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The Angry Guild Leader

I'm the guild leader, and I'm pissed. Read what possibly goes on in your guild leader's mind. I shoot the truth, and I shoot it straight. If you can't handle it, then My Little Pony Online is taking beta applications.

Author: Equilibrium_JW

The Fanbois who Destroy Games

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Thursday November 12 2009 at 2:27PM
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from :

You know the type. Their name may be Azeyus, Rawry, Likin, Draknar. They are the trolls. The guys who live on forums, and if you dare say anything productive or contrary to what they believe, they call you a troll.

Reality check, a troll is someone who trolls the forums. Someone who lives there. Take a look in the mirror, I say. Unfortunately, these types can't but help be a douchebags.

How can you spot a troll, you might ask? If they call you one. Now, while that can go back and forth, the proof is in the pudding. If their post is nothing short of calling someone a troll with no real discourse, no proof, and no real substance, they are a troll. Nine times out of ten, they will be doing so in response to someone who actually did have a valid point and was a part of the discussion. But then, it's always easier just to click on their name and see that they have 2,874 posts calling people trolls. In a nutshell, trolls are those who will attempt to undervalue anyone's opinion, that actually has one, by calling them a troll, and they will do so with utterly no validation or proof of the accusation, but instead for reasons of emotional distress.

God forbid you make a decent post on the forums, these lowlife losers will latch on to you. They have entertainment now in mommy's dank dark basement. They will now follow every reply and post you make, because they take everything personal, as the forums are the only thing they hold dear. This is the only thing that they are good at, since they can hide behind a computer screen and no one has to see the fact that their fact looks like it caught fire and someone had to put it out with a fork.

You know the type, every time you bring up something that is wrong with a game, something you don't like, something that needs fixed, they cry and scream, "Go back to Wow, you nub!" When in reality, they are logging into wow 15 minutes after. Sadly, 80% of the people they say this to don't even play Wow, therefore it shows their obsession with the game.

If you'd like an example, you can visit the thread here. This is the perfect example of two yoyos who troll the forums all day long, and have the gaul to defend a game infested with bots and broken mechanics. You yourself can visit the official forums, and it's something like a ratio of 200 posts of complaints and issues to every 1 post by a blind fanboi. And yet, they still think that they can convince people that nothing is wrong with the game. It's almost like they are trying to recruit for the People's Temple after the massacre at Guyana.

The typical excuses you might here? Hell some of them are even in this thread, but they are typical of every sightless fanboi post:

"...a vast majority of Whiney ex-wow players wishing this game was wow..."

"If you cannot manage to get Y done (in spite or around failed mechanic), while X ... You fail."

"suck it up and deal with it"

"less QQ and more pew pew"

"This game, nor any game, cannot make EVERYONE happy."

"There WILL be growing pains."

"This game just came out. WoW has been out five years. Give it time."

While some of it may hold true, these comments and more are usually excuses for someone in denial.

You know you've seen it. You say ANYTHING in LFG in a game, especially Aion, and the idiots scream, " this isn't WoW, go back to wow." The funny thing? Most times someone didn't even bring up WoW. They did. These f*$&tards have such a love/hate obsession with the World of Warcraft, that they just can't get over it. How dare a large company actually make a decent game that appeals to the masses. I myself am tiring of Wow and the watering down that has commenced since Activision took over (something Blizzard vehemently denies), but these guys take the cake. They think about the game, or the hating of it, so much that every word out of their mouths is simply WoW.

But, I digress. My point is that these are the self righteous idiots who kill MMOs. They think that they know everything, when in fact, these are usually the types that 99.5% of the populace will disagree with. Most of their claim to enlightenment is never born of fact or in research, but pure egotism. Some may say this of me, but I read and I research, I voice my opinion, and I always listen. There is never anything wrong with someone voicing their opinion, no matter the view. But, oh, don't tell the Rawry and Yureina's of the world this. They will troll you to death with intellectual comments like, "You're stupid. GTFO."

Why do these pompous f@(&s kill MMOS? Because it seems that some of these companies actually listen to them, not only this but they chase good folks out. Folks who also have hard earned money to spend on an MMO. Conan DDR finger mashing is a good example. Due to the numerous conversations I've had with players, I am convinved that as great as AOC has become, if they were to go with standard buttons for combos and get rid of the finger DDR, they wouldn't be losing $23 million a quarter, they would be gaining it, because the rest of the game is great. Don't get me wrong, some people like it, and it's got a following. But, that following is estimated to be 80,000 subs. If that's what they want and don't want to be able to find groups, etc, that's great, but more subs = more money in the pockets of the devs and more people to play with. But if you bring this up, you are chastised and without mentioning the other MMO, you are accused of being from it. This is even though nearly every MMO in existence, except AOC uses buttons to cast their respective abilities directly. But, because Funcom is afraid of losing the small player base that it has (this is purely speculation, not fact) they wouldn't dare do this. Don't get me wrong, a game needs die-hard fans and players, but it's a business. Do you want 80,000 subs or 360,000?

The answer is always the same, no matter the MMO. "We don't want WoW idiots here. GTFO" Well, where in the hell do you think your subs are coming from? Odds are your MMO wasn't the savior everyone thought, no matter the game, to bring the subs in on its own. So, what makes you think your game is going to pull people out of thin air that World of Warcraft didn't already with word of mouth, a system developed over five years, and massive multi-million dollar advertising? The players have to come from somewhere, and with WoW having 10 million of the 17 million MMO players in exsitence, odds are at least half of the people trying your game will be coming from there.

My point being, these are the fanbois. They are blind to every single problem with a game, just because it isn't WoW. At the moment, I am pointing the finger at Aion, but it happens with most.

Don't get me wrong, AOC is a great game now, but the same people blindly saying that Aion is the savior and that I am crazy are the SAME guys who were saying AOC was the savior. Lest I remind you, these are the same guys who left AOC within 60 days of release.

Currently Aion has so many problems, I don't even want to list them. Just read their official forums or see my posts here on that subject. The fact is, it's riddled with little or no support, lies about the product, bots, and broken systems. Yet, these fanbois throw tantrums claiming the game is perfect and that we are just wanting a wow clone (which is ironic, because that's what Aion is, though they will deny it until their dying breath). They have even gone so far as to defend bots (see Deathx posts on the official Aion forums). So these self righteous assholes chase everyone out of a game and then wonder why everyone left and why the game and company are both fail. It's because they bought everything the company sold them, they ate it like it was chocolate cake with Meagan Fox sprinkles, and they were the only ones left at the table at the end of the day.

The only games I have personally never observed this with are EQ2 and Vanguard. Otherwise, these monkey asses are in just about every game. They will cling to anything that isn't wow, close their eyes tightly and pray, all the time proclaiming to the world that the overlord of MMOs has arrived. Doing this all the time denying any issues or problems, when in fact, it's a broken attempt at design at best. What's worse? Aion has been out a year in another country. At least Vanguard and AOC had horrible early releases. Aion is a great game, it really is, but don't buy into the hype, boys and girls, it has a HUGE mountain to climb to become a viable MMO, and that's putting it very nicely.

Do I think Aion will recuperate and get better down the road? I would like to believe yes, but that's hard to say. We are talking about a game that's been out for a month and a half, and there are still no GMs within the game. WTF?

I hope Aion succeeds. It got a lot of things right that other MMOs didn't. However, there is a lot broken, especially when it comes to anyone working on this game in the US. It's nearly all done in Korea. At this rate, I believe that it is entirely possible for Aion to hit 1 million subs with a miracle update or patch, however, I think in the end, it will hover around 300,000 subs.

I'm not defending WoW. I'm not bashing all MMO companies. I'm simply stating that it is my belief that these trolls and fanbois do as much damage to an MMO as the misgivings or bad judgments of the developer.

Get out of our club. We like that we have to push up 17 times to spin backwards while holding the mouse upside down to harvest. We love bots and broken mechanics. We love anything that isn't WoW. We like our little club of 25,000 people.

Well, I have news for you. Companies don't design MMOs and spend upwards of $50 million to garner 25,000 subs.

joker007mo writes:

very nice and well thought out i must agree with you on that critisism can be good particularly when it points out flaws of a game noone will know to fix it if noone complains about it careful though your a troll now lol jk personally reading fanbois posts are just entertainment in and of itself since most of the time they have no idea what they are saying just that it sounds cool to them who knows

Thu Nov 12 2009 3:58PM Report
RealmLords writes:

They're MMO hoppers.  They set expectations high, they bash anyone who disagrees, they fawn all over developers, they buy the collectors edition box to get a head start in beta, they expect to be given GM status, when they don't get it, they hate the game, bash the game, and spew crap on forums about how the game will die in the first month.  They cancel their subscription and run to the next "upcoming" game and do it again.

I've been watching here for a couple years now and seen it more than a few times.

Thu Nov 12 2009 4:00PM Report
Persephassa writes:

 Great blog.

I'll just add that the type of people who vehemently follow MMOs (fanboys I guess you can call them) exist in so many facets of society. They are the followers, the zealots, who they, themselves don't have any ideal or specific belief in what is best or right but instead latch onto movements and ideals and make those ideals their own. It gives them a sense of purpose/significant to be a part of such a collective. This is the same mentality that has been contributed to causing the masses to follow idealistic & harmful movements throughout history.

Thu Nov 12 2009 4:06PM Report
SirPaco writes:

you're wrong.

No amount of trolling can beat unprofessonalism, or on the contray, real pros.

Real pro companies will suceed despite them, and unprofessional ones will fail even with them.

If you think otherwise, you clearly over estimate the power of "bla blah".

Thu Nov 12 2009 5:56PM Report
Beanpuie writes:

""Why do these pompous f@(&s kill MMOS? Because it seems that some of these companies actually listen to them, not only this but they chase good folks out. Folks who also have hard earned money to spend on an MMO. Conan DDR finger mashing is a good example. Due to the numerous conversations I've had with players, I am convinved that as great as AOC has become, if they were to go with standard buttons for combos and get rid of the finger DDR"

Ya i was in that same conversation when they insulted you out of global for making that suggestion to get rid of AOC's DDR finger mashing.

Funcom Cant, Wont and it would not bring AOC back any further that they are now. Why?

Funcom Cant: the moment they get rid of their "DDR finger masher" design the people that stuck with them will leave to other mmos, what point would their be for AOC if it plays like any other mmo, and at that half of a mmo due to the majorities concern w/ aoc's limited content.

why bother with aoc then if it takes the same standard fighting you could find anywhere else? going that route, due to aocs condition only cheapens the game that much more.

Funcom Wont: getting rid of the "DDR finger mashing" design will do nothing more than add fuel to the fire for the failcom army (yes you guys are famous), the armchair analysts, and bloggers itching to earn their next i told you so trophy.

simply put, they advertised (and failed to deliver unfortunately) their combo system as a definitive feature -- and no matter how ill fated it is they are stuck with it, period. unfortunately, the system despite its flaws is still considered enjoyable and sought after strongly for one main purpose:

"to get away from point and click mmos"


Lastly, if funcom did get rid of the melee combo system (ddr finger mashing), we would have casters, playing a caster on aoc's is next to as standard as you can get for what you are asking for. the folks that you perhaps spoke to must be melee type fighters that wish to have the same luxury as a caster, no timing combos, no worring about checking stances, not worrying with the issues of stamina usage while sprinting and circle straffing, so on and so on -- it is a headache to some but a thrill to others.

The very people that seek the one button method you speak of are already in AOC, you wont expect any more if melee turns into a 1 button affair; all you would expect is predictability and a even larger gap between range vs. melee due to the games design ( but that is a entirely, completely different debate i wont go into).

As for the folks you encountered, ya as i said before in global before bounced,  the said ovaltine kids seem to migrate from one  mmo to the next. would like to see your response if you ever test the waters at darkfall.

Sat Nov 14 2009 1:23PM Report
Equilibrium_JW writes:

Yes, the people I have spoken to are melee.

Sat Nov 14 2009 5:00PM Report
Equilibrium_JW writes:

Actually, Darkfall is my next test. I have gotten to a point where I am fed up with Theme Parks (though Conan has a bit of that), so I am on the fence of playing Darkfall or AOC at the moment. I'm actually even having fun in Warhamer Online in regards to PVP, but I feel in the end, possibly in my old age, I am heading more for a sandbox feel.

Sat Nov 14 2009 5:01PM Report
rafaelrehn writes:

 This is most boring and badly written piece of garbage I have ever read . Don't give up your job at McDonalds

Mon Nov 16 2009 5:08PM Report
rafaelrehn writes:

 Oh and change your monicker to Angry Guild Drama Queen

Mon Nov 16 2009 5:10PM Report
Beanpuie writes:

The squirrel is mad

Sat Nov 21 2009 11:57AM Report
Thorgrimm writes:

I want to say that this appears to be a well thought out post.  I read every word and some of your points make a lot of sense.

I like to play AoC, and I hope others will too.  I value both good and bad opinion.  This is how we get games improved afterall.  I get upset when I see people post negative items that are either not true or items that were fixed a while back.  I post what I see.  I post what I have experienced.  There is room for opinions on both sides of the fence for reasonable discourse. Haters often don't understand this; if they can not win you over to their way of thinking (since they are right and everyone else is wrong) then the fans of the game become labeled as fanbois. When all else fails, start calling names and the high-school drama begins.

Lastly, some folks just don't like when folks use big multi-syllable words. This results in more name-calling. We must all remember that everyone has different education levels.  While some players have not finished high school, others have gone on through their Masters and PhDs.  Some folks are speaking English as a second or third language.  Some call this talking down to others, while often the writers don't see this and are just trying to string thoughts together to produce the point he or she was trying to make.  In short calling names is the last desparate act of someone who cannot make their point.  In the end, say what you have to say and respect the fact that others will have different opinions. 

If you don't have experience with the issue, do not just repeat the same old tired rhetoric over and over.  In the end, we are all trying to promote the games we love.  If you do not love a particular game and you have not played it recently, find one that you do love.  Promote and post until your heart is content.  If you are playing said game and you have a problem, by all means, speak up! Together we can get something changed.  When the devs are called names, they will ignore your problem.  Rage must be tempered with wisdom and a clear head. Often it is not what you say, but how you say it that most damages your cause...

Sun Nov 22 2009 8:41AM Report
Azeyus writes:

Hello, frist sorry for mi bad english, my nick is Azeyus and i´m here because chaosngn was used my nick and say me troll, i don´t know what is the reasen because chaosngn don´t say what that reason for including my nick as a troll. Please chaosngn post the reason and document,link or anione because you say me troll and included my nick as a example. i write in google Azeyus for i can see if my nick is in the web and was is my surprise when I see Azeyus tread as a troll o.O. Thank you.

Mon Jun 21 2010 4:12PM Report writes:
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