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3D Vision, your favourite MMO seen thrue the NVIDIA 3D VISION Glasses

I discontinued my old blog "random ideas for mmos" to blog about a couple of tests playing various MMOs with NVIDIAs new 3D-Vision Shutter Glasses.

Author: craynlon

a (little) thing that got lost in mmo popularity

Posted by craynlon Saturday November 15 2008 at 6:45AM
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 ok we talked about mmos becoming single player games, the lack of chatting and the general dumbing down of mmos wich are all big issues.

in this entry i wanna talk about a rather small thing that i think got lost when mmos became mainstream and thats the feeling of internationality.

when i started out my journey into serious mmoing ;) 4 years ago in lineage2 there were 6 server based in the usa (for the western world, i know they had korean servers as well).
now when i look even at smaller mmos like aoc or chronicles of spellborne they release the game in usa, europe, asioa, russia on different servers and in europe ull even get language servers for french/ german/ spanish...

for me doing this the whole genre looses a bit of its magic

in l2 i used to login in at any crazy time and would meet people playing, be it some americans that played bevore going to bed or russians just getting up. the servers were full of live 24/7. i chatted to people from brazil and china about musik and even if some people only spoke broken english (like me) there almost always was a way to communicate.

now i have the option to play in german with germans on a german server (wich i dont, i always choose an engl server)

it seems to me it was a natural way to go and necessary to draw in  people unable or to shy to speak english into the new mmos but just like making the mmos into confortable soloable games these national or geographic servers cut away a little bit of the magic that i felt when i first entered the mmo world.


ps.: as for lag, i had the feeling of less lag in  l2 runnig on an us server then in war on a european servern, ping isnt all.

commi3 writes:

Another issue that people are now talking about is lag and one easy way to reduce lag is by picking a server closer to them. However, with the sheer size and power of servers, this really shouldn't be an issue (EVE is a great example). To the devs I think its an easy thing for them to do. Rather then design a translator they just make servers in given areas and give them a designated language.

I too enjoy playing in the wee hours of the night with some aussies and in the middle of the day I have a few friends I know from european that I can play around with.

Sat Nov 15 2008 8:44AM Report
EATtheDEAD writes:

i agree. i remember grouping in eq1 one day in unrest with my crap ass dwarf paladin with a couple from sweden. 

i didnt even know, we had some down time between pulls so i was like so were you two from? and they said were playing in sweden

i was like holy shit lol it was cool just knowing that strangers could meet in a virtual world when in fact they were on the otherside of the real world from each other

you dont get that anymore

Sat Nov 15 2008 12:10PM Report
uktitan writes:

 I have to Agree with the OP, When i First started playing Mmo's back in 99 With Eq1, Being able to Meet people from all over the World was Really cool, But lately with all this Forced region Rubbish its like we are being told NO you cant play with eachother... Noone likes to be told what they Can or Cant do.  

Many people say Bad things about Soe And for the Most part are with good reason, BUT one good thing about Soe games is the fact that they Let you Choose what region you play in. There is a Little Drop down Box at the Top of the Launcher Its a Region Selection Box, you can click that and choose what region you play in...If you change from a EU region to the US or the other way around there is a little warning that comes up about Patches and Lag Etc, but they Still Let you CHOOSE where you play... And its that Ability to Choose that has been taken away in most modern games.

Some will say OH but you can Choose to buy the game from a Different country and have it shipped over....But Why? Why should we have to do that? I dont have to do that in Soe games, and in quite a few of the Older games you didnt need to Either.. SO why should we now?  


I think its all to do with Money...The companys are getting to Greedy and want to do things the Cheapest way possible.


Another thing about regionalising is that Some regions are always left behind or get Second rate Service.. Just look at War to See that... GOA are Usless, Eu gamers are treated like second rate...Patches are late, Info from Goa is very basic and not much of it, there servers are Junk, there Customer service is Junk to...

a LOT of Eu gamers Play on US servers Rather than EU servers now because the differece in the Quality of the servers and service is That great, they would rather put up with a little lag than put up with being treated like a Second rate gamer..

IF Soe can Let people Choose which region they play in, how come other games cant? Are they saying that Soe can manage something that They Cant? I find that hard to Believe. Again i think it comes down to Money. companys are getting to Greedy and want to cut corners and save money anyway they can.


Sat Nov 15 2008 12:28PM Report
Kordesh writes:

 uktitan is right, it does basically boil down to greed, which incidentally is why we lost a lot of other great things from old MMOs as well. Companies will often toss control of a region to another publisher because they don't want to deal with it or spend the resources to release there. The other publishers accept, but generally under the caveat that the game is region locked so that they can secure all the players in their region and make sure they don't lose subs to other regions even if the players wish to play there. The first time I heard of this happening was way back in Shadowbane, but it's become fairly common now ever since. Region locking is of course different than those MMOs which just offer region grouped servers as an option.

Sat Nov 15 2008 12:38PM Report
beel writes:

hmm, well I feel your pain, I can only say that morgs change and we have to change with them.  In different ways we all look back with fondness on how things were but if most times if you look to the fun you can have you'll be in good shape.


Sat Nov 15 2008 4:03PM Report
UsedManatee writes:

Interesting observation about the loss of international community.  I remember back in the text-mud days, there were different times of the day you could login to play with particular people.  All the Dutch students logged in from the lab at once and taught me some fantastic, useless words while grinding out mobs (remember, most old MUDs had nothing but kill XP).

Ik been een slijmerige slak!

Sat Nov 15 2008 4:52PM Report
Ozarker writes:

I enjoy international communities.  There is a site I visit a lot where games are played but it isn't an mmo or anything like that.  But it is great none the  less to find out where folks are from and meet and visit with people all over the world.  Makes things more interesting for sure.

Sat Nov 15 2008 5:32PM Report
Balkin31 writes:

I agree I also enjoy the International freindships in MMO's... Kinda of a shame this is going away more and more...

Sat Nov 15 2008 5:37PM Report
megafluxmega writes:

PSO had a universal translator tool that to this day has not been copied. english to french, spanish, jap, w/e we could communicate. in modern times though as bandwidth becomes an increasingly important factor in survival i wouldnt WANT to play on a jap server, nor do i want br's clogging NA servers with lost packets, it just isnt conducive to a enjoyable play experience (especially when they decide to spam crap in the world chat).

i speak english, those are the only people i want to play with. i see logic in seperating things by region (eng, euro, asia, sa)...what is the point in having people talking in world chat that you cant understand?

Sun Nov 16 2008 1:13AM Report
Rundorf writes:

I remember those days too, a greater mix of players was nice I played on Ryzom recently after been away from it for a long time and it was great as it's still a mixed server.

I'm sure it's technically possible to have the whole world playing in what appears to be one sever. But no one wants to take that approach it would seem, which is a great loss in my opinion.

Sun Nov 16 2008 2:12AM Report
dan7 writes:

I hear ya. I too have realized the loss of "internationality" in mmo's. I think the last game that had the social type, was VSoH. I remember playing with people all over the world, be it Russians or Aussies. Good times.

Sun Nov 16 2008 1:25PM Report
llianna writes:

international servers   always  better becasue we dont have to wait for a PT becasue you can find one faster

Sun Nov 16 2008 4:48PM Report
pileopoop writes:

Wow, use grammar. I Can't even read it.

Sun Nov 16 2008 5:27PM Report
Honkie writes:

I kind of agree.  Back when I used to play Shadowbane, before pop got too low, there were people on all the time.  Early morning, late night, mid afternoon...there was ALWAYS someone to interact with.  I miss that.  Now, thanks to my crazy schedule, I often find the servers to be a ghost town during my play times...but I don't want to have to go play on a server in china for prime times to line up!

Sun Nov 16 2008 10:20PM Report
jackeccs writes:

my ideal mmo would have one seamless server for all players.

although no game can even get enough players for that to matter anyways.

Sun Nov 16 2008 10:58PM Report writes:
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