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Dark Gale

Current and upcoming information and hopefully some lore and humor soon for Browser RPG, Dark Gale. Dark Gale is playable on all modern devices played right in your browser with no downloading!

Author: dgforte

Acting on feedback: Removal of the stamina system, darker background, etc.

Posted by dgforte Wednesday December 11 2013 at 10:32AM
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Dark Gale featured a stamina system that was used only for joining battles and nothing else. This meant that you could subvert other players by battling them and wasting them stamina. I thought this would be a cool way to create some animosity between players, but alas this did not have the effect I wanted. I have removed the stamina system and in place your hit points are now your marker of alive/dead status. In my opinion, HP as dead indicator could mean that people will be more apprehensive about battling in PvP and that is fine, if that is what people want. I say stock up on Energy and Revive potions then.

Next is the background being changed to a darker color. This was due to some feedback about the lighter (not necessarily white) background. Pure white or black backgrounds are extreme in my opinion.

The world supports a "click on the map"  feature where you can click any place and get the instantly. I hope this reduces server load and helps you complete things faster.

Character selection is now a modal window for quick selection and now features an HP bar for each character in your party.

Dark Gale is an online browser RPG that can be played on your desktop or mobile device.

New Party System and Exp Boost Potions!

Posted by dgforte Sunday November 24 2013 at 2:32PM
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Dark Gale now features a system where all of your characters you create are in a party. Your characters will follow you around, join your battles and share your quests (if the character is at the point). The idea behind this to is allow you guys to take full advantage of the cleric's abilities and future ally-target abilities outside of guild battles. This opens up more possibilities for interesting NPC mixes, for soloing, outside what is in the game now!

You can also buy exp boost potions in the game upgrades shop to help you level up faster!

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Dark Gale

Posted by dgforte Wednesday October 16 2013 at 8:58AM
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Dark Gale is a free to play browser fantasy RPG that takes from elements from many other RPGs!

Dark Gale is a simple RPG designed to be played whenever you'd like in short bursts of time (30 minutes recommended) solo or social. Take control of the way your character is built with by leveling up and distributing your attribute points towards your characters attributes. Build that Cleric tank or that magic Swordsman you couldn't be in other games!

Guilds are one of the social facets of the game where you collaborate to take down powerful NPCs with your strategy and take down your enemies by putting them on your guild's aggro-list. Get invited by a guild or apply to guilds who put up their guild ad!

Dark Gale features instant and delayed battling. For instant battling, the moment you press attack your character does battle with the other participants of the battle. Delayed battles are joinable by your guild members in an attempt to take down an NPC collaboratively for loot or other gains.

 One of the instant battles showing off abilities!

There is no story to follow, so quests takes on a form of side story between the Linnean Alliance and Zimmerich Axis. Quests are simple and short and are designed to be completed whenever you want in your time whenever you want! Quests are always rewarded in due time with patience.

Choose your Path and become a creator of items from loot that you have gotten from your battles and questing to create more powerful items. You will require the help of other Paths in order to create your items. Become a Weapons engineer, Armor Engineer, or Metal Worker with more Paths incoming!

You can equip any item you want! Items will make you feel powerful in various aspects. Items have levels and special abilities. Cast special abilities are usable by your class and level them up to make it even more powerful!

Sign up today and give it a try! Invite your friends, family and game playing mates!

New Attributes, Battle Abilities and New Classes!

Posted by dgforte Saturday October 12 2013 at 11:26AM
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New character attributes have been added to the game: magic and magic resistance. Magic will contribute to magic damage and healing power. Magic resistance will work just like defense where it blocks a percentage of magic damage. These are likely to be the last attributes added to the game. The wizard’s hat has magic and magic resistance. Magic and resistance is given only through items, though that may change in the future.

Abilities have been released to the game. Items, such as sword/shield/staff, in the game have some ability attached to them usable by certain classes. These abilities are activated at random during battle and give your characters special opportunities. NPCs will also have abilities, so you’ll have to be wary of that. Abilities will add/use portions of your attack, defense, magic and magic resistance.

This is similar to Fire Emblem, where weapons/staffs/etc have abilities that are used randomly in battle.

New classes have been added: ‘Cleric’, whose special ability will be able to heal their allies in multi-battles. Swordsman, who uses sword and swordmanship abilities will be useful for dealing crazy amounts of damage. Strongman, who uses axe abilities such as the War Axe.

Here is a screenshot of abilities in action from both sides!

Only at Dark Gale (

Dark Gale Introduction

Posted by dgforte Tuesday October 1 2013 at 6:43PM
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Dark Gale ( is a browser based RPG where characters declare their allegiance by joining the Linnean Alliance or the Zimmerich Axis. You pick between different classes and roles within each alliance and race to be the strongest, most competitive or most collaborative player in the game. Building strong relationships with key allies, friendly competition between rivals and taking down your sworn enemies are your key elements in the game in order to have fun with other people and the game.

There is no strong story in this game, but more of a side story, which is where quests come in to fulfill that idea. Quests will be the solo player and the collaborative player's best feature to take advantage of. There are more features coming into the game to bring more collaboration such as parties and guild raids. I will describe parties later when it comes, but guild raids can be formed against NPCs in the world for loot (which is distributed randomly to characters rather than the guild) and this requires collaboration. Guild raids launch within 10 minutes of its start and all members who feel they want to join the raid must be in the same position where the raid is started. Collaboration is key.

To build relationships with other people, you can start a conversation with other people and hopefully form a guild and reach out to other people who you feel a fit for your ragtag bunch. Through guilds you will be able to declare allies and declare war. Declaring allies means that battles may not be initiated with members from either side of the guild. Declaring war may be out of rivalry, out of spite as members of the other guild may have been initiating too many battles against your guild or you just don't like each other. Trading between characters is a crucial economic activity as well as a way to positive build relationships with others and this will come soon!

For competitiveness, the Arena serves the purpose with Arena Points where you gain 1 per each unique character battle per day. Arena point serve the idea of battle heavy players and getting a high score. It is just plain fun to do with other people. You can bet there is more coming such as landmarks that guilds can fight over. I believe competitive play comes from the desire to take something away from another (win/loss).

Collaborate and compete is the goal of Dark Gale. Have fun all!