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Author: cmagoun

PvP Campaign System

Posted by cmagoun Wednesday June 20 2007 at 4:00PM
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In the PvP Campaign System, a set of zones bordering two or more factions would become “contested” every two weeks. Which zones are chosen could be random or based on game events. These contested zones will be the focal point for the action over the two week campaign.
The goal of the PvP Campaign is to accumulate the highest War Score for your faction in one or more contested zones. At the end of the two week war period, the faction with the highest War Score in a given zone gains control of the zone and gains faction-wide bonuses to stats, xp and money gain, loot table percentages, access to more lucrative raids and dungeons, etc.
War Score is accrued for a wide variety of activities including:
  • Killing PvE mobs
  • Completing PvE missions
  • Resource gathering
  • Completing special war missions/events (PvE and PvP)
  • Killing rival players
  • Capturing victory point locations
Basic PvE activities generate the least score. Completing the special war missions generate a higher score. PvP activities generate relatively high scores based on the relative levels of the victor and vanquished players. Victory point locations generate a periodic influx of points as long as one faction holds them.
Special war missions can take many forms. A simple example would be a mission to escort a supply train to the location of a fort being built by your side. You would have to accompany a slow NPC group of wagons to the fort. The wagons would be relatively “loud” in that they would tend to attract nearby monsters. More importantly, if the players of the other faction manage to defeat you before you reach the safety of your guards, they will score big points for their side.
A war event would be the periodic spawn of wandering groups of soldier mobs based on the relative scores of the factions participating in the war. Killing enemy soldiers would provide a large (for NPC) score. Finishing off all enemy soldiers would produce a bonus score based on the number of your soldiers remaining in the zone.
A third example would be a mission to raze a village populated by the enemy faction’s NPCs. As the players are doing so, alert messages would go out to the opposing faction, encouraging them to defend their civilians.
Victory point locations might exist as static locations in a zone (mines, bridges, villages, etc.) or they might be randomized, or even player chosen depending on the game. Locations would start under the control of one of the factions, or neutral. As in any number of capture the flag style games, players would have to kill all neutral or opposing units near the location and hold it for a certain amount of time. Once a given faction captured a location, defenders might spawn.
Locations are special because they generate points for their faction every hour. Also, they might give bonuses to allied players while they are in the zone. A mine might increase the harvesting efficiency of its owning faction. An armory might provide a defense bonus. A bridge might provide no bonus, but have a staggering number of defenders, making life miserable for opposing faction members wanting to cross the zone.
The goal of this system is to allow PvE players to contribute to PvP without having to participate in combat. Just performing missions and hunting in a contested zone would provide a worthwhile War Score. Of course, in doing so, they take on a considerable risk, because it is likely that the opposing factions are forming teams to patrol the zone and sweep it clear of their enemies.
Certainly, this idea could be refined a bit more, but this is the gist of it. What do you think? writes:
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