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3D Vision, your favourite MMO seen thrue the NVIDIA 3D VISION Glasses

I discontinued my old blog "random ideas for mmos" to blog about a couple of tests playing various MMOs with NVIDIAs new 3D-Vision Shutter Glasses.

Author: craynlon

2009 The year many MMOs will fail

Posted by craynlon Sunday January 25 2009 at 12:05AM
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 when you look back at this past year you saw som MMOs come into this world just to struggle or die. some say its because of poor quality but i would say its also based on the shape of the market and i would say we have only seen the tip of the iceberg in 2008.

if you compare an mmo with a single player game for console or pc you see that the mmo title is loaded with ambition from both developers and gamers. while the single player game has to sell ok on release the mmo is supposed to make money years and years after its release. while youd buy a single player game, play it a while and then buy the next, the mmo is supposed to keep you entertained for 100 of thousends of hours. because the player forges a bond between himselve and the mmo game "investing" into his character and the community the mayority of the players wont as easily try out new mmos like they would with single player games. while the console/pc gamer cant wait till the next game is released the mmo gamer rather waits for updates/patches of the game he plays.

in 2009 we have a ton of new mmos hitting the market, maybe more then ever in the history of mmos. each company expecting to get a million or so players for their game.

i would predict that this is not going to happen and that in 2009 a lot of these game will fail under the pressure devs and players expectations 

in 2009 12milion people will still play wow and stick to their game because thats where their friends are and they feel they have "invested" to much into wow to change game

in 2009 hardly any of the mmos will bring in a big chunk of new players because their is no radical new concept that brings non gamers, women and old people into playing mmos

in 2009 all these new mmos competing for basicly the same ammount of players (maybe even less if the financial crisis hits hard) yet i doubt that their studios and investors would be happy with just  an ongoing player base of around 100k players.


Zorwrath writes:

 1. The reason a MMO fail is because of the game quality, not the market.

2. Before WoW, a successful MMO had 300k subscribers, and while it would be nice to have 1m+, any company truly expecting to reach those numbers usually isn't the kind of company that makes a good game.

3. Games such as Darkfall appeal more to the hardcore gamer audience, while a game like WoW generally appeals to the casual semi-gamer crowd. This means that most games that come out won't have WoW's household popularity, which, in turn, gives them a lower subscriber base.

4. The two major MMOs of 2008, AoC and WAR, both failed to deliver promises and just generally were unfinished and didn't have enough content. On the other hand, expansions like MoM and WotLK greatly succeeded, because they were actually finished and polished, which shows that MMOs succeed or fail due to quality, and not the market.

5. With the current economic state, more people are going to start playing MMOs than are going to stop. $15 a month is insanely cheap for thousands of hours worth of entertainment. Pit MMOs against other entertainment such as movies which are about $7-9 for two hours of entertainment, I'd pick MMOs as my entertainment.


Sun Jan 25 2009 12:58AM Report
Mwaji writes:

I think the failing of MMORPGs since WoW is the attempt to recreate the huge popularity of wow by creating either a clone or a genre changing game that failes expectation because it cannot deliver enough. I think what is forgotten in these game is people want a new world to play in something of a fantasy setting to get to play in. A game that is in and of itself unique and enjoyable. Asherons call did this and is a pre wow game but the point is that AC is still more popular than any or most of the new games being put out. 

There is little emphasis on what the players want now, all that is being made are korean grind borefests that no one wants or wow clones which are more boring than the parent game. Where the Zelda mmorpg, the Ravenloft mmorpg, wheres the stuff people want to F#$%^#$ing play. Start making games poeple want to play and DUH people will play them. Stop trying to make a corperate money generator and make a GD game again.


Sun Jan 25 2009 1:23AM Report
axlezero writes:

I'd be happy with a polished game period.  Everyone wants to make the biggest and he best game, and as I said in a blog a few days ago, what I want is content from level 1 to whatever max level you choose to start that works.  Multiple types of ways to advance, whether raiding, or some kind of Alternate Advancement.

Games will fail because they don't deliver, bottom line.  (That means content, game play, and game mechanics ). 

Also I don't buy into the WoW argument of time invested, its easy to get geared up in that game.  I do buy into people going back because their friends are there, and won't leave because others come back saying how this game or that sucked because it wasn't finished.  Word of mouth can kill an MMO faster then anything, because the MMO community is full of message boards and bloggers.  You piss your players off, they'll burn your game to the ground.

Sun Jan 25 2009 2:15AM Report
Dynamo112 writes:

I hate to knit pick should use less of himself/his/him as not all gamers are female. Just thinkin' bout the ladies is all...

Sun Jan 25 2009 3:25AM Report
berstein writes:

LoL at Dynamo112. But  Dynamo is right.

Sun Jan 25 2009 7:32AM Report
Abrahmm writes:

The fact that you think 1+million deems a success means that nothing will ever be a success again. No company with half a brain expects a million+ subscribers. An MMO only needs 100-200k subs to be successful

Sun Jan 25 2009 11:47AM Report writes:
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