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A Gold Coin for Your Soul...

What are we doing in front of a MMO all day sometimes? Why are most of these forcing us to pay to play their game, even if they probably are one of the worst we ever played? I have an idea for why this happens. Care to listen?

Author: Denivire

Slight Problem

Posted by Denivire Thursday September 13 2007 at 11:24PM
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Okay, I had a lot typed here, and my internet browser acted up on me. It's Firefox, and Firefox IS good, but this is slightly irritating. Whenever I get to about 5000 characters it just suddenly decides to go back a page, and now I have to retype EVERYTHING. I'm now going to tell you all to type drafts of your blogs inside some sort of word processor, even notepad, before making a new blog. I am very much, well, pissed off now, as I do not want to retype everything at the current hour, 12:30 AM for me. I'm going to go to sleep, and I might have something possibly inane to ogle at tomorrow for you so eager to know what I might be getting to with my title.

NOTE: It IS inane, and ogle is a word. Don't want to sift through garbage to find decent comments. "Durr, it's spelled 'insane' dumbass! durr!" It may be to you people a Maddox rip, but in all its right it is not. PLEASE do not force me to bludgeon your head agaist any metaphorical walls, I am definitely not a person who can tolerate some of that arrogance.

JonathJCen writes:

This stuff sometimes happens on internet explorer, but usualy "submit" problems (application times out and it doesn't save your text) while sending E Mails, etc. Always sucks. Never count on a web application to hold your thoughts for you.

Fri Sep 14 2007 12:00AM Report
badgerbadger writes:

denivire; this happened to me earlier - and i write Extremely long blogs.  It was my part 2 and I was so disheartened it was only the mdiile of the night insomnia that allowed me to try again.

 I'm curious; since I'm using I.E.; if perhaps this is a timed- disconnect on the page?

On the point; however; your suggestion is right on: type it in something else and paste.  Why risk lost effort and inspiartion?

Fri Sep 14 2007 3:39AM Report
Melf_Himself writes: You misspelt "insane" and "ogre"..... :p Fri Sep 14 2007 4:29AM Report
neschria writes:

I know that I should write things out in a text editor of some sort before posting here, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I write in the box. I've lost a few long ones, and they are never as good the second time around, but I persist in my folly.

Sorry your entry was eaten.

Fri Sep 14 2007 9:33AM Report
ralliiart writes:

hitting backspace outside of a text box is the same as hitting your back button (in IE at least).  it's possible you could have accidentally clicked your mouse out of the text box, or hit some keys that took you out of the text box, and then hit the backspace not realizing it was out of the box.  that happens to me from time to time.  just a thought.

Fri Sep 14 2007 1:46PM Report writes:
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