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Review - Aika Online

Posted by cr1ppl3bg Thursday July 1 2010 at 8:15PM
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The game begins with the story of the failed attempt of the Goddess Aika to create the perfect creatures. After sending the Zereca, dire wardens gifted with pieces of the goddess’ power  to tame humanity’s excesses, The Zereca ran bloodthirsty and brought the human race to the brink of extinction and The Great Aika filled with remorse saved the human race. And after three hundred years of peace the Zereca’s threat is upon the human race again and so the Aika made the Aitans the last line of defense of the humans.

As a player you take the role of a young Aitan from Taband send to Regenshein the capital city of Lakia to take part in the upcoming battle.


    Logging in for first time    

After logging for first time a player is prompt to choose a nation,

the player can choose between 5 nations, there is no difference in the nations, except the description of each nation and it’s community.

The game have 6 classes each with a unique set of skills, and all really well balanced. The customization is not bad you can change your character’s face, hairstyle and hair color - 5 choices for each. The only downside for some people maybe the gender locked characters.


   The Gameplay

The gameplay of Aika Online is pretty much PvP oriented, but if you are a PvE player no worries there you can choose to play in the PvP or PvE channel of your nation. The leveling is pretty much fast you can hit the level cap in less than a month if you are hardcore player and if you are casual player you can hit the level cap in around month and a half or at maximum for 2 months. The game have really nice quest system (We will talk about that in the PvE review).   For the PvP lovers there is a battlefield and a lot of nation vs nation action, also we can’t forget  about the Castle Siege – guild or alliance battle to determinate who will rule the nation till the next Castle Siege and last but not the least The Relic Wars.(We will look deeper in the PvP and PvE perspectives of the game later on)

     The Pet System

Aika Online have something really new in that area – The Pran. 

It’s a fairy based creature that can evolve and grow, it has its own personality(6 of them to be exact), cloths(dresses, accessories, etc.), food.  At level 7 the player gets a quest to acquire his fairy. A player can choose between 3 elements for his Pran – Fire , Water  and Air each with different bonuses to your Avatar. The Pran has 4 stages of evolution fairy, child, teen and adult (the last one is not yet implanted). The Pran has his own backpack which you can use to store items and other stuff. You should be careful with that lady because she ask questions and according to your answers her personality and devotion will change, it can be compared to having a daughter she will get mad at you, smile at you and ask you all sorts of question some funny, some even can be taken as silly but that’s what you get for having a daughter .


   Crafting, Enchantment and Reinforcement

The game has really good crafting system with more than 200 craftable weapons and armors so far. You have a chance to craft a superior weapon or armor piece which is way better than normal or green weapon or armor. Potions can be crafted too and many more stuff.

Enchantment in Aika is not bad too you can enchant your weapon with up to 3 options either random or by your choice.  

Reinforce your gear to get better stats, physical/magical damage and defense. You can reinforce a piece of equipment up to +11 and each one after +4 have specific glow.


At level 40 you will get a quest to earn your mount (for each class its different mount), you can do it by paying 2mil gold or do a chain of quests.

  Player vs Player (PvP)

As we said earlier the game is PvP oriented so let’s check that out. The PvP system can be divided into 2 major categories – Nation vs Nation and In Nation battles. First we will start with the Nation vs Nation category, we can divide it in two sub-categories – Relic Wars and Honor Farming. The Relic wars are invasions of one nation to another’s territory having for target the temples of that nation where you can find Relics, when a relic is captured you have to take it back in your own nation’s temples. Each relic gives a nationwide buff. You should be careful, the more relics your nation have more attacked it will be. The other sub-category the Honor Farming well it’s something like that – instead of killing mobs for experience you go to the other nations to kill people, they give honor and medals you can use those medals to turn them to a NPC for experience, and the honor points to buy equipment for PvP. Now let’s move on to the next major category In Nation battles. Let’s start with the Battlefield one of the really cool features of Aika. The Battlefield is a place where you can form up teams of 6 people up to 24 people, to battle another team with the same amount of players, you decide the rules In the Battlefield – time, kills to win, level range, etc. You get some rewards from the field as honor points, gold and battlefield medals. Next let’s move on to the next In Nation PvP system, it’s called Castle Siege. As player you can form up a guild or join one, this guild if strong enough can join the Castle Siege as individual guild or as a part of Alliance. The winner Alliance (it’s kind of impossible for single guild to wind it) of the Castle Siege is called the Lord Marshall Alliance, where the guild leader take positions in ruling over the nation. The strongest Guild Leader is the Lord Marshall who is the strongest in the whole nation and is bound to lead the nation to success. Well let’s take a look to the good old Player Killing (PK), not a good idea you can do it thou but it has consequences,  like the infamy buff which has 4 stages that differ in duration and severity, another one is that your Pran if he is out will lose devotion and less devotion means that she won’t help you that much. Well that’s enough for PvP side of the game, I can say only that if you are PvP lover you won’t be disappointed.

Player vs Environment (PvE)

If you are not the PvP kind you don’t have to worry because Aika have what to offer to the PvE fans. As mentioned the game has really good quest system, divided in two Story and Normal, the  story quests follow the story of the game revealing the world of Aika step by step. The normal quests are just there to take your attention off the story if you need a little brake and to help you level up, there are all sorts of quests from the normal category like “Bring me some wood to build my ship…” but the guy who gives you that quest live in a desert… lol strange huh. Well the quests are fun to do if you like PvE. Other aspect of the PvE is the dungeons runs, you get to enter in dungeon really early in the game even before you are lvl 15 you get quest that sends you in the first dungeon in the game. Dungeons in Aika Online have 4 mods – Normal, Hard, Elite and Hell, don’t think that when you pass the first dungeon at level 12 in normal mode you can go poke around in Hell mode of that dungeon, it’s really Hell mode, players with characters that are level 50+ have difficulties running in that dungeon so know which mode you can take at what level.

     Game Environment

Aika Online have some pretty amazing graphics for free to play game,  with landscapes going from enchanted forests

trough deserts

and magical caves

every detail is made with nice animation and artwork, and for such an amazing graphics the game have really low technical requirements. The soundtrack of the game is not bad too, for each place there is a different theme that is really good match for the landscape you are looking on your screen.


      The Community 

 I played the game since the Closed Beta and I can say that the community is pretty much friendly and helpful, the game has some good GMs too, that listen to the player’s base and try to help as much as they can, and also the Events, it’s rare to go to the site of the game and don’t see in the news section Announcement of some kind of event… so overall one of the best free to play games at the moment.

    So to sum it up...

Aika Online is one of the best free to play MMORPGs out there, if you liked this review come and try it.

Note if you are not a citizen of USA or Canada you won't be able to create account for Aika Online on the US Server because of IP restriction.

Personal Rating:

Gameplay – 9,5

Graphics – 9,9

Sound – 9,3

Overall – 9,6

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