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The Words of my Imagination

A father's view on gaming and the MMOG culture. His interaction with his long-standing gaming friends and how he feels about specific games in general.

Author: dj-wedge

Medieval Illness

Posted by dj-wedge Monday November 26 2007 at 4:36PM
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What do you do when you're sick and tired of a genre? I love MMOGs (heck, I admit it, I just love PC gaming... and my console collection).

Ok, let's start over.  I play a lot of games. I have a "crew" of friends whom I game with regularly. But lately I have found a serious distaste for the Medieval theme.

I've played many Medieval themed MMOGs (EQ, DAoC, WoW, LOTRO, etc.). As well as many other MMOGs that are not specifically Medieval in nature.

My gaming buds want me to stick to a game and grind all the way to the elusive "End Game" with them. But invariably their preference seems to be Medieval in nature (currently it's LOTRO, though partially due to my lack of enthusiasm I'm hearing the echos of "let's turn our WoW accounts back on...").

Frankly I'm seriously sick of the Medieval theme. And I can't get my friends to take non-medieval games seriously

  • EvE - "But there's no EXP bar!"
  • PotBS - "It's so buggy! - DUH! It's BETA!"
  • TF2 - "But there's no EXP bar!"  Seriously... I thought I'd die laughing...

So I've been examining myself of late and I made an interesting observation...

I got into the PotBS beta before my friends did (OK, I admit it... I forced them to get into it).  I was enjoying my time reading the quests and following the stories of the NPCharacters. I felt like I was part of a story and really getting into the whole RP experience.

Then my buds showed up.  And it became "Ok, go grab all the quests, let's go do this one since we all have it. Let's see how many we can get done tonight! What are you taking so long, you just had to turn one in and get the next one?!"

The grind was back.

Maybe my problem is not that I hate medieval, but that I get distracted when trying to keep an entire group of friends happy and progressing in the game.  I get distracted away from the story (I remember the early part of the LOTRO stories but have completely lost touch over the last 20 levels or so).

I find myself reading more instead of logging in.  I find myself *gasp* spending more time with my wife or teaching my sons the finer aspects of pwning newbs in TF2 (Orange Boxes all around!).

I guess I just need to tell them to shut up and let me read the quests.

How do you keep the genre from growing stale and green fungal growth?


pieaholicx writes:

Usually when I want to play something with story I go play D&D Online, and only play with close friends who actually want to roleplay it. The only way you're going to get people to actually play along with it is if you either find people who do it anyway, or just put your foot down and be stern about it.

Then again, I also do some forum RPing and tabletop D&D to supplement the D&D Online.

Mon Nov 26 2007 5:18PM Report
Mysk writes:

This would be one of the reasons why I (generally) solo.  Pick up groups in particular are quite nasty about you taking too long "reading the stupid text".

As for getting tired with a setting, I have to agree that I would love to see something else.  Scifi is great.  I'm a long time fan of both fantasy and scifi, yet I would like to see a good horror setting more than anything else.

It's natural to want diversity.  Sometimes you simply have to take a break.

Mon Nov 26 2007 7:20PM Report
Sirmaki writes:

I pretty much agree with the previous posts. I do a lot of solo play, and also stick with friends who will let me go at my own pace. Also, sometimes I just wander off and play an alt no one knows about so I get some "me" time :)

Tue Nov 27 2007 7:37AM Report
dj-wedge writes:

Heheh. All my buds who are tacitly referred to in my blog have read this entry and have responded with comments such as "Dude! Take your time! Read all you want! Just come back and play!"

Good times...

Tue Nov 27 2007 9:55AM Report writes:
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