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For those of us who would rather be leveling right now.

Author: cmagoun

Competitive Missions in CoH

Posted by cmagoun Monday August 11 2008 at 8:43AM
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(Reposted from CoH forums...)

So I was thinking that it would be really cool to have missions in which players competed in a variety of events. Some ideas off the top of my head:

Steamroller -- The Steamroller mission would be a standard warehouse mission map containing enemies of a certain type and level (based on the highest member of the team probably). The difficulty would always be the same (say the 4th level in the list for teams and 2nd for solo entries). The goal is to clear the map as quickly as possible, pushing your team's limit by rushing from spawn to spawn. Best times are recorded for a given category of level ranges at the end of the week are given a temporary power.

Ambushville -- This map room large enough to move around in, but not so large as to allow characters to disengage and flee from combat. The terrain is mostly open, but with some stacks of barrels and crates so as to permit some positional tactics. After a brief setup period, the room starts spawning ambushes from random locations along the walls. The ambushes come slowly at first, but then increase in frequency until 2, 3 or even more groups are likely to be spawned at the same time. The goal is to survive the onslaught as long as possible, racking up kills until the inevitable team wipe.

Zone Jumper -- This solo event would only be for superjumpers (or a temp power could be given). The goal is to leap from building to building to get across a zone (King's Row is good, Bricks, I am sure there are others) as quickly as possible without touching the ground. If you touch the ground, you are teleported back to the start to either exit or try again.

Precision Flying -- This solo event is only for flyers... and everyone's flight is boosted to the cap for the duration of the mission. The goal is to navigate a sewer course, complete with doorways, pipes, crates and other obstacles, and touch the glowie at the end.

Superspeeder Course -- Similar to the above two movement power events, the superspeeder course would pit characters in a race on a series of hallways, platforms and stairs and would require that the participants exhibit precision running and jumping techniques.

Police Course -- For solo players, the Police Course consists of a series of rooms linked by closed doors. Each room contains a number of initially friendly NPCs milling about. A few seconds after the player enters the room, several of the NPCs turn hostile (as indicated by a subtle change -- the color of their name perhaps). The player has several seconds to react and defeat the newly hostile NPCs without hitting the civilians. After a few seconds pass, the NPCs open fire on the player, making his life even more difficult. Once all hostiles are defeated, the door opens and the player can move to the next room. Your time is recorded, but every hit to a civilian adds a hefty penalty to your time.

See you in game,

Gishgeron writes:

All but the last one are actually VERY good ideals.

The issue with the last one is that it REALLY hurts cone/aoe builds because they have virtually no way to avoid hitting friendlies.  Considering how many builds out there include SOME type of either AoE, PBAoE, Cone, or pretty much limits the last one to a very small selection of players in a game that isn't rocking high on the subs.

Mon Aug 11 2008 10:58AM Report
Anofalye writes:

PvE competitions are the BEST things a MMO could offer.


However, you have big challenges here. 

- You need to make it so players actually compete instead of farming it. (eh we start it, then you just log off to your other character while we complete it).

- It must still be FUN and awarding an interesting advancement if you fail, maybe a % of the reward of the winner based on how far behind you are.

- Prolly need to put a limit of time/week you can undertake the challenge, so it is meaningfull and create a rarity.  You don't have the significant race every time you want.

Mon Aug 11 2008 7:11PM Report
cmagoun writes:

Well, one of the advantages of being an armchair game designer is that I don't have to worry too much about the details of implementing any of these "brilliant" ideas :)

Seriously though, you make good points. This idea is not a slam dunk because of the implications of farming or even someone monopolizing the leaderboard week after week.

Now I am not sure farming would be a problem in CoH... I sometimes run with a group that has done the same outdoor mission something like 50 times in a row, so I don't see how farming something like this could be any worse that what the standard game offers. If you had to cut farming out of the equation, you could give xp at a slightly lower rate, or have fewer drops in these types of missions, making them only appeal to those who really want to compete. Or perhaps there is an entry fee and part of the reward for the winners comes from this fee.

I think there could be a tiered reward structure at the end of the week. Like a golf tournament, the first place guy gets a ton of cash, but everyone that makes the "cut" gets paid somewhat. I am sure a tiered reward system could be devised.

Anyway, thanks for the comments.

Tue Aug 12 2008 8:00AM Report writes:
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