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The Lunch Break Blog

For those of us who would rather be leveling right now.

Author: cmagoun

So, I have never managed to get a 50...

Posted by cmagoun Thursday June 7 2007 at 12:02PM
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...Or 60 70, or 200, or any max level in any game for that matter. I have played a lot of MMOs, but somehow, I have never managed to cap a character in any of the games I have played. I generally only play a single MMO at one time, and can on occassion, put in quite a few hours. Still at some point in every game, something happens.


With my level 40-something warlock in WoW, it was a matter of simply not being able to get online for a week. With the habit broken, I found that I had lost all desire to get back online and restart the grind. In City of Heroes, it is that vague feeling that starts to creep in somewhere around the mid-40s -- the feeling that the character is mostly complete and that the game comes to an abrupt halt at 50. Alt-itis follows and I am onto the next character as quickly as I can hit the "Quit to Login" button. Honestly though, Earth and Beyond wasn't my fault -- they pulled the rug out from under me... :)


Yes, as MMO players go, I am a loser. I know it is pretty easy to grind to max level in WoW. I know that you can crank out 10 levels in an evening in CoH. Still, at some point in every MMO I have played so far, it just doesn't seem worth the time.


Am I in the minority here? What keeps you pounding away until you reach the fabled (to me at least) endgame? Is it the concept that the "game begins at 70?"  Is it that you feel you have not seen everything there is to see, or you haven't done everything that the game offers? Is it a drive to reach the top of the MMO heap? Is it just a habit to login and grind?

neschria writes: I have been a back-and-forth player. I have tried at one time or another to get to endgame, and at least once I was pretty much there. I really felt compelled at the time to try to be among the best, like I had something to prove. Along with that came a lot of stress and emotional ups and downs. Prior to that, I'd been ubercasual-- I leveled slow, if at all, and spent more time checking out the scenery and socializing than anything else. Since that hardcore playing period, I've gotten to the point that the endgame just doesn't interest me at all. In fact, I hate everything about it... So I tend to play characters until the 30's or 40's (depending on the game) and then make alts or quit. I just play til it starts to get tedious and boring. If I did hit level cap, I wouldn't have anything left to do, in most of the games I have played, since I don't like raiding and have little tolerance for all the "my sword is bigger than your sword" BS that goes on. It is as if the game ends for me when it is starting for everyone else. :( It's a lonely feeling. Thu Jun 07 2007 1:09PM Report
cmagoun writes: That is interesting, nes. I think your experience mirrors mine in that I don't really like raiding and don't generally seek out PvP and so most endgames don't appeal to me. I go about 1/2 way in most games and then move on to alts, or find a new game. Is there any type of endgame that would appeal to you? Just curious. Thu Jun 07 2007 1:49PM Report
FireflyFan writes:

From my own experience, WoW and EQ2 seem to have done a good job of hiding the grind within a framework of quests.  I don't think I ever just found a spot on the map and killed mobs for a few hours on end without any goal beyond increasing my XP in either of those games.  There was always a quest (or a few dozen, in the case of EQ2) to work on that got me to level/AA cap.  I know not all games are like that, and although I haven't played any other modern MMORPGS besides those two and EQ, I do agree that grinding XP is a waste of time.  That being said, I don't think the game begins at 70; I think a _different_ game begins at 70.  Raiding in EQ taught me to pick a class and (depending on the game) skills/AAs that set me up for being useful to a raid once I leveled to max.  I still have that mentality on the character creation screen, though nowadays I don't enjoy raiding.  I like being given goals to achieve, and I don't mean the mindless "bring X to Y" or "kill 10 orcs" type goals, I mean filling out your AA tree or getting your last class armor piece, etc.  Eventually, however, the law of diminishing returns sets in for me: if I spend 50 hours raiding I might get that uber dagger (if my /ran is nice to me that night).  At that point, I think it's best I spend my 50 hours doing something else.  I reached this point in EQ2 a few months ago and left, picked up Titan Quest and the Immortal Throne expansion and was quickly hooked.  I quested, leveled, and eventually killed Hades on Legendary, on my first attempt no less.  Now all I have to look forward to is... grinding XP to level cap.  /sigh :)

Wed Aug 08 2007 1:11AM Report
ronpack writes:

lol I'm like you. I filled up 3 servers with alts in CoX. And I absolutely loved playing them all, up until the 40's lol. I only have 1 lvl 50 in CoH and CoV. The only kind of toon you should get to 50 is something that can farm really good. Like a Brute. Just so you can help out your SGmates time to time.

Tue Aug 12 2008 7:10AM Report
cmagoun writes:

Of course, I think overall, this is one of the main strengths of CoX, there are well over 200 viable character combinations and many of them play very differently. It is a great alt-itis game.

Tue Aug 12 2008 10:33AM Report
Thekandy writes:

I'd say it's a good mix of habit and wanting to be at the top, or at least somewhere near it, that drove me to 70 in WoW. However, what really helped me keep that habit was the absolutely great guild that i got into, we weren't many people, about 4 active players or so, but the bond i felt with these people just can't be described, it must be felt.
So i'd say, habit, having a good time and friends to play with is all you really need to get to max level, just shoot for that one or two levels a day and you're all there in no time.

Tue Aug 19 2008 1:07AM Report writes:
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