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3D Vision, your favourite MMO seen thrue the NVIDIA 3D VISION Glasses

I discontinued my old blog "random ideas for mmos" to blog about a couple of tests playing various MMOs with NVIDIAs new 3D-Vision Shutter Glasses.

Author: craynlon

RIFNG 1: PvP Leagues

Posted by craynlon Wednesday February 6 2008 at 5:42AM
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seeing how PvP is a very popular part of modern MMO experience I tought we should take a look at the real world and compare it with sports.

Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of PvP and Competition because often enough measuring your skills against a real oponent is far more rewarding then doing scripted quests against hordes of unintelligent  NPC or worse hitting some stupid mob after it spawns running to the next and continuesly doing that for hours. PvP is a challenge and if done right it greatly enriches the feeling of a living, breathing world full of dangers and battles.

What I don't like is some kid that plays 10h/day coming out of nowhere killing me in 2seconds.
Also i dont like some punk that bought his "uber"-gear from adena sellers griefing on others shouting for hours and hours about how he "PWNS every N00B there is"

The real fun starts (at least for clear minded non griefing players) when the game is balanced, the oponent is evenly matched and battle last long and might swing either way.

So if you look at any sport and see how they deal with it you will find that in the real world theres a system of leagues having the casual player fight the casual player and the top athlete fight the top athlete.

so why not build a MMO server structure that represent different leagues ?

  • develope a evaluation system based on level, gear and most important pvp win/loss points of the individual player
  • at the end of a season (lets say 6month) allow the player a server transfer to a better/lower league
    maybe you even want to force players onto a server suitable to his power level
  • if team-pvp/ guilds is the fokus of the game allow the whole guild to transfer 


Spirer writes:

What you say makes perfect sense, but you miss one important thing. People don't want challenges, people want to win. That's why you VERY rarely see balanced fights.

It's all about the wins, the gear, the status, not so much about actually having good, balanced opponents.

Many players are not very mature and they also have no position of power in the real world, so the game provides them with that power. MMOs are very perverse, since the less of a real life you have, the better you are. So people sink loads of time into the game, to get the uber levels and gear... and then think they are really good because they can beat people in unbalanced fights.

Any good PvP game should always have both parties starting from the same basic premisses. using a point cost system or some other way of balancing play. Sadly this goes against the MMO premisse or grinding for the levels/gear...

Wed Feb 06 2008 11:31AM Report
craynlon writes:

well even if ppl wanna win, mmoo companies want to make money

whenever someone wins, someone else looses.
ppl that loose to often to griefers will eventually quit the game.

so to keep the mayority of the people happy the game has to be balanced and the pvp has to be fun for the good and the bad pvpers as well.

imho having a league system eventually is better then introducing pve servers where bad pvpers have to hide.

Thu Feb 07 2008 2:49AM Report
Spirer writes:

I never understood why companies make the games such a grind. Even WoW, which is considered to be "easy" and "quick" to progress becomes another job for any serious player. You NEED 3+ hours a day or more to be competitive, loads of people put a lot more in really.

I'm a bit at odds with MMOs now I guess...

I find it interesting that you think PvP requires more skill than PvE :)

Thu Feb 07 2008 11:38AM Report
Kamyn writes:

I found your idea’s interesting, but I’m not in total agreement with them all.


  1. The aging character, it should be very do-able even with existing games and they could create a server that does such a thing. I’m not sure 3 years is long enough, but to have my toon gain a permanent scar from a lost battle or from a fierce fight where something monumental happened (I.E. crit. hit by an epic mob, or acquired an epic item and here’s the scare to prove it) I know that doesn’t address the issue of new players entering the game at a later stage, but I doubt you could convince people to watch all their hard earned work go to waste.. a thought I had was wipe away the level requirements and caps to games, let a level 50 party with a level 20 toon and let the level 50 character continue to gain levels without a cap, just my thoughts, but its still an interesting idea
  2. The fan sites, not so do-able. You know as well as I do that as soon as someone writes out the directions on a ‘how to acquire X’, its going to get swapped around and posted. Does this mean the company has to divulge their entire database to these people…no, but it will be hard to control. I actually want more unique qualities to my toons, wardrobe, skills, spells, items, etc. All the toons, look the same at end game, we all want to acquire the same loot, the best items so we all end up looking the exact same. Why not have more one-of-a-kind items in the game with a lore and history of their own…
  3. PvP Leagues, very do-able and surprisingly not done in any game I’ved played. I totally agree with you, all the griefing done in games is not only annoying, its very discouraging to the new player, and the people doing the griefing are normally the biggest trouble-makers in the game anyway, so a way to curb this as well as creating some kinda PvP tier system so the better players don’t batter beginners in what would obviously be a slaughter.


So while we might not agree on all the points in your post, were much closer in opinion than we differ, nicely done.






Thu Feb 28 2008 8:22AM Report writes:
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