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Power blog about MMORPGs

MMORPG's are great aren't they. I think so too. Well whatever this is weirder than writing a review so I will just say I got writers block and stop here and maybe continue onwards in the near future.

Author: Shoko_Lied

My aion [Preview] Blog style.

Posted by Shoko_Lied Wednesday July 29 2009 at 6:23AM
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Just a heads up, this preview was writen in may, but it all still holds true to this day. So sit back and enjoy your feature presentation.


Hey everybody, I thought i'd share my view after playing just about 3 days straight as if I play any longer my skin will begin to rot...

First off as you all know, the game is gorgeous. This game litteraly IS eye candy everwhere you go, every second you are there. The gameplay itself starts you out in your respective start zones. As i've played to level 17 for asmodians, and reached 25 with elyos and have two other level 7 toons. I will tell you a little about both.

Elyos - To me the elyos seem to have a much more fresh and inviting atmosphere than the asmodians, and imo, it has alot more of a "catch" to it. The wheather changes every once in a while and sometimes storms brew and rain falls. What's interesting is that your character even makes the effort to pull out a leaf to keep dry.

Quests - The quests are very enjoyable, although at the beginning like any other, it's pretty much kill this, steal that... But honestly, real life isnt't much different is it? Well maybe just a little. Anywho, you finally reach the first small town and that's where you get your epic missions which are seperate from your "normal quests". This is because missions in aion are a primary storyline progression and they are typically WAY more fun than you're standard quest. "Imo". But don't get me wrong here, they are all fun. Especally if you are playing with a couple of friends while ordering pizza. "Note to self, get alot more than two friends".


Abilities - The abilities in aion really vary from class to class. While playing the warrior I noticed you can run and jump, and still get off combos/specials without a sweat. It's basically unrestricted combat which is really weird. Because when you get to classes like the assassin, the first thing you want to do is run and stab someone in the back, but then you realize you can't just run around shanking people.

The skills have this funny way about forcing you to lock on without being able to move around till after the skill/combo has gone off. This can become a real pain because casters, who auto-aim, even when the assasin gets behind an apponent, he ends up getting blasted even if he thought he was being clever. My friend almost pulled his hair out playing the assassin, though I immagine they are pretty powerfull in the higher levels.


Asmodians Vs Eleyos - Seriously now, I am beginning to beleive the poor asmodians got the short end of the stick. Don't get me wrong, asmodians are still very enjoyable to play. But the storyline locations vary so much in the starter zones that it's simply amazing. One of the missions on both sides will end up looking like this. :"I'm an asmodian, This dungeon looks pretty neat!, har har har" While doing the same quest on the eleyos side makes you just about pass out with clicincal epiciness overload. If that exists?

- Just take in stride that these are VERY early levels. The first cave you go into to be exact  O.o

Some of the subtle differences I have enjoyed noticing between the two sides is that when running around as an asmodian, every class feels like a ninja, "yeah it's cool". Nothing beats running while hunched and then jumping over a crate to do a frontflip over a ledge onto a unsuspecting enemy. While pulling your weapon you will think to youself, this guy's gonna get iced. One of the really cool effects that they have is when you unsheath a weapon while running there is a spark of electricity that rivits through the blade which makes taking out your foes all the more pleasurable. Now of course, everyone know's that asmodians eye's glow red, and trust me, ingame it looks really sweet.


Character creation - Fan-freaking tastical. This thing is awsome. I have nothing more to comment on this amazing beast of technology, just try it youself. Well just kidding, but it is very good, and even has the option to change you eye color. This is a very robust system that any character-customization freak would love to have. You'd be hard pressed to find one better. Sure there may be a "Select few" [No pun intended], but honestly, how many? 4 out of the 10 billion MMO's?!?! Oh, probably less (=


My thoughts- Alright, so I might sound like a complete fanboi about now... And that may even be true eventually. But let me say this, my friends who I got to play this. "Had a damn hard time getting them to". Are worse than critics when it becomes MMO's. They are very stingy when it comes to mmo's because we started them around EQ1 and back then there wasn't a million different mmo's circulating in the market. Now aday's you have SO many, so how can you tell if a game is right for you?

Well I have never seen my friends so amazed as when they walked into the eleysium. My friend brian specifically stated, "Holy sh*t, this is the most f****** awsome main city I have ever seen. Then continued to say stuff like, "This is stuff that is usually quality depicted in fantasy novels and stuff, not mmo's.

While my other friend david doesn't comment much on what he thinks. "He's been playing WoW since 05". So whenever I say how cool something is while doing something in whatever place for whatever reason, he always finds a way to compare it so something similar in wow <_<". That's all fine because I've played WoW a couple years myself. Yet WoW never seemed like "My MMO", As It was pushed on me from hype and friends playing. Now that one of my good friend's, that origionaly got me into WoW in the first place, has died. I have been in limbo the past couple of years here on As a matter of fact the only MMO I truly considered my home last, was SWG-Pre CU. And right before that Planetside.

Suffice to say, I have seen some of the other MMO's coming in the near-distant future. "Terra online", "Black prophecy", "Jumgate", Ect. I think I have finally drawn the line on when I must stop waiting for the "next thing". I will be d*mned if I wait till 2012-2013 to play Terra online. Folks, I think i'm gonna play aion. Now of course this is "My own opinion". But I honestly tried to articulate what I experienced as unbiased as possible. So you guys can take what i've said for what it's worth. I am glad I was finally able to say what i've wanted to get off my chest for a while now.

"I've found a new home".... Oh yeah, please forgive my grammar, I still don't know how to spell alot of this aion stuff.

haratu writes:

While I myself have not played it, I do have a free beta key sitting around (yes, i was a tabula-rasa player), I just cant be bothered spending time with it because while the graphics/character look very nice, it doesnt seem to give much differnet game play to what I can get in numerous other MMOs.

If I could get an unbiased opinion on the game play mechanics rather than the look and feel of the game I might be able to come to a decision.

Wed Jul 29 2009 8:37AM Report writes:
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