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3D Vision, your favourite MMO seen thrue the NVIDIA 3D VISION Glasses

I discontinued my old blog "random ideas for mmos" to blog about a couple of tests playing various MMOs with NVIDIAs new 3D-Vision Shutter Glasses.

Author: craynlon

2008, some minor improvements to mmorpg'ing

Posted by craynlon Thursday December 11 2008 at 2:37AM
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OK, it's the end of the year and every site hands out awards in masses.
Despite the let down of being a not really recognized genre in the MTV-Game Awards lots of MMO sites find the time to create their own awards to honor the players in the MMO-industry.

But besides the big awards and improvements (or the peoples feeling that there were none) i think some small steps in evolution get easily overlooked. So in this blog i want to present a few details that caught my eyes in 2008 which i hope to see resurface in MMOs yet to come:

AOC: voice over quests
As many might know aoc already got nominated for innovation for their combo-fighting system but thats a feature to be spotted easily on the surface. a more subtle feature that really enhanced my aoc experience was the fact that NPCs would talk to me and i didn't have to read (or just skip) the quest text.
It would have been great if every npc in every game would have as good voice over dialog as the NPCs in Conan at starter and lore quests.

WAR: the Tome of knowledge
Another game that got nominated for an award for the introduction of public quests. yet a maybe overlooked feature is their Tome of Knowledge, an in-game book that records your achievements full of hints to unexplored features and lands. Since I'm not that big of an explorer when it comes to WAR i haven't seen its full potential and benefits but the implementation and the fact that its much more then a simple quest record makes me want that in my other MMOs as well. 

Chronicles of Spellborne: the PEP-System
If you think TCOS many think about the real time combat, the rotating skill deck and the stateless gear. for me its all that plus the PEP System. The PEP System is an extra pool of XP with 5 levels where you get a small bonus to stats each level like increased run speed or attack power. for me it brings back the concept of a death penalty since you loose a pep level once you die. while playing aoc and war i often "died to travel" and always felt a bit bad about it. Spellbornes PEP System put back the fear of dying into my heart making me go grrrrrrrrrr whenever i couldn't outrun mobs and lost my life. its not as harsh as Lineage2 where you actually can de-level from dying but it still makes you fight to stay alive.


When i look back at the games i played in 08 i wish i could be Dr. Frankenstein and just cut out the best parts of all the MMOs and create a big monster MMO with all these features.

But these are only my own personal mini-features so I'm exited to hear what other MMOs features caught peoples attention 2008 that never were discussed as mayor feature of the game.

rturja writes:

VO questlines were in LotRO already. No brownie points to AoC there. And tome of knowledge is pretty much idea copied from LotRO as well and then modified some :)

Thu Dec 11 2008 6:23AM Report
sazabi writes:

tome of knowledge?


that kind of stuff was ages ago in guild wars.

Thu Dec 11 2008 6:56AM Report
Reizla writes:

Great post Cray (Demi here :p)

I have to agree that the combo system in AoC is the 1st eye catcher, but most MMOs use them in some way. Hell, FFXI had the skillchain even before AoC was in development ;) As trurja said, the voice-over is already been used before in LotR, which also has great storyline cutsenes (that's also the reason I arrive last in & after instances :D)


The lorebook in WAR. An other one kinda taken from LotR. Though not as extensive as in WAR, LotR has a lorebook where all records of current and already done achevements are tracked. The addidion of extra game lore is new indeed, and good IMO. Almost as good as the public quests (probably the only thing I realy liked about WAR).


Then TCOS... There are a lot of good things there (also some bad things, but every game has that). But IMO the PeP system is the best of the game. As you said, finally a game where death does mean something, and you don't just want to die.

Your reference to Lineage II is a bad one IMO. In L2 you can buy scrolls to get rid of the death penalty you get. Other games have a times death penalty (LotR is one), in which you can just sit idle and wait (of even log off). In general XP loss..? Oh hell, just play a bit again and it'll be there again sooner or later.

TCOS's death makes you weaker and slower. And to regain the lost PeP level (and thus your previous advantages), you have to kill a lot of mobs.


And yeah, like you I wish some Dr. Frankenstein came along and took all those excellent parts from excisting MMO's andjustleft all the stuff we hate from those games. Then again, we're all different, and things you might like in one game, I might as well dislike ;)

Thu Dec 11 2008 7:09AM Report
xbellx777 writes:

the tok in lotro is not even closed to being as good as the one in warhammer. as for voice overs i think they can be a good idea but i would rather have the company worry about the game first then the extra stuff like that afterwards

Thu Dec 11 2008 12:29PM Report
Wizardry writes:

I cannot agree with there being any improvements in the MMO industry for a very long time,but it is coming over the next two years.

FFXI is still by miles the best combat/class system.

Eq2 is still the template by witch games strive to beat in content/size/graphics.

Vanguard came close as it was designed by of course former EQ employees,but on a limited budget.

Developers have not been able to improve on either of these games,so they have ALL taken the PVP approach,why? because it is a simple concept to invoke.The problem is that after a month of playing PVP games,is the public and the developer realize how much work and effort it takes to make a great MMORPGPVP.

Fri Dec 12 2008 4:28PM Report
Deathstrike2 writes:

EQ2 graphics are meh at best IMO.  The armor choices suck because it's all the same styles with just different patterns.  The characters havea  cartoony look too.  The game's graphics just don't impress me at all.

I do agree with the OP though.  There were some nice nuggets this year.  Unfortunately, the nuggets were overshadowed by the flawed games.

Fri Dec 12 2008 8:54PM Report
Jeremiad writes:

"FFXI is still by miles the best combat/class system.

Eq2 is still the template by witch games strive to beat in content/size/graphics."

That's pretty good!  Do you have any more hilarious jokes with absolutely no grounding in reality whatsoever?  Cuz I'd love to hear more!

Sat Dec 13 2008 4:14PM Report writes:
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