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The Lunch Break Blog

For those of us who would rather be leveling right now.

Author: cmagoun


Posted by cmagoun Thursday August 7 2008 at 12:43PM
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So I have finally gotten a character to level 50 in CoH. One of my original characters, Monochrome Girl, dinged last just last month. This after me playing City of Heroes on and off since open beta. Man, am I slow... Lots of alts and lots of time away from the game.

Not a whole bunch more to the story than that. I played CoH for a long time and finally got to 50. It has been a fun ride and it is interesting to me to see how the game has changed.

I remember City of Blasters
I remember City of Burn Tankers
I remember when Smoke Grenade was King
I remember Perma-Hasten and Perma-Accelerate Metabolism
I remember when I could summon 3 Phantasms or 9 Fire Imps to do my bidding
I remember cursing those Tsoo Sorcerers trying to get the badge
I remember when Flash was useful... really, really useful
I remember when Tanks could herd whole zones into dumpsters
I remember getting hit hard by ED
I remember getting hit hard by the AoE Control nerf
I remember when Dark/Dark defenders stunk
I remember the joy I felt becoming a Tank Smasher
I remember the relatively brief period where Containment made Mono a force of destruction

The game has changed a lot and I think for the better. Here's to four more years... maybe I'll get another character to 50 in that time :)

moptopRPG writes:

LOL first off congratz on the 50 dude, though i did ding long ago i did start playing around the same time you did. And there are acouple things you forgot.

I remeber the first costume contests.

I remeber running the box mission that would get players to 30 in one day

I remeber the first hamy runs and how ridiculous it was.

I remebr the first halloween events and how hilarious of a time it was

I remeber the first task forces that went around 7 hrs just level up 25%

CoH is a fun game, slightly boring but fun if you have friends, good times. Definatly good times.

Thu Aug 07 2008 2:18PM Report
Bopper writes:

I thought the game was fun but lacked a bit of content and became a bit grindtastic. Of course one could argue that I was just not patient enough :D I also had trouble convincing my friends to give it a go so I was left by myself to play it and I agree that having a friend with you can turn even the crappiest or monotonous of games into something pretty cool.

Hell, I managed to stand about 5 hours of Runescape with a friend of mine even though the highlight experience of that game for me was...shearing sheep.

Either way, CoH is a great game and I salute it for having the balls to be different! Oh and a hello and well done to cmagoun, I have enjoyed reading your blogs and look forward to hearing more from your future MMO experiences!

Fri Aug 08 2008 1:09PM Report
cmagoun writes:

Hey Bopper,

Thanks for the comments... All that you say about CoX is true, really. I think it does lack content and that it can become really grindy at times. I enjoy the most recent changes and additions: the invention system has "saved" CoX for me somewhat. I have taken many breaks from CoX over the years, but keep coming back. It's a good game with fast action, lots of character customization and yes... my friends are still playing it.

And really that is the main reason I keep coming back.

Fri Aug 08 2008 1:47PM Report writes:
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