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Blogging: The art of Procrastination

The wonderful thing about blogging is you can do it whenever you want, about whatever topic you feel like. The perfect way to vent apart from smashing a hole in your door, which lets be honest is only satisfying if you break your hand in the process.

Author: confusedgoat

Series that beg for an MMO - Naruto.

Posted by confusedgoat Sunday April 6 2008 at 12:59PM
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EDIT 2: Thankyou for all of your comments. This would not be another "WoW". The design I proposed would be nothing like WoW. It would be more along the lines of UO. While I understand the likely hood of this is near on non-existant, there is nothing stopping Game Developers creating their own Lore to creat such a game. The mechanics in the Narutoverse are taken from Ancient Japanese Lore, History and Mythology. There is nothing stopping Games Designers from taking the same Lore, Mythology and History to create their own MMO, and indeed create something better, given the flaws presented by the Narutoverse. The genre is screaming for a next-gen MMO, and I believe the basis that Naruto is set up is a near perfect setting for it.

EDIT: Apologies for being misleading. My aim was not to create a game around Naruto, simply explain how the mechanics of the Narutoverse could be perfect for te Next-Gen Sandbox MMO that the industry has been screaming for.

I'll start by stating that I am a Naruto fanboy, however never considered this until a recent conversation.

I was discussing this the other day with my friend, as we were talking about what the world of online gaming really needed. We have an abundance of your Medieval style games. Where you run round with a sword and cave in the skulls of rabbits until you can progress to saving damsels and crush mighty demons. The MMO genre has recently started to explore the Sci-fi aspects, with MMOs such as EVE and Tabula Rasa. While I have yet to try the former, Tabula Rasa was in fact a breath of fresh air, being thrown into a world where you're being invaded, smooth mass combat scenes and guns and explosions going off left right and centre. However I lost interest in the games combat system, given it's limited list of skills and the need for aim wasn't as prominent as i'd originally hoped. I was hoping for a Planetside style gameplay, only more advanced and up to date. Finally we have our abundance of Asian MMORPGs, where martial arts and ancient chinese lore become a key role. However my personal experience of these has left much to be desired, with many of them following an incredibly linear character progression.

I'm quite fascinated with the whole "ninja" aspect of things, and I'm currently studying Games Design. I was considering with a friend a concept for a "ninja MMO", simply to pass time by. We were considering character development first, and we know that the fans of the genre have been screaming out for a sandbox game in this "next gen" age. So we were considering how it would be made posible. As we discussed it we referenced naruto alot as an example, then realised how perfect a world it was for such an MMORPG.

The one flaw we did admit to fully, was that it is not really feasable to create a Naruto MMORPG without either talking to Kishimoto and him giving away the script to the entire series, and we somehow doubt that would happen. The reason for this is that it is incredibly hard to pick a time / date in an MMO world without fully understand the Lore of the world, and since the series is not yet complete, there is no way to determine this time / date and furthermore it is near possible to further add to the Lore of the Narutoverse.

For arguments sake we will forget that, and I shall simply paint the picture.

Firstly, I'll go into the the way the Narutoverse would play. As of yet I'm unsure whether this is even a plausable option, however the game would simply have one "world" (where possible). It would operate much in teh same way Guild Wars did, where you simply select a region when entering a zone (Tabula Rasa players will be familiar with this). The reason for this is there is a huge selection of villages to choose from. Each admirably large in their own right.

-Land of Fire

-Land of Rain

-Land of Sound

-Land of Wind

-Land of Water

-Land of Waves (Not really worth mentioning as it has no Hidden village, however would be fun to visit for Lore fanatics as it was Naruto's first mission).

Do not be put off by the names, they have no sway over what affiliation or skill set you will have, and I have listed them simply to give a scale as to how many Countries there are in the Narutoverse. In each of those countries (bar the land of waves) there is a hidden village, in which would be your starting zone. The basis of PvP would revolve around these 6 nations, as they would fight for border control, to make their country the most prominent, and obviously with more land comes certain bonuses. There would be no allegiances, though players from one country could find themselves under attack from 2 or more countries if they have taken land that shares borders with more than 1 Nation.

As far as the Sandbox character progression goes. If you want to be a blacksmith you could be a blacksmith. If you wanted to cook teh finest Ramen in the Narutoverse then you could do that. There would be no need for you to go off and train your character in anything other than the cullinary arts if that was your desire. However, you may reuire an ingredient that you are by no means equipped to go and obtain, so may have to fork out money for adventurers to get them. These would be listed (as in the Narutoverse) as ranked missions, which players could choose to take on to increase their purse or their fame.

For those that don't know the "ninjas" in Naruto receive different ranked missions, that range from finding peoples dogs to assassinations and recon. Certain ranked missions (bar a few exceptions) are only available to certain ranked ninjas. For instance someone who has just started and is figuring out which end of the sword you stab people with, isn't exactly going to be given the chance to assassinate one of the worlds deadliest villains.

There is also the combat itself. Naruto revolves around 6 different types of "Jutsu". These are essential combat preferences. Progression in each would simply be down to how long you spend training each. The progression would be in the form of "easy to learn hard to master". Players would need to continously train a certain area to make sure they are proficient in it, and certainl to be a master they would need to devote alot of time to only using a certain area of Jutsu, or their skills would become rusty and less effective. There is no "level system". Character progresion is simply down to how much effort a player is willing to put into a certain area of their character.


The basic jutsu in the Narutoverse. This is essentially your hand to hand combat. However by pouring extreme effort into this you can develop further into Taijutsu, be it professing in the Empty Palm, or opening the Heavenly Gates, or excelling in Gentle Touch. If you don't want to be completely useless in hand to hand combat.


The next most prominent jutsu in the Narutoverse. These are essentially the skills you have that can seriously damage your openent, trap them, trick them and suprise them. There are hundreds if not thousands of areas that you could branch off to, be it mastering and manipulating shadows, controlling puppets, having a pet which you develop jutsu's with, healing, enhancing your movement speed or indeed just excelling in moves that will leave nothing but your opponents smoking boots.


Another largely used jutsu. These jutsu are often used to catch your opponent off guard, as it effects the brain and can leave the opponent in a hallucination. It can also have other effects, such as drowziness, trapping opponents, paralysis. This in theory would be teh sort of "Debuff" area of the Jutsu's.

-Sealing Jutsu

This is more the "preperation" jutsu. Jutsu that seal something inside objects or living beings. The most common application of this is sealing weapons or other objects within scrolls to efficiently carry a large number of items. Sealing jutsu are also utilized to restrict access to things, such as chakra or entry to a building.

-Curse Jutsu

Much like genjutsu if will have a debuff effect on your opponent, however often requires physical contact to initiate. These are jutsu that use a special "cursed seal" to put someone under the control of the user or elicit an unnatural effect in the one they are placed on. They can be used to cause either pain (including death if the pain is large enough) or invoking various mutations in the recipient

-Bloodline Limits

I'm not sure how these would work for the players of the Narutoverse, but certainly they can make for interesting opponents that you can team up against. These can including things from 360° vision, to metamorphisis, to new and exclusive Jutsu.

The final area to consider would be movement, and combat. The combat system would probably be one of the most enjoyable yet challenging to work on, as it really suits console style gameplay, yet console gameplay is very hard in turn to suit sandbox gameplay. The movement however I would love to see much like that of city of heroes, where you can increase how far / high you can jump, and the speed at which you can run.


All in all I think Naruto begs itself for an MMO, however to create an experience that would be both rewarding, innovative and enjoyable for the fans of Naruto, would indeed be a hefty challenge. And i fear that game developers will simply take the easy route of "pick a character and level it" when it has the potential to be so much more if the would only put in the time and effort.

Hashbrick writes:


Sun Apr 06 2008 1:11PM Report
Rajai writes:

But.. it would be a place for all of the Naruto fanbois to go so we don't have to deal with them :|

Sun Apr 06 2008 1:13PM Report
Fadedbomb writes:


because we'd have to deal with another monstrous subscriber count game like WoW. Simply because of the amount of fanboi the naruto series has that want an MMO made for it. Thus, we'd have to endure the future of "well Naruto Online paved the way for future MMO's, and there really never can be another Naruto Online".

Honestly, you know it'll happen, because games aren't remember for being REAL games anymore. They are known for their subscriber counts filled by nothing but children and low IQ individuals =/.


For god sakes, NO to naruto online!!

Sun Apr 06 2008 1:53PM Report
rodney1415 writes:

well i am not sure about that fadedbomb, i am 18 years old and ik like naruto, together with alot of friends of mine., i like the idea of this mmo, but ofc you'll need good graphics and i dont think you can put the naruto flavour into an mmo. BUT i still like the idea of an naruto mmo :)..

and sorry to say but 18 years old isnt realy a child anymore (like my friends) and there's nothing wrong with my IQ XD..

and if you dont like it you dont have to play it ofc :D

good idea, just hard to work it out (GL m8!)


Sun Apr 06 2008 1:58PM Report
Korgak writes:

I think the concept of narutards online should be grounds for euthanasia...  Go back to WoW!

Sun Apr 06 2008 2:12PM Report
SuNK1LLeR writes:

I would play this game for sure!

Sun Apr 06 2008 3:30PM Report
IsUberLeet writes:

No. Honestly why does everyone love Naruto so much, the show sucks and the manga is sub-par. It would be a game like WoW, no other way I can see it made way to linear, that would take up plenty of fanboys but would make it even harder for newer games to come out. (This being because we'd have WoW AND Naruto Online). I for one want an original idea not an " OMG NARUTO NINJA GGAME!!11!one!"

Sun Apr 06 2008 4:09PM Report
Dagon13 writes:

I played around with this idea for while with a friend of mine.  Eventually I came to the conclusion that yes, the concept is good, but no, having anything to do with Naruto is bad. 

If you pay attention, most ideas in anime and movies aren't original designs so you could still resuse many of the core concepts.  We could still have a ninja MMO, with all the different Jutsus, and mabye even the countries, we'd just ditch the IP and art style.

Ninja MMO = Good

Naruto MMO = Bad

Sun Apr 06 2008 4:55PM Report
bleyzwun writes:

yes... been saying this for so long.

Sun Apr 06 2008 5:13PM Report
confusedgoat writes:

Thanks for the feedback, most of you.

Sadly many missed the point, however this is to be expected. Upon a re-read I noticed I didn't actually make my aims clear, and that I mostly talked about how the Narutoverse would fit into an MMO.

Apologies, my aim was to state the the Lore that naruto is based upon is a near perfect backround to create the next gen sandbox MMO that so many people have been screaming for.

I wouldn't expect it to work, I'm not a fan of MMO's based around anime. However if the mechanics of the Naruto anime were worked into a sandbox MMO, I feel it would work beautifully and give the industry a much needed steer away from the WoW style of MMO.

Thanks for reading though, the commens were appreciated.

Sun Apr 06 2008 5:35PM Report
Fwankling writes:

Too bad people are too biased to see past that the idea merely stems from the diverse cultural background that is the Narutoverse, which in turn, borrows from Japan's Ninja history...

Every concept is by the book; an MMO based on the Naruto universe would define itself as a "good game" in terms of game design.

It's almost exactly like world of warcraft in the sense that the content is already there, it just needs to be implemented into an MMO... waring nations "factions", ninja clan "guilds", ninja missions "quests", and pvp just makes perfect sense when you're schooled to become a skilled combatant in a land of friction.

It's perfect, you could give it a go; heck, I'm SERIOUSLY contemplating proposing a pokemon MMO (honest), but a game based on the Naruto universe would be more successful over the pokemon universe (well, it's easier to implement into an MMO, MUCH easier.)

(For the record, your conversation with your friend: been there and done that to death, we just scraped it in favor of an alternative to "killing wild animals"... digimon/ghost capturing came to mind)


Sun Apr 06 2008 9:57PM Report
Fwankling writes:

Erm, adding to what I've already said: while it seems like I'm giving nothing but positive feedback, you need to understand that you're going to have to come up with some sort of innovative system that deviates itself from the "create avatar, kill things, level up, kill more things, level up some more, buy things to kill more things to level up more in order to kill harder things and buy more expensive things... etc"

You know, the vicious circle of doom.

What you need to concentrate on (just as everybody else should be) is provide an alternative experience - perhaps even raise the bar of current MMO's - to the watered down excuse of "games" MMO's have degenerated into today. (not that they were ever good "games", but at least back then MMO's offered a unique experience... now they're generally geared towards the mass market for cash cow effect...)

Sun Apr 06 2008 10:02PM Report
HowHigh writes:

I am a big fan of naruto and i love the idea of the series and i understand what you want. but like people are saying its just another wow.

But what you are saying even if i dont agree to the online part i think it make a great single player game or even a co-op game. besides just fighting 1v1 like most fighting game somthing like pokemon for gameboy where he actually does have to do what was done in the show.

Mon Apr 07 2008 12:37AM Report
E1io writes:

 I love Naruto to bits but the concept of a Naruto MMO has way too many flaws in it.

 You would have to get past acquiring the IP to begin with and then once that is done with you need an original story. On top of this, players cannot play Naurto or any of the series well known characters.

 The funny thing is though that Dragonball is doing this so it could be possible.

Mon Apr 07 2008 1:11AM Report
Davod writes:

I would love if a Naruto based MMO was released, and it was a good game. That would probably be gaming heaven for me ^^

Mon Apr 07 2008 1:59AM Report
phuncom writes:

lol naruto. next is a pokemon mmo?

Mon Apr 07 2008 3:00PM Report
Atomy writes:

Why do people always think WoW has the most subscribers? Just says enough how much people actually know about games.

Mon Apr 07 2008 3:11PM Report
Forcan writes:

Using any IP to create MMO is fine, as long as the design explain the timeline and the story correctly and present the lore in a canon way to what was created with the IP.  In essence, a MMO equal that no known characters from the IP can be played by players, and that MMO only focus on the storyline of the IP, not character from the IP.


For Naruto, the focus will be WHEN the MMO exist in the Naruto universe.  Does it exist the Ninja War era (before Naruto)?, or some distance futire (after Naruto's own storyline is over)?  This will help organize/redesign the allowed skills based the that, and depend the time, the background storyline and the detail of the era can be depicted more accurately with the canon view of Naruto.


This goes for all IP, such as the DragonBall one that has been know for a while.  The MMO itself is set around 200+ years (?) from the original series (basically in the Western knowledge, the end of Z, not GT).  So they have a little more freedom in designing the game without putting extra thought on the characters from the IP (although there can be some that exist, and I'm pretty sure Goku will definately be in the game... )


Other than Naruto, Pokemon is one with a well-designed system that can be made into MMO if the developers are smart.

Mon Apr 07 2008 6:58PM Report
Maquiame writes:

Naruto would make a fine mmo, I honestly would love to see a great anime based rpg, and Naruto has enough depth in it as a WORLD (not the story) to revolve a great mmorpg around, and this is coming from a 32 year old grown man. Ubisoft at one time was contemplating making one but instead made the single player 360 game, which was good, perhaps its time to start a petition and send it to them. Pokemon would make a great mmorpg as well. I mean damn does every mmorpg have to be based around goddamned Eurocentric (ahem white) concepts for it to be good? Hell id rather see Naruto than alot of the trash that is coming out soon, there really isnt much worth waiting for cept maybe Stargate, and perhaps Star  Trek.

Mon Apr 07 2008 6:59PM Report
Maquiame writes:

Sign me up for a Naruto mmorpg! Include new jutsus and im down all the way.

Mon Apr 07 2008 7:01PM Report
Raiku writes:



The day I see Naruto Online is the day when I see a good Dragon Ball Z Online.


Which I hope is never.

Mon Apr 07 2008 10:54PM Report
confusedgoat writes:

Some good points presented by all, the only ones I can't be bothered reading are the ones who claim an MMO based on the mechanics o fNaruto would be "too linear like WoW". I've gone into some depth to explain how that could be completely avoided, and infact in my opinion Naruto suits a sandbox MMO far more than a linear MMO.

Tue Apr 08 2008 9:08AM Report
morycce writes:

 i'm also going to school for game design and have talked about this with my friends. in the end we agreed that the machanics and concepts of naruto (such as other ppl said, villages, jutsu's, bloodlines, etc) is what would make a great game. 


You would join a village and then choose which clan in that village to be born in which would influence all the skills you could learn. Wanna learn certain techniques from a different clan? Get good rep with them and maybe they'll let you in on a few of the moves... (tho never the best ones but it would allow some mixing of skills).

Basically It's a beautiful idea that I hope to work on when I finish school because SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT by then.

Graphics don't even need to be "super realistic" but just stylized in a specific style. (wow's graphics aren't amazing but it does have it's own style; style matters more than realism)

Wed Sep 09 2009 12:07PM Report
morycce writes:

and i justt realized that no one posted on this for a year. hows school going hahaha

Wed Sep 09 2009 12:08PM Report writes:
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