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Mmo Horror's

The crap I uncover in free games and trials. Then compare it to EVE and the other games I play.

Author: clamsd101

DnD Online

Posted by clamsd101 Wednesday December 24 2008 at 4:57PM
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      The first thing is was surprised at is that the game doesn't give experience points for killing monsters directly but rather gives it through dungeon questing, meaning you don't get rewards for killing halfway. And after being separated from most mmorpgs the game includes some puzzles into the dungeons. Now instead of just killing monsters in a smelly pit, you have to do cognitive thinking in a smelly pit.

      DnD Online also likes instancing. Meaning you don't end up with kill stealing. This has the effect of I'm doing and no one else is, therefore I'm heroic. Which is what every mmo should strive for. Escaping the boringness of most people lives and allow them to be what ever they want. EVE does this also by allowing the player the world as a canvas for their work as pilots. Lackluster before they learn how to pilot better ships. The progression is probably it. Being able to look back and see that you've moved all this way. It can also be a double edged sword because they'll look forward and see that they still have a long way to go, or that they have lots of room to expand in. It depends if they are a optimist, how can see a donut, or if they are a pessimist, who sees a hole.

      I've sat down and played DnD Online for three hours, and this is what I have to say. It's pretty good. It has pretty nice graphics for a mmorpg and it has a nice game base to work off of. Some times it feels clunky. Sometimes it feels smooth. And overall it may be a nice alternative mmorpg to play in the off months of gaming.

     Unfortantly I don't have time to write more because it's the holidays and I want to enjoy them. And I hope everone reading this has nice holidays with no explosions or portals opened by the LHC with red spiders coming out of them.

Sixfeetunder writes:

DDO has a good combat systeme ..but no pvp and no many quest

Wed Dec 24 2008 5:11PM Report
Hellscream07 writes:

D&D was never based on PvP, neither is DDO. You have to take it for what it is: a quest-based PvE MMO. And it does a good job at it.

Wed Dec 24 2008 5:51PM Report
Sarr writes:

Yes. The game is different, but it's great. Once you try it for some time, you'll never forget it. After that, trying games like WAR or WoW, or even LOTRO and GW, you'll see how pathetic and brainless are these games. And how little control WoW clones give you over your character. DDO has simply the best character customization system, and I don't mean character appearance - this could be improved, for the fact - but REAL customization which build a character you dreamt of.

If you have friends to invite to this game, play in group. It's awesome fun finding hidden doors which skill like "search", finding and disabling traps with other skill, or even falling to them in surprise.

Not only that, but now you have hirelings who can help you if you like to solo. And they're not automated totally, you just get another tool which you can master and use REAL tactics for combat and movement through dungeons or vast open areas.

Turbine is constantly improving this game, and around 28 of February, 3rd DDO anniversary, will come Module 9 (free of course) which will raise level cap to 20 and add great amount of character prestige classes and enchancements. After that, half-orcs and half-elfs will come as playable races, later Druid class and Epic Levels.

DDO will come to Xbox 360 and PS3 too, at least that's what players were surveyed about - so I think production is already going. All to all, DDO may become a big player soon.

Recently Turbine bought Umbra system to implement to DDO and LotrO, a system that opens almost endless possibilties for desing withought paying with performance drops - it's called "occlusion system". Basically, it allows your computer not to calculate anything you don't see. That means, if some tree leaves or anything occludes something, it's considered as not existing, graphically-wise.

Come and join, we have free trials in DDO EU, and in DDO US too.

Wed Dec 24 2008 6:11PM Report
t0nyd writes:

Ive always thought of Dungeons and Dragons as the worst system every created. Now, dont get me wrong. I played it when I was young and I enjoyed it. It was what it was.

The D&D system just doesnt cut it for todays standards and here is why.

1. Spell Memorization

     This is a horrible idea based upon the fact that mages are overpowered. This is not a balancing factor and they try to make it one. Spell memorization matters at low levels but once you reach a decent level, it just doesnt matter anymore. Also, im tired of a fireball/lightning bolt system. So over used and so over powered.

2. Weak to overpowered over time

    This is a shit concept. A level 1 mage with a dagger (using AD&D rules) will die 50% of the time to a common house cat. Hmm, i think i could take a common house cat. So being totally gimp at first doesnt justify being uber in the end.

 Now I could dig deeper into it, I guess i dont really care :)

Wed Dec 24 2008 6:17PM Report
No.6 writes:

tonyd:  1. is merely the idea that a mage (or sorcerer in 3.Xe) can't do everything at once.  It was not intended as a balancing factor for a MMORPG; the DM is always the balancing factor in PnP gaming.  2.  A mage with a dagger can cast one magic missile and always kill the common house cat :)  Again, this system wasn't designed for infinite-death MMORPGs but for permadeath PnP campaigns.

That having been said, both those comments have impact on DDO; high level sorcerers routinely PK (phantasmal killer) the living while wall-of-firing the dead - my ranger rarely got a chance to use his axes until the mage ran out of spells.  4e rules attempt to address these issues; I wonder if in future DDO or DDO2 will adopt these rules?


Thu Dec 25 2008 12:01AM Report
KrystDaymen writes:

Everything feeds from everything else, or steals depending on your view.

If it were not for DnD pnp game there would probably not have been any mmorpg's as we know them today.  DnD was first.  Then came UO which stole some concepts, or borrowed, from DnD.  Then came EQ which stole concepts from UO AND DnD.  As later mmo's came out they stole or borrowed from their predacessors.

Of course then came the mutant blizzard fish known as wow and swallowed everything else like a whale feeding on plankton, lol.

Thu Dec 25 2008 5:02AM Report
clamsd101 writes:


I wish there was a law for mmorpgs to be non-dominate on the market. Too bad that World of Warcraft takes up most of the market. A lot of good games could advance mmo game design.

Thu Dec 25 2008 4:41PM Report
staracker writes:

was there ever a vampire the masquerade MMO?

Thu Dec 25 2008 9:11PM Report writes:
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