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Author: dknight784

SOE wants you playing MMORPGS on your ps3

Posted by dknight784 Wednesday October 8 2008 at 5:17PM
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Some of you may already know this but SOE, Sony Online Entertainment, wants you to playing some soon to be released MMORPGS on your ps3. Some mmos include The Agency , Everquest II, DC Universe Online, and Freerealms. And yes all of these mmos are also going to be on the PC.

To be honest I think putting an MMO on a console is a really cool and unique idea.

For example the controls on a standard PC mmo theres usually alot of hot keys that need to be pressed during the game. Since all the consoles dont have nearly as much buttons as a full QWERTY keyboard the controls would be so much simpler. Oh but you can buy that ps3 keyboard they sell and I guess that would be like playing it on a computer.

Another good thing is that you don't always have to worry about the whole "can my computer handle it?" question because it really sucks when you buy the game for your comp and find out that it can't handle it and you also don't have to cut down on the graphics quality to boost that fps.

I could list a bunch more reasons for why putting a mmo on console is great idea...



Things like if more people like this idea of console mmos then it's just going to be another nail in the coffin of PC gaming which I hear is very slowly dying nowadays.


Overall having a console mmo is a great idea for most people that can't afford nice computer that can run those nice new mmos with the nice next-gen graphics. Unless your playing WoW for another 10 years.

Deewe writes:

Agreed but how about communication?

Chatting could be troublesome, even more for players that don't want to use voice chat.

Wed Oct 08 2008 6:17PM Report
Soupgoblin writes:

The only reason that SOE is going that route is because they are a subsidiary of Sony (maker of PS3 and PSP), their consoles aren't selling as well as they want so they figure that releasing simplified MMOs on the PS3 will boost sales of their consoles.

This will be nothing more than a shameless self promotion for the PS3, SOE doesn't realy have a good reputation with MMO players, anyway.

Wed Oct 08 2008 6:50PM Report
eq2js writes:

eq2 ftw

Wed Oct 08 2008 7:52PM Report
eq2js writes:

especially on ps3

max settings, no lag

Wed Oct 08 2008 7:53PM Report
Khalathwyr writes:

As someone who has been playing MMOs before Sony got into the game making them, and as someone who has been a customer of theirs I can honestly say I could care less. After getting an up close and personal view of how they do business I can see why their sales lag behind the other consoles that they feel the need to try to capture more sales through making mmos available on their console.

As another poster said above, though, they have irrevocably tarnished their reputation with a large portion of mmo gamers; some through direct interactions and a large portion through word of mouth due to their actions. Personally I wouldn't mind seeing their entire gaming operation, from consoles to PCs, etc., fail. Go out of business completely and let someone else with better business practices fill the void they leave. No, I don't spend my nights awake dreaming up ways to make that happen. Yes, I would get a good long laugh out of it.

Wed Oct 08 2008 8:06PM Report
Phynn writes:

Well I don't share the negativity about SoE as some of you do, I mean, c'mon EQII is a rather well managed game with constant updates, above par customer support. Now i know that the SWG NGE haters are mad and I would Imagine that the Matrix Online crowd isn't to happy either but they are making a valiant effort to retool Vangaurd amd I hear it has inproved. SoE has laready debbled in the console MMO market with EQOA and EQOA Adventures which I played both and I must say...they were fun, addicitng, and almost error free. So although some of you may think this is a good idea or that SoE could get gobbled up by the gaming gods but myself I am ready and i hope their console MMO's gave great success.

Wed Oct 08 2008 8:57PM Report
Soupgoblin writes:

So you played EQOA and EQOA Adventures?

I heard they were very similar ; )


Wed Oct 08 2008 9:36PM Report
toddze writes:

I love the idea of SOE making MMO's for the PS3, I just wish they would be exclusive to the PS3 sytem that way everybody is playing with the same hardware (but wont be ps3 exclusive). Now a days it seems everybody bashes every MMO company out their except blizzard. And SOE has their share of failed MMO's but they also have some good ones too so we know they can do a good job.

And for all you gaming computer fanboys, whay do you have to worry about? If you have a high end rig then you have a preformance advantage over the ps3, so advantage you. If you think the MMO is dumbed down for the ps3 (which I dont think it would be) then you have a choice to not buy the MMO that simple. Theres no need for computer fanboys to throw a fit about an mmo on a console.

Wed Oct 08 2008 11:45PM Report
cosimusta writes:

Consoles are inferior to PC in every way.  When PC gaming dies, there will be no console gaming either.

MMOs for consoles is like trying to switch from MP3 players to CD players.

It's no surprise that SOE is the one fueling this.  They've been the industry's leader in what not to do ever since they started.

Thu Oct 09 2008 12:00AM Report
commi3 writes:

SOE has their share of failures and a lot more then other MMO companies. Thats why they have been the #1 target of a lot of rage. Everquest is arguably the exception to this case since most of the problems people had with SOE came about after EQ2. Heck, Im one of the ones who will never forgive them and will probably never be convinced to buy another SOE game again. Most people who dis SOE really have no reason to, they just heard all the negative feedback and immediately they blacklisted the company in their minds.

Because of this SOE is probably the only MMO company that has actually been "blacklisted" in the minds of several gamers and they do pay the price. However, IMHO I have yet to see SOE even try to shake the bad hype off by proving me and others wrong and make a game thats at least trying to take the drivers seat of the industry. Thats what really pisses me off about them, while other developers actually try to be the best and make the best game possible (these devs may fail miserably) but SOE feels like they strive just to be mediocre. To Sony, SOE is just another cash cow, someone up top probably mentioned they could make a great deal of money from MMO monthly fees and BAM! SOE was born.

Overall I think moving to consules is not a bad idea and way before this, Microsoft actually tried this when they first launched Xbox live, but that game failed miserably.

Even more so I think it is entirely possible (similar to how HALO got people to think consule FPS games could actually be good; and maybe even EndWar to RTS games if it works out) that a consule MMO could created, but it would need to adjust itself to fit the consule and the consule gamer rather then the classic PC MMOer.

Thu Oct 09 2008 12:18AM Report
Lexin writes:

Final Fantasy XI was the first true MMO to get on Console i use to play it on PS2 and now its on Xbox 360 i would love to see more MMO's come to both consoles. I didn't mention Wii for the fact it does not have a controller like the other two Next Gen consoles and i am unsure if keyboards are supporeted on it.


DC Universe would be a game i might consider getting for my PS3 as for EQ no thanks, The Agency maybe.

Thu Oct 09 2008 12:27AM Report
jvencill writes:

Great idea! I'm pumped about it.... BRAVO!

Thu Oct 09 2008 1:50AM Report
generaltao writes:

Another bonus for console MMOs is the difficulty in exploiting/hacking the game.

As for consoles being too far behind PC. Well... the same games are coming out cross platform all the time. While PCs may allow you to run at higher resolutions, you generally need to have a thousand dollar system to do it. No PC at the 300-400USD price range is going to match the gaming power of the 360 or ps3.


Making blanket statements like "When PC gaming dies, consoles will die too" is just iresponsible . You probably just heard it somewhere else and repeat it midlessly.

Thu Oct 09 2008 12:14PM Report
Resin213 writes:

 I think Sony are actually pretty committed to this idea. Check this out:

It's been delayed twice already, but I think thats indicative of them trying hard to get it right.

Sony has a top down approach and will be hard pressed to allow any sort of player created content or sandbox features IMO. But I think they are smart enough to see this as an important part of the future gaming market.

Thu Oct 09 2008 1:28PM Report
Koddo writes:

@lexin, you are wrong, the first true mmo on a console was phantasy star online, the first true mmorpg was everquest online adventures, ffxi came out after.

Thu Oct 09 2008 2:25PM Report
Qinshien writes:

 well if you didn't know... MMo's weren't really possible... (besides FF11) to be on consoles because of the size of the disk... etc...  Now that the disc size for Blueray is insanely huge and hdd it's all possible to have bigger games and bigger MMo's...  communication is easy... take ur usb keyboard and use it on ur ps3... all those usb devices are handy...  and I agree console MMo's can be great because you don't have to worry about hardware... but what about games like FF11... where you are restricted to the power of a playstation2 quality/speed game... eventough the PC and xbox360 have way better graphics... the game is still set to a ps2 pace... kinda sad...

Fri Oct 10 2008 12:21AM Report
ThomasBPG writes:

I read somewhere sony stating it costs way to much money to produce a gaming system for it to only be popular for 2-5 years.

Fri Oct 10 2008 8:29AM Report writes:
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