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New Historical MMO idea

It's late and i feel like an gamin idealist, so if you're interested in what i'm saying add your input, i need other opinions. After playing a LOT of both Age of Conan and Medieval II Total war, i'd like to see an MMO Based in the Crusades era. Yea? Nay?

Author: Chrispus

So here it goes. New Historical MMO idea.

Posted by Chrispus Saturday February 7 2009 at 6:25AM
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I just thought of this concept a few days ago, so depending on the reactions and input that i get here, i just may follow through on it. Mind you i have extremely minimal (practically none) game developement experience, so the best thing i could ever do (at this point in time anyway) is just be a concept artist and provide a story, classes, the such.


Lately i've been playing loads of Age of Conan for it's more realistic feel in combat and styles of armor, Because as somewhat of a history buff i enjoy playing things that put me in the shoes of a type of warrior that strongly resembles that of a Roman Legionare, Or a type of mage that resembles an Egyptian priest.

And in addition to my Age of Conan phase, i've been playing a lot of Medieval II total War in preperation for their newest addition to the franchise, Empire Total War. And in playing a lot of Medieval I sometimes find myself wishing that i could play as an assassin in the year 1080 AD, or sometime during the Crusades, an assassin that's been ordered by a Lord of my same faction to quitely take out an important member of the opposing faction(s). Or a Priest or Monk ordered by that same Lord to execute an accused Heretic in the name of the lord that my faction follows.

And all the while small operations like that are taking place, a battle rages in the city of Caen, or the siege of a castle somewhere in the United Kingdom takes place, involving hundreds of soldiers, players and NPC. But let us not forget to make the game solo friendly for not just the special units like assassins, priests and merchants, but for soldiers as well, because a battle is a long tough event that will likely result in your persona's death more than once, so Soldiers will need a place to train.

to do so, these fighting classes may take on assignments from lords, captains, or even do favors for Nobles in their home city.

I'm thinking that a combat system similar to that of Age of Conan would do wonders for a game like this. I apologize if this all seems a little bland, i'm extremely tired, and i had to get the extreme basics down before i forgot about them. I'll continue my work and explain much better tomorrow, but until then, please leave your feedback, asking questions, leaving suggestions, or constructive criticism.