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3D Vision, your favourite MMO seen thrue the NVIDIA 3D VISION Glasses

I discontinued my old blog "random ideas for mmos" to blog about a couple of tests playing various MMOs with NVIDIAs new 3D-Vision Shutter Glasses.

Author: craynlon

Chronicles of Spellborne, 3rd day impressions

Posted by craynlon Monday December 1 2008 at 2:45AM
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Here are some random impressions from my 1st three days in TCoS

1st day: friday
- got the game from amazon on the day of the german launch (friday)
- i saw 4 servers, 2 international(pve/pvp), 2 german (pve/pvp) and decided on the international pve server.
- the server was practically empty probably due to the fact that most other countries only launch this friday dec. 5th
- i played a trickser (rogue) up to lvl 8 in around 6h
- there were a lot of quests to choose from and the game basicly seemed polished and bug free up to that point.
- i love almost every aspect: graphics, fighting system, customization, quest/story
- if you are new to the game and didnt play beta you have a ton of exploring to do since there arent any destination-marks for quests on your map
- i liked the exploring aspect. in contrast to war where i clicked thrue the quest text and ran to a red-area in tcos i actually read the well written quests and explored the are
- the zones are big compared to age of conan, maybe similar to war but a bit smaller then wow

2nd day: saturday
- still pretty lonely on the server, soloed almost all content
- i found my trickster rather squishy and the fights are pretty challenging. more then 1 mob my level left me to die/run a lot of times
- i was a bit frustrated because of the lack of information in the handbook concerning how to distribute my attributes, i felt i messed up when i put points in the body attribute as well
- i played my trickster to 10 now and started a "house quest"
- dying really hurts since you loose pep ranks, especially if its from ur own stupidity like jumping down a ladder
- since i was a bit frustrated with the trickster i started a bloodwarrior on a german server
- both german servers are pretty active. lots of chattering in zone chat, nice community, lots of ppl helping each others
- heared a friend bought the game at a local gamestore after some searching to find a store that carried it
- the bloodwarrior is a lot easier then the trickster it seems. even fighting 3 mobs at once i can survive

3rd day: sunday
- started a new char to play with my friend, a mage
- it seems you get full xp in group and its lots more fun
- once you did the quest and know where to go its a looot faster

all in all i like this game a lot.
sure its a smaller game but its a good start and has a solid base. i like the graphics a lot and after the 3 days the fighting and skilldeck building still feel fresh and innovative. also the different classes i played feel differently so i didnt mind doing the quests all over again.

ElendilasX writes:

So as I see it really isnt different from other MMORPG so far. I wonder how mass pvp will work...

Mon Dec 01 2008 3:01AM Report
Spirer writes:

Spellborn is a really interesting game, much better than a lot of stuff out there, just a shame about the way it's coming out split between publishers...

Mon Dec 01 2008 5:49AM Report
craynlon writes:

@ElendilasX: well it depends on how different you want an mmo to be. atlantica online is signifcantly different from aoc wich is different from wow. i feel tcos as fresh and different as well in some points as viewing class structure (no standard tank/healer/dps), storyline and environment, combat system and controlls. for me its different enough to be exiting, for others it may be not.

@spirer: i agree with you, my ideal of a mmo is to play with players world wide and not on a contry based or small area server.
yet the german server i played on seemed more alive then some war servers. to be faire, ive also seen very alive war servers i just wanted to say tcos did good not to launch with 10 servers but just 1 for each type of gameplay (pve/pvp)

Mon Dec 01 2008 7:59AM Report
ElendilasX writes:

Hmm... I just see all (almost) mmorpg as same. If you will play mmorpg for long time (i think for me it is like 5 years or more intense playing) you get boring from simple questing, killing and crafting. Then you start to look for something new, hmm.. probably more Grand, you wanna make impact on game world, but there just isnt such games.

Mon Dec 01 2008 8:39AM Report
banthis writes:

I love the misconception about WAR that there's no exploration because the basic quests in the game have a 'red marker' on the map.   I guess the OP never actually attempted to explore without a reason which is typically what exploration is.  Exploration because you dont know where the hell an NPC is sending you is just a time sink.   Exploration because you heard there's a hidden boss somewhere in the mountains but your not sure where and then having to explore around to figure out how to open the boss's door is real exploration.  Thats what WAR has in ever single Tier in every single Realm.   Regardless   I'm curious to hear some indepth details about far it just sounds like an Everquest 1 clone with a better class & combat system.

Mon Dec 01 2008 9:12AM Report
craynlon writes:

 i never played everquest, i spend 4 years grinding lineage 2 :(

some more random facts from my 4th day:
- loot is mob dependent meaning that animals give fur, meat, tooth and humans give weapon/armor parts
- the variety of mobs is rather small and you often meat the same in different shape. so far tough it doesnt bother me much
- crafting/gathering seems rather rare. i didnt find any recipe, full weapon or many resources till lvl 10
- depending on what political faction you join you get house quests. it joined the high house rune and it was a pretty cool lore quest so far
- i didnt see any boss mobs yet but im only 10
- the skill deck takes a lot of planning and recofiguration if you group

Mon Dec 01 2008 11:42AM Report
AlienShirt writes:

I am looking forward to playing TCoS next month.

Mon Dec 01 2008 2:49PM Report
Deweycat23 writes:

I loved my time in CB and OB. I am upset that I have to wait another month or so to play. I noticed that when adding to Body that I seemed to move around faster (out of combat). Not sure that helped in combat with movement. So adding to Body might not have hurt your Trickster. I hope some more goes up on the forums about the subclasses.

I am thinking that at later levels the warriors will do quite well as they will be moving fastest. This remains to be seen but it sure is nice to move faster than your opponent. Oh, I agree, it really stinks to loose PeP. Thanks for the impressions

Mon Dec 01 2008 5:11PM Report
Vundal writes:

Im really sorry, but we need a new acroynm for this game. i keep looking at it and thinking it is called Tacos.

Mon Dec 01 2008 8:41PM Report
craynlon writes:

i think i made a mistake with the trikster not taking the set1 backstab skill. now i can phase behind the opponent but wont make to much out of it. 

Mon Dec 01 2008 10:56PM Report
commi3 writes:

The trial comes out on the 5th, So yay! At least I wont be too bored until january. Thanks for giving some insight into the game. Keep it going until the 5th for us.

Mon Dec 01 2008 10:59PM Report
craynlon writes:

hmm here a few tips:
1. browse the official forum for threads from mutantmagnet as he compiled a lot of usefull information about skills and classes
2. dont die, everytime i loose a pep level i want to go grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

as for the 5th day i played only 3hour today with my new char, a deathhand (rogue)
- max limit of a group is 4, in our (low) level duoing with 2 rogues was nice and fast.
- use the x key to sit and rest/regain hp. as solo player rogue i hadto rest a lot more then when im in duo/group
- if you start a group the loot system seems to be "free for all by default", you can swich it to random distribution by clicking on a small icon next to your groupmates name
- from lvl 7 you can go to the 2nd area. tons of quests await you there. so far i didnt encounter a max limit of quest you can have at the same time (i had around15 max i think)
- to this point im still completely puzzled how to distribute my attribute points especially as deathhand it seems i get skills based on fokus, body and mind
- in some quest you have to kill a lot of mobs to get 1 quest item. if you do those in grp people wont get the item at the same time
- both trickster and deathhand needed to learn a skill to make use of the bodyslot (i.e. throw gadget for the trickster)
- besides buying the bodyslot item i didnt find anything to spend my money on yet even tough im tempted to buy food/drink in the tavern but im not sure if they can function as healing pots since there are no quick-item slots

Tue Dec 02 2008 2:28AM Report
Delanor writes:

About crafting. It starts when you go to Ringfell Hearth. Since you first need to gain the trust of the Speyrfolk you cannot enter shops. Be sure to empty your pockets before you go there.

Tue Dec 02 2008 1:22PM Report
synaptyc writes:

Today marks the "One Week" point of release. I have a few questions for you (^_^).

  • Any new experiences?
  • Have you subscribed to the game to go beyond level 7.9?
  • Do you have a good sense of control over your character?
  • Does battle feel like a challenge? PvE vs PvP...
  • Is soloing a grind, or is it actually fun?
  • How is the community in the game?
  • Does the game feel "ALIVE" or is it lifeless?
  • Do people role play at all?
  • Is there any kind of economy for crafters?
Thu Dec 04 2008 10:10AM Report
craynlon writes:

 hi, to answer your questions:
atm i played almost every class there is top lvl 7-9, my main is level 9 now. i do this because i promissed a friend wed play together yet i have much more time at hand then him.
the classes play all very differently but all seem to work fine in small teams and duos. at least at our lvl there doesnt seem to be any need to have a certain class in grp.

i didnt subscribe yet but since i bought the collectors edition i have 3 month to play for free

i feel im in good controll of my char. when i solo i do try to evade and sidestep a lot. in grp im  bit lazy but you can see a big difference between just facing a mob head on and doing real maneuvers in terms of damage u get.

fights are still enjoyable and for me its a challenge. you have always the fear of loosing a pep rank on your back and a lot of fights even in duo end pretty close with only a few hp left. especially if u get careless and take on more then 1 or 2 mobs.
pvp i cant say, being a pvp player from l2 and war i still decided on a pve server to fokus a bit more on the story of the game then on the drama of the players :)

i heared that from 14 theres an xp hole where it could get a bit grindy. so far up to 10 i have a ton of quests that keep me busy. 

community is awesome. for such a small game (or maybe because of it) people are really helpfull and since the zones are big and have zonechat enabled its really chatty (on the german server i play on)

the game feels more alive then war to me but thats maybe because im in love with the graphics/szenery and the community gives the game a bit of an indy game bonus so ppl are more willing to defend and work for "their" game.

i try a bit of moderate roleplay like stying in character and i have found others that do the same. yet they dont have special roleplay servers

i dont have enough experience with crafting at my level to tell. i found a recipe but im not sure if that gets used up on crafting or if i learn to craft the item and could reuse it. atm im to scared to try and i miss some ingredients as well. the trade channel ingame is pretty empty and there isnt an auction house so maybe we have to wait and see how lively the economy will be in a few month.

Fri Dec 05 2008 1:38AM Report
synaptyc writes:

Excellent update!

Thank you for the insight. I am really looking forward to the North America release of the Closed Beta. Now I have a good feel of what to expect when I get started (^_^)

Fri Dec 05 2008 5:01PM Report writes:
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