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Author: dknight784

Is PC gaming really dying? If so, Blame microsoft.

Posted by dknight784 Thursday October 9 2008 at 11:54PM
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Sometimes I hear it around the internet sometimes about how PC gaming is dying etc.Every time I hear this I always say, "Oh yeah? What about the 10 million people playing WoW" or any mmo for that matter. Games like counter strike , team fortress 2 , etc.

The pros of being a pc gamer is how much stronger your powerhouse computer is compared to a ps3 or xbox360 ( for some of you anyway). The amount of content your computer can hold, faster loading, and complicated at first ,but turns into easiest controls ever. So basically a computer can be the best gaming machine if you got the cash...which leads me to the downsides.

Why pay so much money for a nice computer when for the very LOW price of $199.99 + tax of course, you can buy a xbox360. The graphics on it look decent it has exclusive games on it even though it is supposed to be like a computer minus everything but gaming. Same goes for ps3, why pay almost 5k for a dream machine when you can get a ps3 and tons of games.

You don't have to worry about the whole " omg can my computer handle it?!" with a console game you don't have to worry about that sort of thing. And since consoles don't need to be upgraded over time like PCs it saves even more money and for the really casual people installing new hardware in a computer can be pretty weird.

Exclusive content as mentioned earlier is another reason why PC gaming might be slowly dying. Have you seen those sales numbers for Halo 3 , Gears of War, GTA IV, and MGS4? Millions upon millions of sales. Yeah I do know that GoW and GTA 4 are coming to PC, but I think mostly everyone who plays it online is playing it on a console. Well that would be because no one wants to buy it a second time for the PC so it probly won't sell as much which as why game developers make games mostly for consoles.

Lastly, If PC gaming does die well yeah you could blame all the consoles but I would blame Microsoft's Xbox360 console the most . This little moneyhouse of Microsofts is probly WHY pc gaming dies. Halo 3 would be on PC as I write this now and the new expansion pack for it also. I don't even see why MS(microsoft) needed to do this. PC would be on top in the gaming industry if it weren't for the xbox360. All those big games that make it so great would be on the computer also.