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Online gaming and upcoming MMO's

Just to put my opinion out there on the current and upcoming mmo's.

Author: dancord26

Hero Mages

Posted by dancord26 Saturday September 26 2009 at 11:32AM
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Well, i've tried Aion, Champions, and  a few others. Still nothing has kept my attention like Hero Mages.  Hero Mages is a webbased game, you run from your browser, using strategy and card magic to destroy the other player/players/team.  Everyone should come out and give it a shot!! Atm, i can't  get past the connect screen for some reason, since i had to do a system restart. 


But, the game is free, or you can spend about 20 bucks and get the extra units.  I invite everyone to come out and give it a try, my name is maltross there, so ask around if i've been on, tell em where you saw this. Let's get a good following for this small company and their game, i hope to see it grow.


later guys.

Bored again

Posted by dancord26 Friday May 8 2009 at 9:56PM
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Well, here it is, i'm completely without a game to play atm.  I even did something I said i wouldn't do, and went back to WOW, lvling a DK to 80.  I think my problem is mainly i lvl to fast, and don't really sit back and enjoy the game, or find anyone to enjoy them with. Also, it seems that someone has posted a big article about a western mmo...i think i mentioned that in my first blog here...

NO MMO atm

Posted by dancord26 Tuesday September 16 2008 at 12:33AM
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Well, I'm not playing anything atm, after 2 months of AoC, with max lvl DT(suckiest class atm), and playing open beta WAR, which i didn't like. Any suggestions on some up and coming mmo's to watch for? Or anything free or ptp that's out now that's not wow, which i will not have on my comp anymore, and seriously want to burn my disks...

Age of conan

Posted by dancord26 Friday April 11 2008 at 10:02PM
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Ok, so here's the deal. I not so long ago purchased a new computer just to play conan when it came out...but now i'm rethinking my plans. I don't know if it's gonna be the game for me anymore, i don't really get into these games much it seems, i don't have a steady group of people to play them with? Anyone part of a gaming group/community that plays mmorpgs together? i joined such a group a long time ago for SWG, which moved on to wow, and then we all stopped. Someone point me in the right direction here.

boredom/need mmorpg game NOW

Posted by dancord26 Saturday March 29 2008 at 12:38AM
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Ok, so war is pushed back, AoC is coming out in may...hopefully...i need something to tide me over til then!!!! anyone playing anything that i could get into with them? i hate playing these games by myself.

Some more random thoughts about upcoming mmo's/western mmo again

Posted by dancord26 Saturday September 29 2007 at 9:02PM
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So, i was just sitting here thinking of Age Of Conan...wondering how i will be choosing a guild to side with.  What is it you people look for when you are looking for a guild?

I like to go with the underdogs mostly, or form my own fun type guild.  Being to serious in these games, that makes it like a second job.  I don't come home from work to have to work at play...does that make sense?  Anyway, lately i've been in some Tabula Rasa...that's a pretty fun game, as long as the server stays up...

Sword of the new world, this is another one i'm still playing...actually, i don't even have to be at the keyboard, i just keep my characters online, while i'm at work, and they do the leveling.  Of course i can't get any loot this way...which sucks, but if i could..who would actually be at the keyboard?'s another title i'm kinda excited about, but i don't know if i'll actually subscribe.  Hopefully a beta account will come my way, and i'll see if it's something i want to drop the money on for the cd/subscription fee.


Western MMO...

yeah, i'm gonna keep pushing this, and see how many people i can get behind me, maybe someone will take the hint and take a crack at one.  What would it be called?  Old West online? that's kinda could even be a western theme with some fantasy thrown in for good measure...A Half-orc slinging a shotgun...that's kinda shadowrun ish...

Guilds in MMO's/Different type of theme for mmorpg

Posted by dancord26 Monday September 24 2007 at 9:07PM
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So, i've decided to start this blog here about guilds in different mmo's and the impact they have on the game and/or server you play on.  Any comments are welcome.

So, a little bit about myself, I started playing online games with ultima online.  I would goto a friends barracks room and watch him play, not even playing myself, and was in awe.  Ultima was something entirely new to me, as far as games go, and i was an avid roleplayer, having played D&D for quite sometime.  Later on, i started EQ, and bought a computer, just to play it on.  From there i've played about every PtP mmo you can think of.  Daoc, Shadowbane, Horizons, Anarchy Online, Eq2, WoW, and more.  One thing i've noticed, there's always an "uber" guild so-to-speak on each server, sometimes spanning many servers, in games.  In Shadowbane, it was R30's, and uber guild that ran the server since it's beginning, and the guild leader quit, i was told, because it had become to easy.  Wow, to quit a game cause you had achieved what your supposed to...didn't make sense to me.  Of course on EQ, EQ2, and wow, there's always the guilds that raid  constantly, and show off their E-peen..i can't stand it sometimes.  I guess mainly cause i never really focused on the leveling in these games.  I'm the type of person, I would rather just sit and talk to people in the guild, maybe go off and farm together or something like that. If i'm in a guild and nobody is group, talking or anything, and if i get ignored a couple of days in a row, then i usually quit.

Take for instance Sword of the new world, which i'm currently playing on the V- server...don't remember the full name.  My name there is Maltross if anyone wants to shoot me a hello. But anyway, i joined a guild called Virus squad, and they never really did anything together.  Sure, one guy had a friend invited in the guild, so they did things together all the time, but for the most part, nothing was ever done, even though they boasted that they where gonna be some uber raiding guild blah blah. 

I just wanna hang out with some cool people in a game, not worryin about who's got what gear and whatever, just have some fun, maybe explore as much as possible.  That's what i find appealing to games, and probably why i jump around so much, so there's always something different around the corner.  If someone knows of a cool game where this is a constant thing, let me know, and i'll make it my home. 

Western themed mmo...

Ok, for some reason ever since reading some of the Dark Tower series, i've wanted to see a western theme in an mmo...cowboys, indians, bounty hunters, card sharks...something like that...what would be a good way to structure a game like this do you think? I mean it would be weird if as a cowboy you went out and camped a  respawn of Native Americans...that's just wrong. But i'm sure there's a tastefull way to do this, and believe it would be fun.  Maybe playing as a card player or some sort of class that threw playing cards, ala Gambit..something like that...maybe had a henchman harlot...hehehe...that would be kinda funny, no? but again, not very tastefull.  Just wearing the cowboy hats and running down a stagecoach, to save someone or the possibilty of robbing you different options depending on level/class..i don't know, just brainstorming here.

Anyway, these are just my ramblings, if it doesn't make sense, i apologize now :o)