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Damitcartman's Mmorpg Blogs

By blogging the subject i hope to tell everyone why i play the games i play.

Author: damitcartman

Free Browser Text Mmorpg Review - Xhodon

Posted by damitcartman Friday September 11 2009 at 9:55PM
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"Xhodon" is a free text mmorpg created by "Bigpoint Games" where you take control of a summoner to summon buildings, creatures to battle with other Players and AI Mapped Units.

At the beginning you get to choose between light forces, and dark forces.

Each side is given different item sets you can collect to give bonuses to your summoner. Similar to the diablo item system if you collect a full set of a certain items you will be given a full item set bonus. Each side has its strengths and weaknesses so its up to you with side you want to play the game as.

Guilds in Xhodon are made to play into the light vs dark forces gameplay. Each guild can only recruit the side they started out with. So if you start a guild as a dark forces member your guild will always be on the dark side and only dark members can join.

Players who like to attack players or AI mapped units with a group can using the "Warcamp" option and add as many people as you like to the group. But once your warcamp leaves to attack no one may enter the warcamp untill you remake the warcamp.

Xhodon uses a ranking system that puts about 40 members into a league. Each league will has a chance to snatch a artifact, artifacts are gems you raid and gives you a resource bonus. Theres 3 artifacts in each league and people can fight between them for 30 days. Once a player raids a artifact it automatically goes to there palace. After that its up to you to protect the artifact from other people that can take the artifact from you along as there raid is successfull.

Selling items in Xhodon is easy using the bazaar, items are sold using a bidding system similar to ebay but you trade game resources ;)

Try Xhodon today, xhodon is a casual text mmorpg with simple UI and is easy to start. Guilds in xhodon bring alot more dynamic game once your ready to join one, the game picks up after you been playing it for awhile.
Along with Xhodon's story and dark vs light aspect its sure to keep you and your friends summoning with the anticipation of getting better creatures, buildings and improving your guilds overall points.

Xhodon is atleast a try, it may be text and time based and dont offer really any visual gameplay but honestly the game dosent need visual support.

Every action in the game can be timed out before you actually do it, and the main entertainment value of the game comes with player vs player battles and your helping your guild in the ranking system. Gameplay in Xhodon dosent get tiresome once you build up your summoners level and get setup with a guild.

That ends my review on Xhodon. To join the game click the banner below.



Nodiatis - New Mmorpg Waiting To Be Discovered

Posted by damitcartman Thursday July 16 2009 at 2:13AM
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Nodiatis is different then your average mmorpg's that come out daily, first off nodiatis runs using java so most people even with older computers can run this game.


Theres no installion of the game, all you need is a internet browser, latest verison of java, and type nodiatis main site in into browser.


Nodiatis is a text rpg as you dont actually see your guy fighting, when in battle you see your avatar and only number of the damage you do.


The easiest thing to compare to this game to would be "final fanstasy 1" , you start in town then once you leave your takin to the world view where you can move to new zones and find mobs. Mobs can ether be found randomly or by simply entering the zone and you will get to face a mob.

Battle Map View

Inside A Battle



New players registering for nodiatis have the ability to pick from over 20 classes, and then pick from over 300 avatars to customize your look in the game.

Over 300 Avaters To Pick!

Over 20 Classes To Choose From!


There are many skills to train, some class related, some are just for fun. Nodiatis offers more then 100 skills for you to train and make custom gameplay that suits you.

Lastly players in nodiatis can join up to 2 clans, and group with up to 3 people at a time.

Nodiatis is a FTP mmorpg, you may upgrade your account to gain more rest time but premium isnt needed to progress in the game. Only if you want to progress faster.

Come check out Nodiatis today, Its waiting to be discovered by you!