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Mmo Horror's

The crap I uncover in free games and trials. Then compare it to EVE and the other games I play.

Author: clamsd101

Out the window with the window

Posted by clamsd101 Friday February 6 2009 at 9:16PM
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You know. If you game gives you:We're sorry to ruin any sense of immersion but here...Lord I don't know. It's great that it's moduler and stuff. But... really. Oh and incase you can't read it. It says we're sorry to inform you that we're downloading the main quest or something like that. Well that just killed immersion.

DnD Online

Posted by clamsd101 Wednesday December 24 2008 at 4:57PM
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      The first thing is was surprised at is that the game doesn't give experience points for killing monsters directly but rather gives it through dungeon questing, meaning you don't get rewards for killing halfway. And after being separated from most mmorpgs the game includes some puzzles into the dungeons. Now instead of just killing monsters in a smelly pit, you have to do cognitive thinking in a smelly pit.

      DnD Online also likes instancing. Meaning you don't end up with kill stealing. This has the effect of I'm doing and no one else is, therefore I'm heroic. Which is what every mmo should strive for. Escaping the boringness of most people lives and allow them to be what ever they want. EVE does this also by allowing the player the world as a canvas for their work as pilots. Lackluster before they learn how to pilot better ships. The progression is probably it. Being able to look back and see that you've moved all this way. It can also be a double edged sword because they'll look forward and see that they still have a long way to go, or that they have lots of room to expand in. It depends if they are a optimist, how can see a donut, or if they are a pessimist, who sees a hole.

      I've sat down and played DnD Online for three hours, and this is what I have to say. It's pretty good. It has pretty nice graphics for a mmorpg and it has a nice game base to work off of. Some times it feels clunky. Sometimes it feels smooth. And overall it may be a nice alternative mmorpg to play in the off months of gaming.

     Unfortantly I don't have time to write more because it's the holidays and I want to enjoy them. And I hope everone reading this has nice holidays with no explosions or portals opened by the LHC with red spiders coming out of them.

Returning to WoW

Posted by clamsd101 Tuesday December 23 2008 at 12:34AM
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    I seem to be playing World of Warcraft again for ten days. That's like twenty five million I could make in EVE. Oh I proud of myself. I'm not getting a keres for cristmas. Anyway WoW generally is fecal matter boxed and delivered to the masses. Shit and they made Warcraft III. WoW < dotA (yeah like I can say anything, I've only played dotA for like a week).

    Anyway I had a level fifty five when I quit so I made a death knight. It was a pretty nice quest chain and I have one thing to say about it, that quest chain was better then the grind-tastic rinse and repeat of the rest of the game. After I finished the last of the epic in fun, scale, and coolness I was left alone to go do more hero stuff. Well I was fifty eight and decided to go to the outlands.

    After running through a raid group clearing the portal of monsters I went though and flew to thrallmar. I then preceded to do the blizzard special, kill stuff... and kill stuff, and level. Now death knights seem incredible hard to kill and seem to be able to take down groups of four monsters without dropping below 60% of there health. I had around five thousand health and was in mostly death knight quest chain gear and had some thrallmar quest stuff. I was perplexed. My warlock couldn't take two easily. Then I was pissed. This class seems to be overbuffed. Then again blizzard may try and make the grind to 70 easier so they could see new content.

    Anyway it bothered me that the content in the burning crusade wasn't as good as the starting content for the death knight. There's no of the epicness in feeling like I'm really a hero here. Like the <insert faction here> really needs me. But no, I have to go kill more fel orcs. Which happens to spawn more making my efforts useless. I hope darkfall will be good and let me have a last minute beta test. Somehow I missed signing up for it.

     Then I decided to check out PvP, which to no surprise had a lot of death knights in it. PvP in WoW is less brutal the apple pie. EVE's hits you and squirts lemon juice in your eyes (not that it's a bad thing). And somewhere there's something inbetween. Any how PvP in WoW was a bit boring. It was like fighting PvE. Except five guys jumped you. Yes Yes, your victory over me was quite amazing, you only needed the rest of your team.