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Where should developers' focus fall?

Which mmorpg aspects are the most important, and where do the other aspects fall into place. This is based off the assumption that developers can't (and usually don't) present a game evenly polished across the board.

Author: dcostello

Mortal Online Powerpoint

Posted by dcostello Friday May 8 2009 at 9:53PM
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  Have you been checking out Mortal Online lately?  If not, the probable explanation arises from your intolerance of the sun and thus why you have been residing currently, and for some time now, under a perverbial rock.  If you have, then you obviously know about the new update and the new powerpoint released by the Mortal Online developers.  To satisfy the insatiable appetite of their dedicated fans, the developers have released a nice powerpoint which explicates the main points and assets of Mortal Online (along with awesome mini clips).

  What is Mortal Online?  If you ask this question.  Well, you do not belong on this site, nor do you deserve the right to ever show your face in an MMORPG forum ever again...a little harsh?  Ok, I'm sorry.  MO is a open-world ("sandbox"), PvP-oriented, ORIGINAL, fantasy MMORPG.  If you have further questions exercise your reasoning faculties--I'm assuming you possess some, if any--and do a little research (

  Now that your ignorance has hopefully been replaced with awareness, it is time to delve into the powerpoint.  The powerpoint outlines the major aspects of the game including gameplay, skill development, combat, housing, crafting, the world, etc.  If you were aroused by the site of Darkfall, then you'll pre-maturely let one go once you catch a glance of this game.  Awesome graphics and it's an original game, developed by an independent company (yes, they're swedish but they're English reason for WW3...pump the breaks)--this cannot be...  It's like a hooker who actually cares about cuddling with you, not just the fat wad of bills that you'll inevitably insert into his/her (some girls out there probably reading this, and some guys that...well you get the point, I want to be politcally correct :)) g-string.

  Without further adiue, or adiu, well who cares. The frenchies will be overrun in a few years anyway.  The repulsive site of their frog throats won't suppress the Germans for much longer...WW3 anyone?  I deviate, from my politcal accuracy and from my main point.  Check this powerpoint out, I'm sure that you'll be amazed.

  *Oh, this is for the inevitable troll who's been lurking the forums and blogs for his/her chance to rain down his/her un-warrented opinion.  Look Johnny rocket, before you set loose a rant of epic un-importance, swallow you're tongue, go back to your mother's basement (where you reside), put some anime on, and satisfy your friend down under...because that's the only thing that actually enjoy's your direct attention.  I, and the majority of others, do not wish to hear your absurd, illogical, sarcastic remarks.


The link:

-Forgot to mention that you need "rar" to open it, and extract it.  If you do possess said product, you can get a free-trail version from any site that has it (just google rar and find a download for it, be resourceful..c'mon).


MMORPG importance of aspects

Posted by dcostello Saturday December 6 2008 at 4:48PM
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   Given that most games, even if they are popular, polished games, don't create a game evenly balanced amongst the many mmorpg aspects, how should developers place values on the several mmorpg aspects?  Well, simple, just place  the most focus on the more popular categories and sub-categories.  Here's just a list of aspects.  Remember this is a question based on the assumption that mmorpgs rarely  spread their focus evenly amongst the list of aspects.

-PvP (Sub-categories: RvR, 1-1, Small-tactical teams, sieges, arena fighting, full-loot, etc.)

-PvE (Sub-categories: Quests, Parties, Ability to solo mobs vs. dependency on parties, etc.)

-Crafting (Sub-categories: A large amount of unique/diverse item options, making an actual career out of it, fueling the in-game economy, etc.)

-Community (Sub-categories: Player community size, helpful player community, good support {from admins}, diverse range of levels, etc.)

-Class system (Sub-categories: In-depth class system, lots of options and little restrictions, defined class types vs. undefined class types, stat points, skills, etc.)

-Extra Content: (Sub-categories: multiple expansions, a large number of: items, bosses, quests, areas to explore, land to conquer/hold, ships {or space ships}, etc.)


-Economy: (Sub-categories: Maintained by players, balance of money gained and lost to prevent places from reaching ridiculous amounts of wealth quickly, increased trade options/niches, mine nodes, etc.)

-And any other aspects you can thinking of...


  These are just a few aspects to think of when dealing with this problem.  The sub-categories are really just things to keep in mind when discussing the importance of certain aspects, and as a means of supporting an aspect(s)'s importance.  So how should the aspects be lined up (with the most important on the top, and the least important on the bottom)?