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Porting mmo's to consoles?!

Posted by dan7 Sunday April 20 2008 at 6:03PM
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In my opinion, porting mmos to consoles like the 360 is a good idea. Not only does it expand the player base, but it also can attract a larger audience of people who cant afford to but an ubber computer. However some people say that poring mmos to the consoles is a bad idea because is lets in kiddies and destroys the pc base market. That may be true, but there are alot of kids anywhere a gamer plays. So it is just a fact that some will have to live with. Also, destroying the pc base will not happen. If anything it is a good thing because now with more games coming to console rather than pc, it is only a matter of time...Porting mmos to the console will then attract attention of people to the pc equivalent of the game, and if they are of vacationing somewhere, they can log in on their laptop. So in the long run it may save the pc gaming sector. Just my thoughts, any input?
elvenangel writes:

Personally I hate the idea..console players have a completely different mentality than most PC gamers..not to mention the immaturity level on console seems to drop considerably Online Wise (anyone whos ever heard the bad bad bad mouths & attitude on an Xbox Live game knows its hard to disbute this.)  

They've been trying to get console and mmo games tow ork well as one and so far I think its kind of failed.  Most if not Alot (IMHO) of PC gamers don't want to play with console gamers on the same servers.  

Pushing everything onto the consoles, porting and sharing with consoles has been for a long time slowly KILLING the PC game market.

Sun Apr 20 2008 6:24PM Report
samuraislyr writes:

Actually I don't think it makes a difference at all elvenangel. I think the consles actually screwed themselves. the X-box 360 was released too early and with numerous faults causing microsoft to lose money. the 360 does not support DX10 so many console games are getting ported over to the PC with better graphics and better features considering developers do like to show off a bit. The PS3 is far too complicated for any developers to figure out the power of the darn thing and the wii is just far too simplistic for many developers to care. Also only Nitendo seems to understand the wii-mote. All 3rd party games made for the Wii have bombed.  Honestly I still like consoles but when the new three came out, I could not and still can not decide if I even want one. Only one that I might want is PS3 and that's because it has a few really good 3rd party games coming up in the next year or so but other than that my PC can get all the love from games.

Sorry for the wall of text, was not watching how it lined up and now I'm too lazy to fix it. :P

Sun Apr 20 2008 7:12PM Report
zanfire writes:

well elvenangel i think u kinda have it wrong. take the only 2 true MMOs in existence  that are on console. FFXI and EQOA. they are for 1 both very good games, and 2 they both some of the most mature groups of players ive ever seen (compare them to games like WoW and its IMMENSLY better)

hearing about these badmouth kids is becuase thats the only place THEY ALWAYS USE HEADSETs. They also would end up using keyboards like everyone else so that tottaly eliminates that argument. Consoles are much easyer to handel/cheaper then the moster PC parts u need(and need to upgrade constatly)

there are badmouth kids everywere PCs have a great amount too, there just seems to be more on consoles because they show it more.

as a benifit PC gamers usualy get to pump up there graphics and such, so theres no bitching in that department. id say the only drawback would be that there would be issues w/ making the mouse into a controler. but besides that i dont see a damn thing wrong w/ it.

Sun Apr 20 2008 8:33PM Report
sonicwhip writes:

NCsoft made a license with sony by 2009 they will release there first console game for the playstation 3.

they made new offices to start creating ps3 and psp games.

they will probably bring tabula rasa and dungeon runners to console.

Sun Apr 20 2008 9:28PM Report
Jadetooth writes:

Age of conan, Champions Online and The agentcy are all coming out for the consoles aswell. I've been wanting a western MMO for my 360 for quite some time now, and i cannot wait till they arrive.

Mon Apr 21 2008 9:54AM Report
desudro writes:

There aren't enough MMO's on consoles. i can understand how a lot of ppl are off-put by the mantality of console gamers, but you get idiots anywhere you go. i for one, would like to see a lot more MMO's on consoles, purely cos my pc is too crap to play anything decent :P

Mon Apr 21 2008 10:07AM Report
BlackWatch writes:

As long as the Dev's don't water down the games to cater to the console users, then I don't care about porting games to console.

I look at some of the first person shooter games on the market today (current popular games) and they are really ... well... 'watered'/dumbed down.  The dev's did that so the game could be playable on both console and PC platforms. 

Then I look at great titles like 'The Force Unleashed', which will only be released for console.  (huge mistake, imho).  And as great as the game may be for console... I'd rather play it on my PC.  So, I hope that we don't see MMORPG's that ONLY release on the console.   Could you imagine what would've happened to XBOX if WoW struck a deal with Microsoft to use their console and their console only?  Better yet, think of what would've happened to their market share vs the PS360 and Wii.   

Anyway... as long as PC gamers don't have to make sacrifices in game quality and other features to put gaming 'on an even paying field' with console gamers.... np. 

Mon Apr 21 2008 10:47AM Report
elvenangel writes:

Pumping up graphics is hardly a benefit...its not even a perk.  Everquest Adventures online is a Crap MMO game which is why you rarely hear anything about it.  FFXI Online?  Pretty crappy to me.  Sure it was cool as a novel idea, hell I even beta tested it on my ps2 but it was a crap grinding group enforced game with alot of limitations I wasn't used to having come from other MMOs like UO and EQ1. 

I found Everquest 1 far more flexiable and enjoyable.

Porting games TO the pc for use of DX 10 only benefits the people who have Vista and its a huge Microsoft money scheme which sucks IMHO.   Luckily most devs port to the PC in order to keep their ORIGINAL fans that kept their business going for years happy. (still angry that Bioware chose the Xbox360 over the PC for Mass effect but is satisified they changed their minds and are finally releasing it for the PC).

Consoles while easier to control development over have slowly destroyed certain PC markets.  Games that were once long enjoyable and worth 50 dollars are now short and worthless as far long term replayability.  That same mentality has bled over to some PC games.  

Don't get me wrong I don't totally hate consoles I enjoy the ones I have but I think for MMOs they're best on the PC.  

Sony can do what they want with their MMOs people already pretty much hate them for the destruction of SWG meaning they'll only get customers from consoles.  They really don't have a choice, other dev's I hope remain mostly OFF consoles ... it just seems like a horrible limitation to plug an MMO onto a console. 

Take for example the Agency.  Its a severly instanced game in the style of Dungeon Runners almost.  Thats a huge limitation compared to what MMOs generally are...and making it console game is partially why I suspect seeing as consoles have severe limitations (yes the xbox360 is powerful but its also horribly limited by those parts that make it powerful, not to mention the xbox360 still has a horribly short life span due to insufficient cooling problems).

The day MMOs all become limited by consoles ... will be a sad day indeed.  I feel sorry for Funcom...hell I think they already are shooting themselves in the foot for Age of Conan's xbox360 release, which is why its heavily pushed back in timing compared to the pc component.

Consoles for the lose with MMOs.  Thats my own personal opinion.  Hopefully Microcrap & Sony will shoot themselves in the foot some more thus ending this ridiculous idea that consoles are great for MMOs.

Mon Apr 21 2008 11:48AM Report
zanfire writes:

FFXI is and still to this day is one of the top MMOs played worldwide, so because it dont cater to ur WoW solo fest easy-peasy hold my hand gameplay, dont mean its bad in any wich way. EQOA, well thats OLD, it was made in like 2000, so of course ur not hearing about it.....DUH. i cant wait to see when games come to consoles and become 100x more popular because of it. i for one cant wait for more console MMOs. ur basicly just a hardcore comp nerd who hates consoles....thanks for the troll Elv =)

Mon Apr 21 2008 1:17PM Report
DungeonMastr writes:

I would love to see some MMOs onto the new generation of consoles. I dont expect ports of every MMO thats been made, thats unrealistic and just wouldnt work (can anyone picture eve on a console?), but some would lend themselves very nicely to consoles. Dungeon Runners and Tabula Rasa would be amazing i think.

The Big benefit i think would be that all your friends who have a console could potentially play with you because everyone would be running the same system, and thats alot harder to come across in the PC world.

Tue Apr 22 2008 12:48AM Report writes:
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