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For those of us who would rather be leveling right now.

Author: cmagoun

Goodbye CoH! Hello EQ2! And What the Heck is SotNW?

Posted by cmagoun Monday June 18 2007 at 2:35PM
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No real point to this one, but that might be a nice change


After long consideration, I have decided to cancel my two CoH accounts and reinstall Everquest 2. I love CoH. It is a fun game and has given me the most play time of all the MMOs I have ever owned. I like the addition of "loot" that came with Issue 9 and quickly rushed to twink out my main hero, Unluminous Man. Issue 10 looks like it will be lots of fun. In general, the game looks like it has a bright future even three years after its launch.


Still, when you boil it down, it is still a pretty easy and repetitive game. Mission... kill... mission... kill... ambush... kill... contact... mission... kill... etc. Don't get me wrong, most MMO gameplay could be deconstructed to sound as boring and of all the MMOs I have played, CoH takes this formula and does a great job providing flashy, fast-paced, comic-booky fun. But it does get old after a while.


So, I spent some time downloading and futzing with some Korean offerings. Let's just say it is hard going from a reasonably polished game like CoH to Sword of the New World. I understand that the western release of Sword is still in beta, but even so, the UI and the translations are just terrible. The gameplay is  a slog through endless hordes of monsters and at the low levels, it seems even easier and more repetitive than CoH ever was. Mind you, the character art is gorgeous and was worth the download, but I can't recommend it in its current state. Are there any fans of this game that can tell me what I am missing?


I did find Voyage Century Online and was pleasantly surprised. VCO is a pretty cool skill-based, Age of Sail MMO. You can take to the seas and trade, hunt pirates, and explore or you can adventure on land. I have not played it extensively, but the quick look I had interested me. I will definitely take some time to check this game out further.


Finally, after all the downloading... I decided it might be time to reinstall EQ2. I was lukewarm on this game when it first came out, but enjoyed the many changes that have been implemented since then. EQ2 has become a rock-solid game in my opinion... maybe the best fantasy MMO currently on the market? Anyways, if anyone has a good server suggestion, send word.