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The Lunch Break Blog

For those of us who would rather be leveling right now.

Author: cmagoun

WoW Again... Naturally

Posted by cmagoun Wednesday July 22 2009 at 4:06PM
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So someone in my regular gaming group started an email chain with the intention of getting everyone in the group on the same game. As you might recall, this is no easy task, but the emails flew and suggestions were made and ultimately, the only game we could all agree on was WoW.


See, as much as I wanted to get everyone together and playing again, I've done my stint in WoW and really hadn't ever intended to go back. I am not bashing WoW. It is a decent game and it is the cleanest, "purest" version of the themepark game in existance... which is why it is the #1 Western MMO. People like themeparks and thus, people like WoW. Heck, I like WoW, but of the dozens of games that I would love to play with a regular group on voice chat, WoW was at the scummy bottom of the barrel.

So, even though I ridiculed my gaming group for being too picky for its own good, here I was being very picky when it came to choosing WoW as our new game. Even my friend Jon, who swore he'd never play WoW for as long as Dick Clark is alive, who hates the art style in WoW to the point where it works him up so as to make him nauseous, for whom the probability of playing WoW was about as high as the Pittsburgh Pirates having a winning season, agreed to play WoW. Actually, I think he agreed to "take one dry for the team" which I interpreted as either playing WoW, or drinking a martini.

Of course, this same friend, ever the min-maxer, immediately bought two accounts so he could refer himself for the big xp buff and the mount. (facepalm)

Everyone was gearing up to play, but this time, I was being the jackass who was ruining the plan. I really didn't want to play WoW and so I figured I would just sit this one out until Aion, Mortal Online, Champions Online... heck even Darkfall NA would be more interesting. But I had to find a reasonable excuse, oh heck, any excuse really and so I thought, "I probably uninstalled it a while ago. I would hate to go through the install and then the patching again. If it is not on my hard drive, then forget it."

But no, buried in the Windows menu, somewhere under the program titled, "Wouldn't you rather play this than WoW" was WoW... still installed, recently patched and ready to go. So then I thought, "Well I cancelled all of my MMO subs months ago. Certainly my WoW subscription has lapsed and I have no interest in paying $15 a month for a game I will not enjoy. If my subscription has ended then forget it."

And I logged into my Blizzard account, checked my subscription and lo and behold... of all my MMO subs, the only one I FORGOT to cancel was the WoW one and being that I never cancelled, it helpfully and cheerfully resubbed my... just yesterday... until December... with elipsis...

Obviously fate has conspired against me and I am playing WoW again. So, if you see Silfain the Blood Elf Paladin, say hello and yeah, you can laugh at me for my pitiful attempts to avoid the juggernaut that is World of Warcraft.