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Online gaming and upcoming MMO's

Just to put my opinion out there on the current and upcoming mmo's.

Author: dancord26

Some more random thoughts about upcoming mmo's/western mmo again

Posted by dancord26 Saturday September 29 2007 at 10:02PM
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So, i was just sitting here thinking of Age Of Conan...wondering how i will be choosing a guild to side with.  What is it you people look for when you are looking for a guild?

I like to go with the underdogs mostly, or form my own fun type guild.  Being to serious in these games, that makes it like a second job.  I don't come home from work to have to work at play...does that make sense?  Anyway, lately i've been in some Tabula Rasa...that's a pretty fun game, as long as the server stays up...

Sword of the new world, this is another one i'm still playing...actually, i don't even have to be at the keyboard, i just keep my characters online, while i'm at work, and they do the leveling.  Of course i can't get any loot this way...which sucks, but if i could..who would actually be at the keyboard?'s another title i'm kinda excited about, but i don't know if i'll actually subscribe.  Hopefully a beta account will come my way, and i'll see if it's something i want to drop the money on for the cd/subscription fee.


Western MMO...

yeah, i'm gonna keep pushing this, and see how many people i can get behind me, maybe someone will take the hint and take a crack at one.  What would it be called?  Old West online? that's kinda could even be a western theme with some fantasy thrown in for good measure...A Half-orc slinging a shotgun...that's kinda shadowrun ish...

TheDoughboy writes:

Orcs & Outlaws Online.

I think the name and the concept sound pretty cool.

Sat Sep 29 2007 11:08PM Report
Deatrix writes:

they should just make a straight up Dead Lands MMO,, or Iron Kingdoms!!!

Sun Sep 30 2007 8:28AM Report
dancord26 writes:

yes,  a friend of mine was talking about DeadLands...that would be an excellant mmo

Sun Sep 30 2007 1:46PM Report
munx4555 writes:

Id also love a Western Mmo, in Fps style.

It would be extremly difficult to make in mmo style tho since the least bit lag would make u miss :D

Sun Sep 30 2007 8:17PM Report
soulwynd writes:

A shadowrun mmo would be nice. Of course, one by the book. But orcs in the old west? Be afraid of the orc whore house.

Mon Oct 01 2007 12:26PM Report
Runefruit10 writes:

What about Darkfall. Best game under developement right now.

Mon Oct 01 2007 8:04PM Report
dancord26 writes:

holy crap, the inventory in Darkfall reminds me of Ultima Online hahaha

Mon Oct 01 2007 10:29PM Report writes:
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