves developers in a no mans zone of development as they basically have to develop engines that can push out what the hardcore computer enthusists insist upon but yet can be run on something that is likely not going to be as powerful, this leads to lots of extra code, testing time and expense and alot more bugs to worry about slipping through.

Will computer gaming die?  No, but the quanity of games available in relationship to the console market is becoming more tilted towards the consoles.  Even now, SOE and Funcom are working on ways to bring the last true bastion of PC gaming to consoles, and they will get it figured out, eventually.  Maybe not in this iteration, but someone will get it right eventually and then the whole console market will be opened wide for MMORPGs too.

So, no.  I don't blame microsoft or sony or nintendo for this shift of power, but rather the sheer flexibility of a computer to be all things to any one person, rather than a dedicated gaming machine.  Yes, price factors into this, in that you can buy a brand new PS3 for 400$, while a low end gaming rig will very easily cost you over a grand (and then only if you build it yourself) and can run far higher than that for a true state of the art rig.  Add those two things together and consoles will eventually take over the lions share of gaming, not all of it, but more than someone like myself would like to see (heck, even I'm finally breaking down and getting a PS3 after not having a console since the early 90s and the Genesis/SNES...)

Fri Oct 10 2008 10:19AM Report
Thekandy writes:

I see all this PC/console hate going on and then i just think, people will demonise what they can't have.
But is it true, is PC gaming on it's last legs?
I can't say for sure, but let's look back at the past, to the time before, and around, the NES, companies were making tons upon tons of games, problem was: everything released was more or less a cheap copy of the competitions game, gaming suffered greatly from this as people became frustrated with buying the same game over and over, gaming nearly died out then.
It may seem bad now, but if the right innovations are made, everyone gains from it.

Fri Oct 10 2008 10:27AM Report
Deewe writes:

Could the PC die?

Easy answer : YES... in its actual form.

The future lies in a mix of a PC and a console. The mass needs affordable and easy to use systems, more or less like a car. 99% know how to drive but not how to repair a car.

In about 10 years we will be able to do almost everything we do on PC on "consoles", games but also emails, wrinting, spreadsheets, drawing etc.

How? With SAS : software as a service.

The time is coming where you won't pay anymore for your OS and harware will be cheap, really cheap.

So where comes the money?

From subscriptions. You'll pay monthly fees to have access to the latest version of office. Same as your cable fees. There will be near to ZERO installation on your box. You will be always up to date with the latest version.

You"ll also be able to pay for premium support. (micro transactions anyone?) A CR will be able to interact with your actual work and fix your issue or even do basic to advanced tasks like making an index.

Everything will be tied to your account. You'll be able to access to your full desktop and files anywhere in the world even at your friend's house or coffed shop.

How about games & power needed?

There will be different version of the boxes and some of them will be upgradables. You'll have internal and external parts, like the video card will be on a  cartridges that you can swap. Drivers will be downloaded and updated automatically.

We are back to a mainframe like system where all data is stored on a big server and your "console" is a client. The huge difference now is the client has power, much power. With that you'll be able to sell, for a small fee, your free processing power or even give it for free to non profit organisation or research centers.

The PC is way too complicated, it was just paying the research so far. Software and hardware is mature enough : Time has come for a new era.

I just wish I would working on that now, I know it is in the works.


P.S: if you want to chat about that

Fri Oct 10 2008 11:18AM Report
Deewe writes:

Wanted to add:

add keyboard and mouse support to console games and the PC will be quite dead.

I know many geek who are getting bored with the need to tweak/upgrade their PC and don't play on console due to the lack to keyboard & mouse support and lack of mods.

Fri Oct 10 2008 11:47AM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

I rather have a gamepad over mouse and keyboard when it comes to games.

Fri Oct 10 2008 4:08PM Report
redavni writes:

I played Oregon Trail on my Apple 2, I played Commander Keen and Wolfenstein on my 386. I really could care less for all this shovelware on the PC today. I wish PC gaming would die already, maybe then they will stop dumbing down PC games for people who really should be playing on consoles. If that means we get 1 or 2 good games a year, so be it.

Regardless of whether or not the masses play games on a PC, it doesn't matter to me. Consoles and PC gaming are entirely different playstyles. PC games are almost always played alone, consoles are more social. Even if PC games weren't superior to console games, I'd still play PC games...simply because I am not expected to share the controller.

Fri Oct 10 2008 11:43PM Report
Deewe writes:

Tkreep, a gamepad isn't as good as mouse and keyboard for FPS and RTS.

For example devs add a delay in NPC shoot on console game and also hit zone is larger on console than on PC. That is why unless a console game is designed to choose mouse & keyboard over a gamepad FPS (and RTS) will stay superior and more challenging on PC>

Sat Oct 11 2008 8:06AM Report
Untouchable8 writes:

pc gaming seems to be at an alltime high.

Wed Oct 15 2008 8:25PM Report writes:
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