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Random thoughts from the pit.

Just some random thoughts from a pod pilot wandering the systems of New Eden, the streets of Paragon City, and the islands in the Rogue Isles and now featuring - Darkfall. Nothing overly exciting, just day-to-day living and loving.

Author: damian7

easy-peasy logging onto test server for COH.

Posted by damian7 Thursday January 22 2009 at 8:16AM
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making a blog for easy finding later on... someone was saying that getting on the test server is hard and junk, and it really isn't, it just takes a little reading, and honestly, a lot of the reading below is explanation so that it's even harder to mess this up.



The Test Server is your chance to preview upcoming changes and updates and provide feedback to the developers.

The test server is set up specifically for the testing of updates *before* they are incorporated into the game itself. Players can login, preview/test the planned new features, fixes, changes, tweaks and offer up bug reports or suggestions.

How does a test server differ from a “live” server?

* Due to the nature and purpose of a test server, the operative word to keep in mind is “temporary.”
* Content and characters could be wiped at anytime as game specific updates and changes are published, tested and removed.
* Players can expect lower levels of support, since the bulk of this service is centered around our live servers.
* Normal bug reporting and petitions will be handled a bit differently, as all issues need to be given more time for in-depth study, review and reproduction.

(steps 1-5, a little long because it goes into an indepth explanation so as make is useable for even the completely computer illiterate.)


In order to access the test server, you will need to download and install a second copy of the game. This second copy will patch up the test files to your PC. The steps for this process are outlined below.

1. Locate the file 'CohUpdater.exe'. If the game was installed to the default folder then look for: 'C:\Program Files\City of Heroes'. Do not create a shortcut for the desktop shortcut. To do this, you will have to locate the City of Heroes folder.
2. After you locate the City of Heroes folder, you will need to create a new shortcut to the cohupdater.exe file in the City of Heroes folder. To create a shortcut, right click on the file you wish to create a shortcut for. You can then select an option Create Shortcut which will then create the shortcut.
3. Right click on the new shortcut and open the Properties option.
4. In the Target window, add the following flag to the end of the line:
o [space]-test
o Do NOT add the word [space] to the Target. The example shown is intended to visually represent a single keystroke of the space bar, and should not be interpreted literally. An example of the correct use of the Flag is listed below.
o The finished selection should look like this after you add the flag:
+ "C:\Program Files\City of Heroes\CohUpdater.exe" -test
o Below are possible incorrect additions of the flag to add the test client. The selection should NOT look like this:
+ "C:\Program Files\City of Heroes\CohUpdater.exe"-test
+ "C:\Program Files\City of Heroes\CohUpdater-test.exe"
+ "C:\Program Files\City of Heroes\CohUpdater.exe-test"
+ "C:\Program Files\City of Heroes\CohUpdater.exe"[SPACE]-test
o Also, this line in the shortcut can take multiple arguments. That is to say, if you have multiple things you want to tell the game when it launches like -test and -compatiblecursors 1 you just tag them all on the end, like:
+ "C:\Program Files\City of Heroes\CohUpdater.exe" -test -compatiblecursors 1
5. Run the shortcut.

The first time you run the shortcut, you will be asked whether you want to install the test client to the default directory. Choose Yes if you want to install it there, or choose No if you want to choose a different directory. We strongly recommended that you install the test client to a different location than your normal game client.


(two steps to copy a character for test)

After the client installs, you will need to copy a character over to the test server. To do this, go to this URL:

1. Use your City of Heroes login name and password to login.

2. After you login, you will be able to select the server and character you wish to copy to the test server. It will take several moments, but the character will copy. At this point you will be able to play the test server.

NOTE - Those who have just restarted their accounts may experience a delay or wait of up to 24 hours to be able to copy a character to the test server.

After you copy your character to the test server, you should be able to play the test client. Before you can play however, you will have to run the new shortcut you created to the cohupdater. You can copy the shortcut you created to the desktop by dragging and dropping it from the City of Heroes folder to the desktop. You will have to run this shortcut each time you wish to use the test server. Enjoy playing!


and there you go, pretty much 7 steps and you've got the test server running and copied your character(s) over to it.