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Mmo Horror's

The crap I uncover in free games and trials. Then compare it to EVE and the other games I play.

Author: clamsd101

Returning to WoW

Posted by clamsd101 Tuesday December 23 2008 at 12:34AM
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    I seem to be playing World of Warcraft again for ten days. That's like twenty five million I could make in EVE. Oh I proud of myself. I'm not getting a keres for cristmas. Anyway WoW generally is fecal matter boxed and delivered to the masses. Shit and they made Warcraft III. WoW < dotA (yeah like I can say anything, I've only played dotA for like a week).

    Anyway I had a level fifty five when I quit so I made a death knight. It was a pretty nice quest chain and I have one thing to say about it, that quest chain was better then the grind-tastic rinse and repeat of the rest of the game. After I finished the last of the epic in fun, scale, and coolness I was left alone to go do more hero stuff. Well I was fifty eight and decided to go to the outlands.

    After running through a raid group clearing the portal of monsters I went though and flew to thrallmar. I then preceded to do the blizzard special, kill stuff... and kill stuff, and level. Now death knights seem incredible hard to kill and seem to be able to take down groups of four monsters without dropping below 60% of there health. I had around five thousand health and was in mostly death knight quest chain gear and had some thrallmar quest stuff. I was perplexed. My warlock couldn't take two easily. Then I was pissed. This class seems to be overbuffed. Then again blizzard may try and make the grind to 70 easier so they could see new content.

    Anyway it bothered me that the content in the burning crusade wasn't as good as the starting content for the death knight. There's no of the epicness in feeling like I'm really a hero here. Like the <insert faction here> really needs me. But no, I have to go kill more fel orcs. Which happens to spawn more making my efforts useless. I hope darkfall will be good and let me have a last minute beta test. Somehow I missed signing up for it.

     Then I decided to check out PvP, which to no surprise had a lot of death knights in it. PvP in WoW is less brutal the apple pie. EVE's hits you and squirts lemon juice in your eyes (not that it's a bad thing). And somewhere there's something inbetween. Any how PvP in WoW was a bit boring. It was like fighting PvE. Except five guys jumped you. Yes Yes, your victory over me was quite amazing, you only needed the rest of your team.

gan3f writes:

So you quit wow.. came back and hate it still.. hrmmm.

The point of all this? oh ya.. this guy will be the next " my warhammer exp pt 39" guy.

Tue Dec 23 2008 1:03AM Report
gan3f writes:

For all the morons that will jump on the " HES NOT TALKING ABOUT WARHAMMER".  Yes, i know that.


Tue Dec 23 2008 1:07AM Report
Hellscream07 writes:

Well, if you're gonna just rant instead of giving an objective review, not even worth the blog, right?

I've played WoW and no, wasn't my first MMO, but I ended up playing for a few months. Honestly, I got bored, since it gets repetitive rly quickly, but it has some good points.

But I\ll have to agree on you that DotA > WoW xD only 1 week playing though? that's hardly enough time to even learn to play. took me bout 3 months of playing to be able to compete with the other players

Tue Dec 23 2008 1:11AM Report
clamsd101 writes:


Well last time I checked a blog was a place for your thoughts. I could give a objective review. Or I could convey it in the form of random thought. And I was thinking if there are some many pro DotA games then doesn't that mean there are a lot of DotA pros. Then that would lower the level of needed expertise to be "pro" at DotA right?

Tue Dec 23 2008 2:02AM Report
SupaMutant writes:

dota is soooooo over rated...

Tue Dec 23 2008 8:31AM Report
pvthudson01 writes:

Nice post keep up the blogging, ignore the naysaying TROLLS that post around here

Tue Dec 23 2008 9:19AM Report
KrystDaymen writes:

Nice blog dude.  I think you know how I feel about wow but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy reading about othe people enjoying it. 

As for DFO, let's pray it will be at least CLOSE to what they've promised us...and also, I wouldn't expect that last minute beta invitation...I signed up for AND was accepted for closed invite :(

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanakuh, Happy Ramadan...w/e you celebrate...have a nice one :)

Tue Dec 23 2008 1:23PM Report
clamsd101 writes:


Gawd I hope DFO is what they promised. It would be so amazing. But then there's probably a whole bunch of stuff coming out for EVE. And I don't hate WoW totally. The death knight quest chain in the begining kept me at the computer for like 5 hours. Maybe the BC content will be good. Free mmo time is always welcome.

Tue Dec 23 2008 9:35PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

Get to northrend and u will see lots of quests and some cool cutscenes like the DK starting area.

Tue Dec 23 2008 9:56PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

Get to northrend and u will see lots of quests and some cool cutscenes like the DK starting area.

Tue Dec 23 2008 9:56PM Report
saturn1234 writes:

if you played eve online for any more than 10 minutes then your opinions on video games in general doesnt  count.  A screensaver isnt a game.  Nice try though.

Wed Dec 24 2008 6:12AM Report
Jeremiad writes:


of course, given the brain power it must've taken to come up with that name, it doesn't really suprise me that you weren't able to do anything in eve other than stare at it mindlessly.

'cuz god forbid an mmo make you think, or read.  the horror.

Wed Dec 24 2008 12:38PM Report
clamsd101 writes:


I just tried DnD Online today. I was surprised at the fact puzzles are included in the dungeons. That's probably what I'm going to talk about today.


Yes Yes, the entire ghsc thing was just some guys playing a screensaver.

Wed Dec 24 2008 3:51PM Report writes:
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